Word Study: Lev – “Heart”

For thousands of years, every morning and evening, Jewish people have prayed these well-known words as a way of expressing their devotion to God. They are called the “Shema”. Hear, O Israel, the LORD is our God. The LORD is one. And as for you, you shall love the LORD your God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, and with all of your strength. We’re going to look at the fourth key word in this prayer: heart, which in Hebrew is sometimes pronounced “levav” or more often, in a shorter form, “lev”. Now different cultures throughout history have had different conceptions of how the human body works. And this is also true of the Ancient Israelite writers of the Bible. They knew that the heart was an organ in the chest that sustains life. There is mention of a heart attack in the Bible: “Nabal whose heart died inside of him and he became like stone.” But the biblical authors talk about the heart in many other ways that might seem strange to modern readers. and that is because these Israelites had no concept of the brain, or any word for it. They imagined that all of a human’s intellectual activity takes place in the heart. For example, you “know” with your heart in the Bible. Your heart is where you understand and make connections. In the book of Proverbs, wisdom dwells in the heart. and your heart is what you use to discern between truth and error, like Solomon did when he was king. So, the heart is where you think and make sense of the world. And it is where you do more. In the Bible, the heart is where you feel emotions. You feel pain in your heart, like Hannah did when she couldn’t have any children. In fact, the phrase “a broken heart” comes from ancient biblical Hebrew. You also experience fear in your heart. Your heart can melt or be distressed. Your heart can even be depressed. But then, on the flip side, your heart is where you experience joy. In Hebrew, to be happy is to be “good of heart” or to have a “heart of joy”. So the heart is the generator of physical life. It is also the center of your intellectual and emotional life. And, there is more. In biblical Hebrew, the heart is where you make choices motivated by your desires. So David had it “in his heart” to build a temple for God. Your heart is where your affections are centered. They are called the “desires of your heart”. And if you really want something and go after it, it is like what Nathan said to David, “Whatever is in your heart, go and do it.” So then, in the Bible, the heart is the center of all parts of human existence, as in the well-known proverb, “Guard your heart because from it flows your whole life.” The prophet Jeremiah believed that the human heart was fundamentally broken. He said, “The heart of a human is deceitful above all, irreversibly sick. Who can even understand it?” He had watched a whole generation turn away from God. They started sacrificing their children as if that were a good thing. This is why, in the imagination of the Hebrew prophets, the only hope for humanity is the total renewal of the human heart. Moses predicted that if Israel was ever going to love their God, their heart would need to be circumcised, which is a very vivid and surprising metaphor about removing evil and stubbornness from the human heart. David, after he committed murder and adultery, pleads with God to “create in me a pure heart”. The prophet Ezekiel hoped for a day when God would remove the heart of stone and give his people a new heart of soft flesh, which is very similar to Jeremiah’s hope that God would write the commands of the Torah on the hearts of his people. And that brings us all the way back to the Shema. Every day, God’s people are called to devote to God their whole body and mind, their feelings and their desires, their future and their failures. This is what it means to love the Lord your God will all of your heart.


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  29. R NS

    October 24, 2018 at 6:35 am

    so does the heart actually have all these, thoughts, emotions and physical attributes? or did the jewish biblical writers really mean the brain had all those attributes because they didn't know they had a brain.

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    As typical of most christian thinkers, they take hebrew, and use the king james bible TRANSLATION of the word "lev." In the Torah there are 4 uses of the word "lev." 98/102 instances are in conjunction with the word for "thoughts." This does not mean they did not realize where thoughts came from. In fact the morning practice of meditation on the words mentioned is directed with a practice of tefellin, which emphasis the head, literally, to connote the place where the source of our thoughts, and direction, ultimately, comes from. But, of course, you can have your King James bible version, it just doesn't reflect the truth of what was being meant.

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    I have a question, Jesus obviously knew this prayer from Deut., but it seems that He adds to it in Matt. 22:37 when He says "…Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy MIND." My question is, if hebrews saw the heart as the source of thoughts, desires, emotions, etc, how did they view the MIND and what was their understanding of it?

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