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Hey friends, I’m not feeling too well today. I think I have a cold… Well, I guess it is a good time to tell you
about what causes cold,.. ..and many other such diseases. Sorry. And that’s why,… We’ll talk about Virus! ZooZoooo..ZOOOOOMINNNNN! You know that a bacterium is a
very tiny organism, right? Well, a virus is so small, that its
invisible to even a bacterium. This is how it is able to infect the
tiny bacterium and the cells in our bodies Unlike the bacterium, the
virus has no cytoplasm. Or a nucleus or anything resembling a cell. It has a very basic structure of the DNA.. ..covered by an outer protein shell
and some fats. That’s why viruses cant even be
considered organisms at all. They are not actually living. They float around like debris in space,
waiting to contact a host. And only once they enter a host,
can they reproduce! This is where the true terror of
Viruses is seen! Once inside, these little fellas hijack
the cells of the organism. By entering through the cell membrane. Once they do, the virus takes over the protein
building structures of the host cell.. ..and forces them to replicate
the virus instead. The poor cell unknowingly begins
manufacturing an army of the virus.. ..till the entire cell is infected! This poor mindless slave cell does this
till it explodes! Releasing all the virus to infect
the nearby cells.. And that’s how an infection spreads. That’s why I got sick. But don’t worry, your bodies are
super smart when it comes to saving you. Every time we fall ill with a virus,.. ..the body makes a special cell
called a Memory Cell. This cell stores all the information about
the virus and how it was defeated.. ..so that the next time the virus attacks,
your body’s defense is ready to destroy it! TRIVIA TIME! Did you know that even antibiotics
don’t work on viruses? Because antibiotics are designed
to fight bacteria! In our body, the most common viruses
are actually bacteriophages.. ..that infect and destroy bacteria! I think I have a cold again. Well kids, before I go,.. ..what’s the common virus in our
body that destroys bacteria? And here’s hoping i feel better soon. So that I can keep bringing you
such fun and interesting… ..facts. Until next time, this is me zoooming out! Oh no! Hey kids, you liked my videos didn’t you? Before you go, don’t forget to click on the
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