Yee Lim Shin | Study at Dordt

(gentle music) (speaking in Korean) – Hi my name is Yee Lim Shin and I am from Korea but I lived in the
Philippines my whole life and currently I’m studying Digital Media and Journalism at Dordt University. The first couple days, I
think it was a bit of a blur. But mostly it was a bit of excitement and kind of nervousness. Excitement because I was
coming from another country into America and it was a new place. I was going to college
but also I was a bit nervous because I didn’t
really know anyone and I wasn’t exactly sure what to do here when I got here. But, we had a International
Student Orientation which is ISO. And during that time, we,
a lot of the international volunteers of the previous years came and kind of helped us out in
adapting to Dordt University and so I think that was really helpful. Well, I was a Freshman, so
I got to live in the dorms and I lived in Covenant
Hall which is known to be the farthest away dorm at Dordt. So that was pretty interesting I think especially during the
winters when you have to walk eight minutes to class every day. But apart from that I
think it was pretty good. I had one roommate and in the beginning of the school year every one has to sign a roommate contract and we made sure that we were up-to-date and everything and we put up decorations,
made it feel a bit homey and we had very different
schedules but I think we were able to kind of figure that out and live with each other without
too much of a big conflict. The professors here really
care about your education and they’re very passionate
about the things they teach. And especially for me
I think the professors of my major, they, I did
a lot of hands on work with Journalism or Digital Media where we would, there is
a kind of a requirement where you do, you are a
part of the Dordt Diamond for Journalism and that
really helps you understand how it feels like to
actually go out and get interviews and have a
deadline and write stories. And for Digital Media they
have a lot of equipment that you can borrow, and
I think that really helps in the real world when you go out. So I am actually a part of Student Without Borders Committee. So I’ve been very involved because we as a kind of group, we
have weekly meetings where we create events and
make sure that they run properly when it happens. The main, the biggest
event that we have is the Cultural Fair which provides
anyone who wants to come to have a taste of the different countries that people at Dordt come from. And I think that was a
really good experience as someone who was part of creating it and being there for my first
time as a student, too. Because just looking at all
of the different countries that people are from and
tasting all the different foods I feel like kind of really
helps people who weren’t there have a little bit of experience of like oh this is what
happens in this country or oh this is what this
country is known for. And I think, yeah, it was pretty fun. Last year, so last school
year I worked at the Defender Grill, so that
was a really interesting experience for me ’cause
it was my first official job ever to have. It sometimes it was a bit hard but the whole scheduling
thing they make sure that you are able to be
there and that it’s not too much work for you. But I really enjoyed working there because it gave me a chance to be able to meet new people especially ’cause the
lines are pretty long. You kind of get to know the faces that especially if you
work at the register you kind of get to know the
different faces at Dordt. And when you’re walking
down the hall or something it’s like hey I know this person. So that was, I think pretty fun. To be honest, I think my dad
did most of the visa things but I remember Dordt made
sure that we got all of our documents and I-20’s and F1 visas before going into the U.S. Embassy
to get everything figured out. So when I went there, I
just had to turn in all of the documents and I stood
there for a couple minutes and he asked me a couple
questions and that was it. I think Sioux Center in general is a pretty safe place to be. And especially Dordt
as a campus too ’cause I think Dordt, the campus in general is pretty small enough that
you won’t really get lost and you can kind of get to places without having too much fear that
something bad might happen to you. And Sioux Center in
general, well I’ve gone to, I’ve walked a lot in Sioux
Center because I don’t have a car with my friends day and night. And I’ve never had an
experience where I felt unsafe and the roads are really nice and you know it’s really
nice pathways and everything. So I think it’s pretty safe. (silence)

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