Why I Study Dutch

I started studying at the University of
Sheffield in order to study Dutch. I’m studying Dutch. I study Dutch. I’m studying Dutch. I study Dutch. I’m studying Dutch. I study Dutch. I really enjoy studying Dutch. I really love Germanic languages. I just really like the sound of the language. A really interesting language. Holland and Belgium have a very interesting
history. I really like the Netherlands. It’s an incredible language to learn. Dutch isn’t as hard as it seems. It’s amazing to be able to hold a proper
conversation in Dutch… It’s been very easy to learn. … after only studied it for 9 months. It’s great fun to speak it. Yeah, it’s really fun. We’re quite competent. The subject leaders here are really good. The department is the best you’ll ever be
a part of. The teaching staff really make it accessible. There’s a real community feel. We did a play which is really cool. Everyone gets along with each other. This summer I am going to do a research project
with the British Library. Class sizes are smaller. It’s just fun. It’s really fun to do a ‘niche’ degree. The uniqueness of studying Dutch really stood
out to me. And I feel like it’s given me a speciality. That’s why I came to Sheffield. You will never regret studying Dutch with
the University of Sheffield. Features parts of ‘After the Soft Rains’
by South London HiFi (No Copyright Music) Thanks to:
Jodie May, Amber Hughes, Dominic Manley,
Jade Metcalfe, Elena Vogel, Phoebe Todd,
Matthew Prestage, Rebecca Hebden,
Michael Taylor and Chloe Long. Produced by Henriette Louwerse for
The School of Languages and Cultures
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