XeMODeX Drivers Information Module for Volvo Instrument Cluster S60, V70, S80, XC70 (DIM)

Hello and welcome to XeMODeX. My name is Meriam.
Today I’ll introduce to you our Pre-Programmed Drivers Information Module for Volvo.
It will fit any 2002 – 2003 Volvo model. The most unique feature in the XeMODeX DIM,
is that it comes pre-loaded with software. Eliminating the need for software reload once
the part is installed in the car. Additionally, it will self acquire the mileage
directly from your car’s Central Electronic Module.
That’s right! Simply provide us with your VIN number, and we will download the appropriate
software to the DIM at our facility, prior to shipping the part over to you.
Once our DIM is installed in the car, it will work right away. The actual vehicle mileage
will be displayed in seconds! A true “Plug and Play.”
Pre-Programmed instrument clusters are not available at your local Volvo dealer.
They can only supply you with blank unit that will require expensive software reload.
Another unique feature in the XeMODeX DIM is the addition of the heat sink.
This heat dissipating device, mounted on top of the MCU, keeps the processor cool.
It ensures a long lasting, reliable part, and we guarantee it for life!
XeMODeX offers our customers several replacement options for the DIM.
If you require a standard replacement, you may order the part that is identical to the
DIM currently fitted in your car. Complete with brand new light bulbs.
If you prefer a more elegant look, you may order our stylish “silver rings” DIM that
includes LED backlit face plates with chrome rings around the dials.
For those who desire a more sporty look, XeMODeX also offers our customers the option to upgrade
to laser blue “R” dials. Complete with LED backlit face plates.
Replacing the DIM is a simple and easy process. Visit our website for detailed replacement
instructions. Your DIM will arrive in custom molded packaging.
Please do not discard it, and reuse it to send us back your old unit to receive your
core refund. If you’d like to know more information about
this product, please call our toll-free number at 1-888-712-2525 or simply visit us at our
website xemodex.com Order your DIM online and receive a 5% discount
off of your purchase price. Use coupon code XEMOWEB14.
Thank you for watching, and have a wonderful day

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