Your Child’s Sleep Study | What to Expect

Hi, my name is Ann and I want to tell you
about my sleepover here at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. It wasn’t a regular
sleepover with friends. It was a sleepover in the sleep center. A place
that helps kids when they’re having trouble sleeping. I got settled in my very
own sleep room right around the time it was starting to get dark outside.
My mom was even allowed to stay with me and have her own place to sleep too. I
got ready for bed and then the sleep technician came in to
get started. Ann, hi! My name is Amy. Are you ready for this? Yes. She put little sensors and discs on my head, chest, legs and arms. Can you put that on the inside of your shirt for me? They sort of look like stickers.
She even put them on parts of my face. This this was called the hook-up process. It didn’t hurt but there sure were a lot
of them. All right then were on this side. It’s how does sleep team measured my
heartbeat, brain activity, breathing and movement while I was sleeping.
After the hook-up process it was time for bed. I thought it would be hard to
sleep with all the sensors and belts but I actually forgot about them after a
few minutes and went right to sleep. The sleep team says it’s pretty much what
happens with most kids. I did have to go to the bathroom once in the night. That
wasn’t hard though. The technician just unplugged my hookups so I could walk to
the restroom then it was back to sleep. All through the night the sleep team gathered
information about my sleep cycle Good morning! In the morning I woke up
and the technician took off all the sensors and it was time to get dressed
and go home. The sleep team told my mom that they are going to spend some time
studying my data. Give me five! Thanks for staying, all right and you
have a good day. Because kids like me need plenty of sleep to stay healthy.

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