What is deeper learning? 2

Well we’re excited to offer deeper
learning MOOC for teachers, school leaders, and other
educators, really anyone interested in deeper learning. And a MOOC is a free massive open online course for everybody. So what is deeper learning? The opposite
deeper learning is shallow learning. And shallow learning is about racing through the textbook and trying to cover all the content before the year runs out on you. Deeper learning is about covering a
smaller number topics in greater depth. It’s also about making
things and it’s also about presenting work to a real
audience not just to your teacher. The Hewlett Foundation has defined
deeper learning as students mastering core content, thinking critically, students collaborating well with others,
being effective communicators, being self-directed learners and
possessing academic mindsets. And the last two self-directed learning
and academic mindsets, the Raikes Foundation has defined as students having agency. I think one of the
things that’s really great about this opportunity to have a deeper learning MOOC is that we
get to build on this expertise of this really great network schools. We’ve got Expeditionary Learning, EdVisions, New Tech Network, High Tech High, Big Picture Company, Asia Society, ConnectEd, the New Visions
Public Schools, the Internationals Network, and Envision. And in this MOOC, we’re gonna have a chance to get an inside look at what the schools are doing, and I think they
offer a radically different image of what schools can and should be about. So we want to have a MOOC but we want to be a deeper learning MOOC So it’s about two things — it’s a
MOOC about deeper learning but also we want to model deeper
learning. And so we’re gonna have some information that we’re putting out there
through panel discussions, homework assignments, readings, and videos. So there’s a piece of
organized material that we’re putting together but at the same time this isn’t just a
one-way transmission of us just lecturing to people about what
deeper learning is. On the contrary we want this to be a class where everyone is collaborating together
and co-creating knowledge together. So we think there’s going to be a lot of
opportunities for people to go out and do stuff. It’s not just sitting at your
computer learning about deeper learning but you gonna go out a museum, try
something with your colleagues, go do something, go have a deeper learning experience for yourself. That’s what we’re really after. Roll up your sleeves. Come get your hands dirty. We hope you’ll
join us for the deeper learning MOOC.

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  1. Jorge

    December 21, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    Excited to be part of this !

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