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So, tell me you wrote this book and when I
repeat it on the air again, so it’s called Knowing – the answers are within, uhm let’s talk
about the most important chapters in this book. What would you say they are? Every single one of the nine.
Wow, that was a great answer. That’s an author who’s
proud of her work, I love that. Okay, well, let me focus then, so, how
does a person find her intuitive voice? Well in regards reading the book,
that’s in chapter one by the way. Yes, there is a chapter that sort of explains
who I am and how these intuitive gifts came about and grew and blossomed and then
then I devote a chapter to explaining some of the terminology that’s used and the whole book contains wisdom on
how you can increase your own intuition, learn to trust your intuition and make your
personal connection with the Divine. You know, let me read some
of these titles, the chapters: The gifts of family and friends,
Health and spiritual healing, Children and parenting, here’s my favorite:
Business Intuition, Profit’s square, spoken like a true business strategist, knowing
your intuitive voice, this is brilliant. Can we talk about Profit’s Square since I’m sure some of our
listeners who have a business audience out there are wondering how do I square my profits
working with you or getting this book? Right, well let’s face it if you know who to hire
who to let go and when to move forward, when to step into any market, yeah, when to go
bold and when to hunker down. That’s business in my simple form but, intuition can help
you with exactly that, who do I partner with? When do I go bold, when do I go big and when
should I shut my mouth and when to learn from someone else? That all create business
profit squared. I get that with parenting too, I guess it’s the same thing, yeah, intuition is hugely
valuable in every single aspect of our lives. Are there any exercises or simple things people
can do every day maybe to start improving their intuition Shawna? Yes! First of all, prayer is wonderful,
we at that point need to close our lips and use our ears or our
intuitive quiet space to just be in that present and listen that, even if we hear nothing just
being present connected and listening will help eventually to develop your intuition and make
you more familiar with intuition vs. mind chatter. So, that going within that
quiet time is really critical. Yes, yeah, I call it meditation. Uhum yeah, I think it was Leonardo da Vinci
who said that isolation is the price of greatness and is also the price that we pay to develop
our intuition is what I’m hearing you say, Shawna. Quiet time with our Source. I love what you said about
the difference between intuition and mind chatter, I think that’s
probably also the thing that makes people trust their intuition cause they are not sure,
if it’s mind chatter, intuition, is there any way to tell, so you can be more sure? Yes it really is practice,
practice, practice. I still have a lot of mind chatter, really busy
mind, yeah and it is hard to tell without practice which is what. That’s great so, when somebody
comes to see you because I know that you mentioned it that they can come in for a reiki healing
or an intuitive reading in person with you and when they come in they ask questions
of you can they find out the answers through you how does that work? The way was presented
to me is that I am a little bit like a telefone or telegraf wire connecting the voice of Spirit
to the seaker hmm, and I, my best job is when I get out of the way and just bring that wisdom
through so people ask a lot of questions any subject you might imagine whatever answer
comes through me intuitively I share with them. you know when I met your mom, first thing
she said to me, she said; she is the real deal that’s a mom, right? and she is, you know, I went, tested it,
as I mentioned earlier in this show, I went, tested it some of the answers that I got
or so profound nobody would have known that they were very personal to me and to my family
and they came through Shawna and as a result of that, I was able to deepen my relationship
with my brother knowing where he was in his life, you know bringing more compassion and
more understanding yeah, so it really paid off for me I just thought I mention it here
Shawna. That’s a really important part of what you do, those beautiful healings you know
that can come about and I too have had my personal session with her and she is the real
deal, so let’s tell people again how they can learn more about Shawna or reach her if they
like to, so they can get a hold of Shawna at 1-800-Knowing that’s easy to remember or
it’s 1-800.566.9464 again 1-800.566.9464 or at divineknowing.com that’s divineknowing.com
it’s that correct Shawna? That’s correct. Do you know anything that you want to say at the
very end, my dear? I know that intuition can help everyone have a happier peaceful existence
in body mind and spirit and it’s my pleasure to share anything I can. That’s right, thank you so much
Shawna for being in our show. we truly appreciate you and I wait to
some work with you together. Thank you so much, Paula and Ken it was a
blessing to be here. Thank you and to us. And coming right up we have Brenda is gonna be talking a little bit about her
story of transformation and tuning into and we are talking about more about intuition,
so, we ‘ll be right back.

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