Yuyi Morales: Representation & Learning from Picture Books

[ Music ]>>Now, I have been
learning for years now from children’s books–
from picture books, in which you learn how you want
to teach your kids to be kind, to be tolerant, to be
generous, to be empathic, to take care of each other. Well, I remember that when
I came to the United States, part of my learning was
if I was a child again. I didn’t realize it until much
later that in that emptiness that I felt, there was
actually a great opportunity because there was this blank, it
was like a blank piece of paper on which I could write,
and I really appreciate at first what the Library
of Congress is doing to send that message to families to say that even though this building
might look kind of like magical and scary, in fact,
it’s a promise, and the promise is
that this is yours. I can show it to you right now. This is yours. When you are ready, come back because we have all
of this for you.

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