We Try Learning Double Bass in 1 Hour

You’ll know when it really vibrates. Okay. Yeah. Oh, Eddy. That smells. Today we will be… here to learn the double bass in one hour, with our teacher, sensei Phoebe. And we will be playing… L-l-l’elephant. Wait, how do you say it? L’elephant. (both) L’elephant. This is so heavy. Dude, it’s so heavy! This is so heavy. Ooh! Wow, I’ve never seen someone so uncoordinated with a bass. It’s so heavy! Dude, what is this? This is like… Oh, my god. I can’t even see where my feet is. What do I do? Yeah, I reckon that’s fine. Why is there five strings? This is a sacrilegious bass. No, it’s the German way. No, you can’t hold it like that. That’s sacrilegious. – Oh.
– Did you hear that? (both) Sacrilegious! This bass is SO heavy! Is my head meant to be hitting this? Yes. Really? No. First, let’s get the bow grip, alright? (both) Oh, yeah. – It’s like –
– I was holding it like a violin. So, just relax the arm. – Hands down by your side.
– Okay. And just, slot… the bow in like that, so it’s a bit like a pencil. Like a chopstick. So you’re kind of like, using the first finger… and the thumb to hold the bow. And then the pinky goes underneath. Phoebe: That looks good. Kind of. Maybe. – Phoebe: On the skin.
– Brett: Oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot. What’s the hand pattern, though? – Like, what do we do with left hand?
– So, um… – 1, 1…
– 1, 1, 1, 1— Oh, come on, tell us. 1, 1, 1, 1, 4, 1. Don’t grab the bow like that though. Just— Yeah. – Okay.
– Nice and relaxed. – So you should feel the weight through the…
– He’s getting schooled. Straighten your arm out a little bit. – Brett: Oh.
– Phoebe: And just – Do you do vibrato? Um, y… yes? Oh, from here! – It’s here. Oh, that’s actually really good!
– What was it? Oh… Did you hear that, guys? I’m a quick learner! Do you hear it? Third position. Why is it – How are you vibrating with your shoulder? I don’t know! …and then, four. That’s one note. One tone. That’s one tone?! That’s my tenth, on the violin! – Yeah, a tenth on the violin is one tone.
– That’s one tone! Is this the German or the French? – Or the Chinese?
– That is nothing. Phoebe: Coming from the side. Yeah! – I don’t know about you, but my left hand’s sore already.
– That’s good! Yeah same, my shoulders! It’s sore, right? It’s really sore. Phoebe: Here. And then just bring it, press. It’s so… – …tiring, using the fourth.
– I know. – Dude, my fingers are just tired.
– Yeah. I don’t think we’re gonna make it. Do you feel like… When you put the fourth finger on the lower string, it just starts hurting. – Yeah.
– It can’t handle it. Ohh… Wait. Oh, I’m tired. Ow! That hurts! Ow. My pinky! Ahh, it hurts! Dude, there’s a mark on my hand from the bow. You need more, more weight. So maybe stick – Do you feel like… tendonitis developing here? – Dude I feel like, tension all over my hand…
– Dude, it’s red! Dude, it hurts to press down. It’s been fifteen minutes. Only fifteen! – Feels like it’s been an hour.
– I know…! Are you allowed to take a break? Or no? Ow! Ow, my fourth finger!! Why is… So many fourths on the thickest strings of—? Oh, man… – Eddy: Do people –
– Brett: My bum’s pretty sore. Bro, my whole body’s sore. My bum is like… My right bum. Alright guys, this is what it’s supposed to sound like, just FYI. ‘Cause I don’t think we can make it sound like anything. Should we play together? – Me?
– Dude! The two of us. – Can you –
– She did vibrato on her fourth finger. – What is that?!
– Wow! WOW…! – One.
– Wait. Wait wait, gimme a second. Nice! I’m joking! I just lost control…! I love how I could just hear like, the melody, and then this was just like, noise pollution. Here, use this bow. It’s quite good. Dude, it’s literally got tape. OHH! That’s so heavy! What?! Oh, my bum. We’re getting roasted! – Brett: Can I just say –
– Eddy: Dude, this is harder to make a sound. – Brett: Oh, really…
– Eddy: Yeah, it is. No, this bass is actually really good. Yeah. Yeah, Eddy. Do you hear how thick it is? It’s so loud. No, it’s the bow! I swear it was the bow! It’s the bow, not the bass. I don’t know. It’s his trademark. Just gonna show you your posture. Oh, that looks horrible! Oh, dude… How about mine? Is mine okay? Well, actually, you look quite natural. Wow, born bass player! From your hips. – Brett: From the hips…
– Eddy: You know why? ‘Cause I played too much second violins. It’s closer to bass. Dude my spine’s like, bending to one side. Yeah, actually my ribs are not even. Because of playing the bass. – I went to myotherapy,
– Oh, my goodness. …and the guy was like, “What’s wrong with your ribs?” “They’re all on the right-hand side.” Like, they grew across my back. Are you sure you want people to hear this? It’s so painful! It’s really hurting! Dude, that’s the most painful thing I’ve done in my life. Dude, look at that! My finger’s shaking! My bum’s sore again. Oh, man. – My back…
– This one is really… Anyway. It’s 2, 1, 1, 4. That’s great. “That’s great!” – I’m a bit tired.
– “That’s great!” (both) She’s over it. All right. Performance time. “L’elephant.” – Scissors…
– Wait, wait. Oh do you have to take turns? (both) Yeah. Good. “Good!” (both) Scissors, paper, rock! You can go first. Ohh. Stretch my back out. You’re losing your tone. I don’t know what note that is. Yeah, I don’t know either! I’m freaking out. I think we agreed to stop here, right? Yeah! Oh, my left— My right buttcheek. It hurts! Your right buttcheek! Wait. Why did my bow bounce? Oof! – Wait…
– Was that your back? What was that crack? My body’s… breaking. Whoa! It’s an accent. Am I doing it? Oh, vibrato! Oh my god… You just gave up, didn’t you? You know what I just realized? This is like, really good support in orchestra rehearsals. You can just, like… Hug it. Honestly, sometimes we forget to play, and the conductor doesn’t even notice, so. Well guys, there you have it. One-hour crash course on the double bass. Phoebe, what do you rate us? One out of ten. Ohh. Um… Well actually, Eddy did a pretty good job. Oh, dammit. It’s ’cause it’s easier compared to violin. – Yeah.
– And you got the good bass. – Oh, that’s why you…
– Oh, okay. Ah.
– And actually, the good bow. I have newfound respect – for anyone who can make…
– I know! – Any sound.
– When you hear a bass play, any sound you guys make, be like, whoa. We thought violin hurts… Bro… – That’s it, guys! Oh, do you want anything?
– I don’t know, do you want like a… – Phoebe: No, it’s fine. Thanks.
– Eddy: Do you want to say anything? Okay. Phoebe’s like, “I’m tired. I wanna go home.” – Alright alright, let’s go.
– “I need to practice.” This is… – My whole body is in pain.
– Actally, like… I didn’t think it was this hard. Alright. How do I put this down? – Just give it to me.
– Okay.

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