TUSD1 – OMA is Dancing with Science at Utterback Middle School

We’re talking about constellations!
So like could you guys heard of Hercules? Yeah so Hercules has a constellation and
they would tell the story of Hercules when looking at the constellation. You
guys are right they’re patterns some of the humans have recognized in the sky
over time. They constellations are in the sky, right? I want you to imagine the constellations. Our dance teacher Miss Quad and our science teacher Miss Novak are combining and sharing a class of students to really
try to get them to see the integration between science and dance and so they’re
planning together they’re working together to use both sets of standards
so that our students can see the overlapping pieces that go together. If
you guys remember what we did last week in OMA class where we were performing our
constellation stories and we are solidifying those concepts in class
about how different objects in the sky create patterns and they help us
understand our place in the universe. It’s taking core class and core
standards and merging them with the arts. I think it’s gonna bring that
overlapping joy that our kids have in our arts program already and make it
even more evident and present in our core classes. Constellation is the stars above that tell
the story. We use our own our own ideas to play in mythical stories. So far kids
are loving it. I think it’s some of their favorite days of the week. I was dancing
to the constellations. It feels great.

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