Using ERIC Links to IES Publication and Funding Information

ERIC is a digital library of education research,
sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences, or IES, in the US Department of Education. The IES website contains a wealth of valuable
information about the work it funds and the publications it produces. ERIC now connects you to the IES site so you
can easily find this information. This video describes two kinds of links that
are available in some ERIC records. These links take you to the IES
website to find additional publication details and funding information. The video covers where to find the links in
ERIC records, and the kinds of information you will be able to access. The publication links are included in ERIC
records for reports from the Regional Educational Labs, What Works Clearinghouse, and the IES
Centers: the National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance, National
Center for Education Research, National Center for Special Education Research, and National
Center for Education Statistics. Let’s look at a couple of examples
of the publications link. Let’s say you are looking for information
on Michigan’s performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress,
or NAEP, and you come to this State Snapshot report in ERIC. Here’s the link in the IES publication field
at the bottom of the ERIC record. The link takes you to the IES website where you
can find more information on Michigan’s specific report card,
and other states as well. From this page, you can also explore additional
NAEP topics in the left column. Let’s look at another
publication link in ERIC. Say you’ve found this record for a National
Center for Education Research, or NCER, report. To find out more details about the study,
click the IES Publication link in the ERIC record to go to the report’s
page on the NCER website. Here, you can access additional
detail that does not exist in ERIC. In this case, that includes an expanded abstract,
a link to the data file, and individual report files you can download. While the ERIC PDF icon takes you to the full
report, the web page on the IES site provides the executive summary, as well as the report
broken down into the body and appendices, which may be useful if you do
not need the entire document. Now let’s see an example of clicking on
the grant or contract number link. This link will take you to the funding page
found in records for IES-funded work. In this example, the funding page provides
details about the grant, including a list of other related projects funded by the grant. When you scroll down the list of these publications,
you can see the report that we linked to from ERIC. Here, you can see that the title
is underlined and is clickable. When the link is clicked,
it takes you back to the ERIC record. Connecting the ERIC and IES websites provides
a convenient way to obtain expanded publication and funding information beyond
what is available in ERIC. In addition to the links, ERIC provides other
features and support tools for searchers. For more information, check out these resources.

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