Why You “Shouldn’t” Study Abroad – WMU Study Abroad

You shouldn’t study abroad in Italy
because studying in the birthplace of the Renaissance is overrated.
Also having homemade pasta and pizza is just gross! And seeing incredible works of
art everywhere you go is just not my thing. Oh an the incredible fashion, beautiful
scenery, and amazingly kind people…been there done that, not impressed.
You shouldn’t study abroad in China because walking on the Great Wall is so
exhausting. Authentic Chinese food does not compare to Campus Wok and the
beautiful mountains right outside your dorm window are too big and you can’t even see the vast city life in front of you! Ugggh, no
thanks! You shouldn’t study abroad in Germany because their festivals and
markets are definitely overrated, especially their Christmas markets.
What’s with all that walking around? Online shopping works just fine for me
plus there’s practically nothing to do there. Who knew that gathering up ten
friends and a giant gondola-esque boat could be so boring? And who would ever want to ride on public transit that’s actually affordable and punctual? I’ll pass! You
shouldn’t study abroad in Peru because baby alpacas are wildly aggressive when
you’re just trying to hike through some mountains and the indigenous people try
to make you pet them! Ewwww! And the ancient ruins are so last century…if I
wanted to see old things I could just go into downtown Kalamazoo. Ha! We’re just kidding! You should totally study abroad for all of these reasons. If studying abroad sounds like something you might want to do, head over to
Western Michigan University’s Study Abroad Office at 2425 Ellsworth Hall. They’ve got over 90 programs in over 40 different countries
and just about any subject. And you can go for as little as a week or up to a
whole academic year. So seriously [In Chinese] Nǐ yào qù nǎ’er? [In German] Wohin gehst du? [In Italian] Dove stai andando? [In Spanish] ¿A dónde vas? Where are you going?

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