USSR Vostok Precision 2809 movement 22 jewels | Wolna warist watch | basic knowledge for collectors

hi there, if you have a weakness for
watches especially for mechanical watches you should definitely see this
video, why? because in a moment I’ll be talking about interesting and rare
Soviet wristwatch or rather about it’s fantastic 22 jewel movement my name is Sebastien and thanks for
joining me in this video thanks for joining
taking watch let me tell you a little bit more about sub precision movement
2809 this type of movement was used exclusively for the vast precision line
and the bone series of watches it has been manufactured at the Russian watch
Factory in testable city that Arsenal region in the late 50s and many watch
expert would probably say that it is one of the best Russian wristwatch ever made it was the only mechanical chronometer
ever manufacture in the Soviet Union of course in wristwatch size was a soffit invention well this
movement has got its own story in the late 50s the Soviet Union acquit Zenit
technology and started to manufacture the own version with the key features
and characteristic of the Zenit caliber hundred 35 lb with some significant
changes the large bands will retained but they changed the Swiss design by
adding three jewels and additionally the second hand was moved from the super a
position to the center position the fourth the bridges of this movement
looks differently you can compare it with the picture of the Zenit 135 let’s talk about some important
characteristics most movements were nickel-plated some
gold-plated it’s frequency was 80,000 beats per hour on the balance bridge we can see fine
timing regulation mechanism it is our chronometer has a bouquet has print and
about 44 hours power reserve when the watch is left factory the accuracy was
about 3-4 seconds a day movements which didn’t pass the accuracy tests were used
for the cheaper brand Alma’s unfortunately production of watches with
this fine movement lasted only for a few years and it was discontinued due to the
high production cost and high middle price that reach almost 50% of the
average monthly salary I hope you like the short story about
Savitt precision movement one 8:09 you can like it and share it if you want feel free bolivia opinion or ask
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the best and see you next time


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