Word Study: Khata – “Sin”

Word Study: Khata – “Sin” Most people assume the Bible has a lot to say about how messed up humans are, and that is true. It is also true that the Bible’s vocabulary about this topic sounds odd to modern people, using words like: sin, iniquiity or transgression. So, the Bible’s perspective on the human condition is often ignored or treated as ancient and backwards. This is really unfortunate. Because, through these words, the biblical authors are offering us deeply profound diagnosis of human nature. Iniquity describes behavior that is crooked, while transgression refers to breaking trust. Sin is actually the most common of this bad words in the Bible. So, let’s focus on it for a few minutes. “Sin” translates the Hebrew word “Khata” and the Greek word “Hamartia”. The most basic meaning of sin isn’t religious at all. “Khata” simply means “to fail” or “miss the goal”. Like when the Israelite tribe of Benjamin trained a small army of slingshot experts, they could sling a stone at a hair and not “khata”, that is “fail” or “miss”. Or, there is the biblical proverb that warns against making hasty decisions because you are likely to “khata” your way, miss your destination. So, in the Bible; sin is a failure to fulfill a goal. What is the goal? Well, on page 1 of the Bible, we learn that every human is a image of God, a sacred being who represents the Creator and is worthy of respect. In this way of seeing the world, sin is a failure to love God and others by not treating them with the honor they deserve. You can see this idea in the famous code of conduct given to the Israelites – the Ten Commandments. Half of them identify ways you can fail at loving God. The other half names ways you can fail at loving people. The fact that both kinds of failure are combined shows that failing to honor God is deeply connected to failing to honor people. This is why, in the Bible, sin against people is sin against God. Like when Joseph refuses to sleep with the wife of Potiphar, he says, “How could I sin against God?” In Joseph’s mind, failing to honor a human made in God’s image is a failure to love God. So, sin is a failure to be truly human. But there is more. The fascinating thing about sin in the Bible is that most of the time that people are failing, they either don’t know it, or even worse, they think they are succeeding. Like when Pharaoh wants to build Egypt’s economy and protect national security. In his mind, this justifies enslaving the Israelites. He thinks it is good. He is totally unaware that it is an epic fail. Or when King Saul is chasing David around the wilderness trying to kill him, he thought he was bringing a criminal to justice. Until he realizes he is the corrupt one and he says, “I have sinned, I am the failure.” So, sin is about more than just doing bad things. It describes how we easily deceive ourselves and spin illusions to redefine our bad decisions as good ones. So why are humans such bad judges between moral failure and success? The first appearance of the word “sin” in the Bible offers an insight. There are these two brothers, Cain and Abel. Their parents had just given into this beastly temptation to redefine good and evil by their own wisdom. Now Cain is faced with a similar choice. He is jealous and angry that God has favored his brother. So God warns him, “If you don’t choose what’s good, Khata is crouching at the door. It wants you, but you can rule over it.” In these stories sin, or moral failure, is depicted as a wild, hungry animal that wants to consume humans. We know how that story ends. The Bible is trying to tell us that failed human behavior, our tendency toward self deception, it runs deep. It is rooted in our desires and selfish urges that compel us to act for our own benefit at the expense of others. It leads to this chain reaction of relational break down. This is why in the New Testament, the apostle Paul describes Hamartia as a power or a force that rules humans. In his words, “We are slaves to sin.” He even says, “Sin lives in us so that the things I don’t want to do, that’s what I do.” With the word “sin”, the biblical authors are offering a robust description of the human condition. It is a failure to be humans who fully love God and others. It is our inability to judge whether we are succeeding or failing. It is that deep, selfish impulse that drives much of our behavior. This is not a pretty picture of ourselves. But, if we are honest, it is realistic. This is why in the Bible, the story of Jesus is such good news. He is depicted as the Creator become a truly human one who did not fail to love God and others. That is, he did not sin. And yet, he took responsiblity for humanity’s history of failure. He lived for others and he died for their sin. He was raised from the dead to offer them the gift of his life that covers for their failures. Or in the word of the apostles, “He committed no sin yet he carried our sins in his body on the cross so that we might die to our sins and live to do what is right.” That is the story behind the biblical word for sin. Hey, everybody! That was the first video that we are doing in a series called the bad words of the Bible. We have a lot more coming out, and a lot more videos, that you can checkout and everything we are up to at thebibbleproject.com This entire project is a crowed funded en-devour and we can make videos and our podcasts and other resources because of the generous support of people like you, so thank you for being a part of it with us.


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    *There was an error at 2:00. The verse is supposed to read Genesis 39:9, not 37:9. Sorry about that. :/ Thank you to all of our supporters for pointing that out!

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    Sins full name is sinbiote= your shadow=darkness=you=essence… Hence why we fight against super powered beings… The USA stands for (The Universal Superpower Association…) they are also the "Word"… Every "word"… Including Demise… He is a real primordial super powered being, but a human would interpret it as just the word demise, just like they do with The Fear… And chaos… And envy(Captain ginyu)… And all the other beings of the powers and principles…

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    I thought that sin means to transgress the law?

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    I would like to see a video about Hell and how repentance of our sins and acceptance of Christ as our savior can save us from eternal damnation.

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    1Peter 1:18-19 "For as you know that you were not redeemed with corruptible things like silver and gold…but with the precious blood of Christ…" If you have not as yet been saved by Jesus, consider some of the benefits: Jesus' shed blood… 1)Precious in value. Acts 20:28 2)In rarity. Only Jesus' blood was sinless 3)Because it saves. Nothing else does. 4)Under the blood there is no condemnation! 5)It removes your sins completely. 6)It cleanses. Rev. 1:5 7)It replaces sin with His righteousness. 8) Your sins are in remission, as if you never committed them. Matt 26:28, 9) Release of payment. Your sin debt is paid in full! Ephesians 1:7, Colossians 1:14 If anybody desires to further look into this matter, the bible teaching site, teachingfaith com has a fine beginners series on salvation titled, 'change of mind'..30 free streaming videos…it really helped me understand all the ins and outs of salvation in Jesus only.

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    Asking for forgiveness may pardon you from it. But it will still be used against you in judgment. Doing good things as much as you can is the solution to outweigh( not get rid of) the evil. A good act does not wash out the bad, nor bad the good.

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    In Arabic khata is wrong and khatia is sin , khata and khatia kind of one family, watching this videos I realized many Hebrew words similar to Arabic .

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    I recommend the book, “The Road Back to You,” by Ian Morgan Cron that feautures Christian interpretations of the Enneagram — a collection of 9 types that focus on 9 major human motivations and how to overpower the sins that come with them. “Personality Types,” by Don Riso Hudson is also a good book for seeing the 9 different types from the highest stage of compassion to the most selfish. You can get familiarized with them now through the website the Enneagram Institute online.

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    Sin = transgression of the law, 1 John 3:4, Romans 7:7. This is also evidenced in that when Israel continually broke the covenant, they sinned against God, according to the prophets. Torah = to shoot an arrow at a target. This is staying on the path, the straight and narrow. Heading toward the target. Khata = missing the target.
    The Torah is summarized by loving (in Hebrew, love is always an action), loving God and loving others. This is how you perfectly love and live, Matthew 22:35-40. What is the Torah really all about? Jesus! Luke 24:27, John 1:1, Romans 10:4 for Christ is the “telos (aim, goal, purpose)” of the law. The feast days listed in the Torah are shadows of what was, but also what was and still is to come (ie Jesus is the Passover lamb). Colossians 2:16-17.
    Matthew 5:17-19:
    I’ve not come to abolish, but to “plerosai,” or “fully carry out,” which matches this context and the other uses of plerosai (pleroo). Not one little speck should be removed from the law until all be fulfilled, “genetai (completed, come to pass)” and until heaven and earth pass away (It’s still here). The one who teaches the law and follows it will be greatest in the kingdom.
    Do the law—it’s written on your hearts, Romans 2:13-16, written on our hearts, Jeremiah 31:33, so that we will do it.
    Although Paul “delighted” in Torah (Romans 7:22), it DOES NOT save and cannot save (Romans 8:3). But, it is the evidence of our belief. Belief is an action, James 2:14-26. It is the way to live. One who believes in Jesus will follow Him. If not, where is the belief? Jesus, Himself, did not sin and followed the Torah perfectly, even challenging the Jews to find sin in Him, John 8:46. How should we walk? 1 John 2:6, 1 Corinthians 11:1. Just like Him.
    The bottom line is that although Jesus often spoke against the oral law (Talmud, traditions of men, you’ve heard it said…), which canceled out or twisted God’s law, Mark 7:8. He did not speak against God’s law, but supported the teaching of Pharisees, which was Torah, even though He rebuked them for being hypocrites and not keeping the Torah they taught, Matthew 23:2-3. This is our guideline. This is our goal. This is how to flee from sin. It doesn’t save us, but we are often warned to flee from sin, Romans 6:1, 1 John 2:1 (the same writer that defines sin as breaking the law). We do not get to define sin, as God already did that. So flee from sin, but know that you have an advocate! 1 John 2:2. Blessings to you!

  62. Bob Rumsford

    July 27, 2019 at 6:56 pm

    There was a time when I was afraid to remove the lenses of "churchianity's" doctrine and tradition. So very afraid that I would discover that it is all a lie, there is no god or truth and the world really is all there is, and we really are just random acts of chance.

    Ha! The scales had been removed from my eyes, my hearing healed and my stony heart replaced with a fleshy one, ready to receive and know and guard (keep) YHWH's Torah (Instructions). The instruction manual for a life set apart from the world.

    Man's own myopic nature is what has allowed ALL of this sliding scale of righteousness.
    How far we have fallen since the 1st Century. Measuring ourselves against the generation (or two) before us, because we think THAT is the way "churchianity" should be. Slide that scale all the way back to around 30 AD and THEN you can see Whom you SHOULD measure yourself against.

    There is only one author of the definition for living a righteous life and it is the Word of YHWH, written in the Tanak (Hebrew Bible). Our saviour, Yahshuah (Jesus), came to clean up the mess that the religious professionals had created with their Talmudic teachings. Yahshuah clarified, filled up with meaning that which the Pharisees had lowered to a letter of the law doctrine.

    I find it sadly humorous that "the church" loves to quote that "we can do all things with God", well, "except keep the law". Wow, not much of a god they worship. My Elohim, El Shaddai even, says differently (Deut 30:11). "The Law" has nothing to do with salvation and everything to do with walking in righteousness and being worthy of the calling of which we are called (2 Tim 3:16-17). YHWH and Yahshuah used the words diligently/strive in regards to guarding Torah.

    The most beloved men of YHWH did not walk perfectly. They were chastened, punished and stirred the anger of YHWH. But, as is His perfect loving, merciful and gracious way, restoration was always at the end of the chastening. YHWH chastens/corrects those whom He loves (He must love me a LOT).

    The haughtiness of those who call themselves "the church" or "the body of christ", and think that they have it all figured out and will not see any tribulation. I am afraid that the prophets are against you, and as Ecc 1:9/3:15 lets us know, history is cyclic and the shepherds who have taught against the everlasting, unchanging and perfect Word of YHWH, will pay the price in blood (Jeremiah 23:1-4; 50:6, Ezekiel 16).

    If I had not removed myself from the doctrinal errors of "churchianity", I would not know of the coming Greater/2nd Exodus, or that the Mother of harlots is Jerusalem (most likely, still working through this) and there is NO rapture (per say) as taught in various sects of "the church".

    May our glorious creator, bless and keep you and yours.

    All glory, honour, power, praise and blessings be to Him, YHWH and His son, Yahshuah, forever. Amen!

    Shabbat Shalom

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    Why.. would the omnipotent and omniscient God give heed to whether we love Him or not? Is he just morally forbidding some acts and validating others? Do and don't? No .

    Then, what to him is sin originally?

    Sin is the dimension of the abyss which opens when the creature wants to be like God
    The origin of sin ratifies this as true as in when Satan arrogantly for the tiniest sliver of a second desired to be like God

    So it's a slur or an insult to the limitless God

    If you as a tiny tot have a father who holds authority and jurisdiction over the house, could you ever tell him "just sit aside"? "I can be like you"? Or are you deriding him and over that, fooling your own self? Harming your own self?

    And yes every single sin can relatively signify the same message
    Judging and insulting? Claiming to know everything enough to judge and eventually telling God "I can be like you"
    Covetousness and greed? An extending desire to have everything secular or pleasing and to be superior to all and eventually telling God "I can be like you"

    Adultery/sexual immorality/ or deviating from the norms of marriage? It's as if we're putting our own laws of when anyone should do anything, a lawless state of brainlessly craving anyone any time and deciding who should be what, which can eventually turn into a reckless jungle of animals and it's as if telling God "I'm the one who can decide the law and not you"

    Murder? "I decide the intervals, of when someone is supposed to die and be punished or not, and not You God" (which is as the rest, God's role)

    Sorcery? Telling God I have better resources of knowledge that with my own power I can seek and it's greater than you

    Envy? Wanting and desiring to possess what God after all has given and possesses sending him the same message of "I can be like you"

    Self-harm and drunkenness? Who has created us? Isn't it God? So can we decide to take relentless and rash control over our bodies? Aren't we here as well trying to be as powerful as Him?

    And lastly pride and arrogance… Arrogance was included or accompanied in ALL the previous sins and is therefore the greatest sin of all

    And as mentioned before, aren't we deriding the father and over that fooling our own selves?
    God is love and even though we've all at least once insulted him, what he cares about most is the latter, it's us .
    To the point of giving his only son, a real part of His own self .

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    I thought I was just going to get a lesson on the word sin. Instead I was masterfully preached the beautiful good news! We can't talk about sin without Jesus's victory over it. Hallelujah!

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    Sin in loosing “the way”
    John 14:6 (KJV)
    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am “the way”, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

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    The word “khata” in hebrew is the same word in Arabic خطاء “khata” means mistake… or fault,
    And Prophet Muhammad(peace & blessings of God be upon him) says:

    Kullu bani adam khata’ wa khayral khatta’iyn attawwabuwn

    That translates: “all the Children of Adam commits khatta’(mistakes/fault/sin) and the best of those who commit khata’ are those who repents “(to God).

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