#WeAreClerkPBC: Information Technology Service Center

Our office is a very cutting-edge
organization. You know we’re always looking for the newest thing. Never a
boring day it’s never you come in and do the same thing there’s always something
new there’s always projects. All these projects take planning and take
coordination. My team is responsible for helping people with their passwords
getting their accounts set up you know. Providing helpdesk services that the
computer has issues they’re able to help them in a system with those those things.
For the public we have a system called e-case view sometimes they need help with getting into the system and if there’s an issue with the website they’ll call us
to support them. I’ve been here for 17 years. I went from intern to a manager.
It’s amazing that you can build your career. I think that I like to do is to
build relationships have that relationship with the customers and provide help. It’s about customers and opportunity to help people and improve the lives of our citizens that’s what it’s about.

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