What is Active Learning?

When I think of active learning, I think
of students co-constructing knowledge with me in some way. That could be a
project, it could be around a discussion, it could be a fishbowl. When I see a
classroom where students are talking more to each other than listening to the
professor that, to me, is active learning. Active learning involves creating and
constructing artifacts such as a drawing, or painting, or a sculpture. If you’re in
a performing arts active learning is a performance I get to be creative here,
and I get to develop new things and new activities, and even things with real
life, like paper and scissors and having students construct and build and perform. Active learning is as much figuring out what the questions are as it is figuring
out what the answers to those questions are. In fact the questions are far more
important than the answer is. Choosing meaningful activities or questions is at
the heart of what makes active learning effective we need to ask some questions
that offer opportunities for meaningful thinking . Active learning is the only
thing I do these days I have I don’t lecture, if I can help it. When I think
back to my college experience, the only courses I remember are the very few that
I had that incorporated active learning. Looking back 10 or 15 years later and
thinking I wish I’d had more of that

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