UB Experiential Learning Network’s PEARL Framework

{lush piano notes start to play bright and flowing music}
{arrow slides down and bends to the right pointing at text}
Experiences aren’t acquired … {an underline appears under the text}
they are constructed. {an icon with a pencil and paper appears on the right}
Preparation is setting goals and intentions {the music picks up and has strings added for dramatic effect}
{another icon with a bar graph appears on the right}
establishing context and acquiring necessary skills. {music intensifies}
{arrow slides down and bends to the right to point at icon with chat bubbles}
Engagement starts with a plan {music continues to intensify with piano and strings}
{the arrow slides down to an icon with a person with 3 stars in the speech bubble}
getting feedback then {icon with a hand holding a gemstone on top appears}
Adding value through projects. The impact of experiences keeps growing … {transitions to a blue background}
{icon with a person and magnifying glass appears on the right}
{music intensifies with the piano and strings picking up speed}
Reflection examines your experiences and achievements through various lenses,
{music becomes more dramatic as the beat drops and speeds up} {a collection of lines appears and weaves between the text}
weaving narratives that connect the experience with your {a circle appears around the text}
{music intensifies and is fast-paced}
learning and professional goals. {a collection of lines appear to form a box around the text
and weaves into the next text as it transitions}
Leverage your engagement to innovate and create even greater capacity. {a border is formed around the word and the letters glisten}
PEARL The more you put into your experience, the greater the impact.
{box around “greater the impact.”} This is the magic of experiential learning.
{colors in the text go back and forth to emphasize experiential learning} Find your experience by visiting the Project Portal. {music ends dramatically}
{The ELN logo appears}
Experiential Learning Network University at Buffalo

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