What is the Black Hole Information Paradox?

Every black hole of the same mass and they also have a spin is according to Einstein according to their equations exactly the same and this puzzled people and The great John Wheeler who also invented the word black hole Described this by saying a black hole has no hair. That is it’s a featureless object so if you have two bald people in the room you can’t Distinguish them by their hairdos. If you do people with hair you can say what has a short haircut. The other one has a comb-over Whatever, there’s many different distinguishing features. So stars are like People with hundred black holes or like bold people. They’re all the same and well if you can’t see very well, so He envisioned if you say threw a cup of tea I think it’s the the metaphor that he is you take a cup of tea and you sort of throw it into a black hole He was worried that the the information Carried by the tea the entropy if he will the disorder care about the tea would have no way of showing up Inside the black hole because like you say it has no hair and they all look the same, right? so this system was a puzzle that you could sort of get rid of entropy by throwing it inside a black hole and it would be gone from the universe and his student Bekenstein began to think about this and he gave insights that ultimately led to your work What was his view of this puzzle? Well, they were very bothered so going back to Newton and before there is an idea which is very important to physicists namely that there are laws of physics and Moreover we like to think that the laws of physics govern everything that happens if we knew all of them and if we had perfect knowledge and part of that is that information should never be lost things can’t just disappear and So if you threw a cup of coffee or a computer or your diary or something into a black hole? according to the way that Einstein would have Described them There’s no trace of it left. It’s just vanished and that is antithetical to everything that Physicists would like to believe

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