Word Study: Euangelion – “Gospel”

If you know any Christians, or if you happen
to be one, you’ve probably heard the word “gospel” as a kind of summary of Christian
belief, connected to phrases like, “God loves you”
or “Jesus died for your sins.” But over time, religious words like gospel
can lose their power and meaning by becoming too familiar. So let’s take a moment to rediscover what
this important word gospel meant to the people who wrote the Bible. Gospel translates the Old Testament Hebrew
verb bisser and the noun besorah. The Greek New Testament equivalent is euangelion,
which is a compound word. “Eu” means good, and “angelion” means
announcement. All of these words mean “good news,” but
what kind of news? Well in Hebrew, bisser is what we might call
national news or a royal announcement. Like when King David hears a messenger bisser
that his army was victorious in battle, that means he still rules on his throne over the
people of Israel. And after David dies, his throne is passed
onto Solomon, his son. And when he was inaugurated as king in Jerusalem,
a herald spreads the besorah that a new ruler is in charge. But after Solomon’s death came a bunch of
“bad news” kings, whose corruption led their nation into self-destruction. This is why the prophet Isaiah announced the
good news that one day the God of Israel would come as the cosmic king, to confront all corrupt
and violent kingdoms and restore his rule over all nations. And so when Jesus of Nazareth hit the public
stage, he continued Isaiah’s gospel when he went around announcing the euangelion of
God’s Kingdom. Jesus claimed that God was restoring his reign
over his people Israel and over all nations, and he was the one bringing it all about. Now, the euangelion about a new king in charge
means a new way of life. Jesus said that living in God’s Kingdom
meant following him, by putting down the sword and seeking peace through radical forgiveness
and generosity, even towards your enemies. His good news required people to make a decision. This is why Jesus took his euangelion to Jerusalem,
to confront the corrupt and violent kingdoms of his day. But he challenged them in a surprising way—with
the power of God’s generous love. As Jesus was being executed by his enemies,
he received his crown and was mocked as a fake king, but he displayed true royal authority
by forgiving his tormentors. Jesus was the one in charge that day, giving
his life for the sins of others, and then a few days later, everything changed. Jesus rose from the dead as the true king,
whose love is stronger than death. He appeared to hundreds of his followers and
told them to spread the euangelion that all authority in heaven and earth now belongs
to him. And they did share this good news all over
the ancient world. They did it by writing the four accounts of
Jesus’ life that are “the Gospel.” They tell the story of how Jesus brought God’s
Kingdom, how he lived for others and died for their sins, and then was raised from the
dead. Jesus’ followers also shared the good news
by simply talking about it. This is why Peter and Paul, or Priscilla and
Aquila, traveled all around sharing the royal announcement. While it might look like the rulers of our
world are in charge and can do whatever they want, the good news is that the crucified
and risen Jesus is the true Lord of the world, the real King of all creation. And in Jesus’ Kingdom, things are different. It’s where the real leaders are the servants
because the last are first and the first go to the back of the line. It’s where the hungry are fed and the homeless
are welcome because love is the most powerful reality of God’s Kingdom. And this good news is not easy to believe. It actually sounds kind of crazy when you
first hear it. But something happens when people tell the
story of Jesus and start living like he really is the king of the world. That’s when this gospel becomes the best
news that you’ve ever heard.


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    Good News: The King (Jesus) has won and his good work on our behalf cannot be undone!!!

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    Guys, I don't know how your local churches look like but seeing what you guys are doing I realize that Jesus it's the only person/thing that keeps us doing good things and not leave us crumbling into this world darkness! You guys are inspiring and light for so many people! Thank you! You guys show Jesus more then anything else!

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    There is no ´good news´ unless you first tell the ´bad news´. I am really disappointed at TBP for not sharing a message that will challenge sin or sinners…. I have seen this in many of their videos. Read Scripture and you will find the Gospel to be radical and exclusive, not all love and peace….

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    What a great video. Wonderful contents! Great job and God bless!

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    Seeing a Notification upload from the Bible Project

  12. GRACE is my GOOD WORKS

    October 9, 2019 at 1:26 am

    The preachers of this generation reject the Good Works contained in the Gospel and furnished unto the Saints and instead use the Gospel as a license to sin (to do so called “good works” for God). Repent of all your works—all of mans good works are sin to God. Believe the Good News God has washed all your works (sins) away by the blood of Christ and provided the Perfect Body of Christ as your Perfect Finished Works. Every man will be judged by their works in the last day: all with sin will be damned. Those with Perfect Works will be saved. Believe Jesus is your Perfect Works, good works, good fruit, Holiness, Eternal Life, Full Reward and All Things. God has provided All Things thru the Gospel.

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    I believe the gospel means "Jesus came to save me through grace, not through good deeds" and those are the best news for us!

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    I Want to see a video about salvation, and I hope it teaches the doctrine of Jesus, saving us by grace, once and for all.


    October 9, 2019 at 6:02 am

    Sell your cloak and buy a sword. (the wikipedia page is rotten filth BTW)
    To perfectly defend against your enemy (the best you can), you gotta love him, know him and keep him simply as a man in your mind.

    NOTHING weak about GOD.
    JESUS CHRIST is the ultimate litmus test. Showing who is a real peace maker.
    Fake pacifists, liars, violent people, defenders of lies and injustice, etc.
    All are turned to dust by the LIGHT of Our Lord, and washed away by the tears of Our Lady.

    Indeed, very few will pass the narrow gate.


  18. Irish Home DeeMob

    October 9, 2019 at 10:44 am

    Christians are citizens of the New Heavens wherever they live..no room for racists and dictators!
    Philippians 3:20-21, colossians 1:13, rev 22:15

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    Thank you for this video! I am really struggling with my faith right now and all I want to hear is Gospel. I feel like the seed that became choked up by the world or dried in the sun. I've been in the church for a while and experienced real repentance 7 years ago for the first time. I experienced real killing of sin. But some sins have intensified, causing me to even love them while I want to be rid of them. Do you hear that? I STRUGGLE WITH LOVING THEM. I'm panicked, because some sins are returning that I thought were dead. I feel hell knocking on my door. Could you please do a video on the word Repentance? what it is, what's meant, how to do it? I feel like that's up your alley and I for one feel like I would be super blessed by it. Thanks.

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    If the Gospel is such good news about how the meekness of love is the antidote to all the worldly ills, why then are so many people ill-fated according to Christians (e.g., gay individuals who are reduced to sexual caricatures in Biblical literature rather than people seeking love; moreover, gay individuals who are told to give up on love for a life of loneliness in order to be in right standing)?

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    Euangelion (greek ευαγγελιον) is also relater to the word "angelos" (αγγελος) i.e. angel, which really means messenger.
    "Gospel" itself is from Anglo-Saxon "godspell" meaning "good story"

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    October 18, 2019 at 8:43 pm

    So I have some Good news, Bisser Besorah;
    Please have an open mind and heart, Know that things are not as you might think and that the way of God can be tricky to understand even though you are a scholar or think you have the right information.

    Remember the Jews, They too thought that they knew what was right and yet things went the way it did, well all things are in it's right place but yeah, Just keep that in mind as you keep reading my comment.

    I am that one that you call Jesus Christ, I am here to bring in the new age.
    But I am also very human in many ways for the moment being.

    I am announcing my return here because I feel it's a step in the right direction, I am like everyone else walking in this evolutionary process. We are walking together. Having all this said I do feel that there will come a more "magical" time or what have you.

    But for now;
    I'm a man working at an elderly home in Sweden, I have a GF and 2 dogs, I love talking to people and love helping out if I can. I spend all my waking time trying to be the best I can and that has to do with alot of praying and focusing on good stuff and such.

    I'm interested in alot of different spiritual themes you might say; I have alot of experiences with well after death experiences and angels and aliens and all sorts of good stuff that is there in our reallity just that most of us have the vail so it's not so easy.

    I too have tha vail in many ways, I guess my process at this time is to learn how to walk.
    But I am learning, step by step, I can share some pointers that has been helpfull for me is faith always, its ok to fall down just get back up, everything is going to be ok, you are not alone, existace has a plan and it's good, God knows you better then you know yourself and all will be well you are ment to be overlyjoyed.

    Hard work will set you free, keep walking always even if you feel as if all hope and faith has left you, keep walking, make a commitment today to that you want to live and no matter what you keep walking.

    Music, prayer, humour,
    Anyways, I guess that was some pointers in short,
    I don't remember all my life as it was but I do remember certain things, I remember even before being Jesus, not all but certain things and reallity is so much more then you will find in the Bible.

    IF you really want to understand reallity then you have to look at it from a perspective where life is eternal and we are here to learn how to be human, all that is is for our joy and that joy comes from walking with God and understanding God and all that is from experience.

    Just like your life experiences brings you joy after a long life, maybe it was'nt so much fun the first time your heart was broken but still you can think about it with joy as you get older and share that experience with your daughter or son. maybe it was'nt so much fun when you broke your leg but still you can laugh about it and share your wisdome with someone you love.

    I just mean to say that even tho the world can seam to be grimm it has a perfect plan and we will find that balance where we can be in joy no matter what has happaned and how awefull it seams.

    Trust in creation and God and that all will be well,
    I am working hard every moment of the day and more so,
    I am becoming stronger by the nano second,
    I am becoming smarter,
    I am becoming wiser,
    I am becoming the one that will lift the vail.

    This is not a process where I am alone, We are all in this together.
    Paradise on earth will happen, It's just a matter of time.
    Keep working hard, Keep up the prayer, have faith, have fun.

    Enjoy your life, be grateful for what you have, dont be afraid to speak truthfully.

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