TOP 5 Science Experiments using CANDY & SODA Twin Telepathy Challenge! SuperHero Kids Challenges

– Go!
(clattering of candy ) – Hey guys, I’m Hope. – I’m Noah.
– And I’m Eden. – (all talking together) And
we’re the Super Hero Kids. – Today we’re playing the
Sis, Verses Sis, Verses Bro Twin Telepathy Science Challenge. We’re gonna be using sodas and candies for all of these science experiments. Lets do this. So this experiment is
blowing up the balloons with soda and candy. (suspense music) Okay, ready? – (both) Rock, paper, scissors shoot. Rock, paper, scissors shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Okay and Noah! – (both) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Let’s do it again. – (both) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Ahh! – Dang! Okay, so I won so I getta pick. I’m gonna go with this one. – I know which one. Me
and Eden get the same one. – (Trump) Wrong. – (exclaims) – (laughs) Eden got it right. So that means Eden gets
to pick which choice. I think she’s gonna use this one. – [Noah] I’m gonna do this one. – Okay, I made my choice. – Okay. Ready, set, go. – (laughing) Okay, so since
me and Eden have both gone now it is Noah’s turn to choose. I think this one. – I’m gonna do this one. – (exclaiming) – Me and Hope are twins. – Now that all the choices have been made, it’s time for the experiments. So what we’re going to do is we blow up the balloon and we’re gonna put it over the soda. I can open the balloon. I just
need someone to pull on it. – Yeah that’s what I was (mumbles). – Hey, Eden could you do me a favor and pull on mine when you’re done? So we all have our Nerds in it. We have a lot of them. And now what we do is
we’re gonna open our soda and we are going to put
the balloon over it, but not dump the Nerds in yet cause we’re gonna all do that together. – Three, two, one! (candy rattling) – Whoa! Geeze! (air hissing) – There’s soda in my balloon – Yeah! (laughing) – [Noah] But it’s mostly gas. – That was cool. – [Both] We just blew up
balloons with candy and soda! – (Computerized voice) Kobe. – This is experiment number two. And it is colorful milk swirls. So we have options of
pink milk and white milk. Eden’s gonna pick now
because I went first. So Eden, which one are you gonna pick? Which one? Which one? Which one? I’m gonna go for this one. – Me too. – No, Yeah. Okay. – I don’t know what she picked! – [All Exclaiming] Yay! – I was gonna pick white but (Television static tone) pink’s more interesting. Pour it in! – Yeah! (Hope and Noah making
glugging sound Effects) (zip sound effect) – It’s bubbling. Now we are going to be
selecting a food coloring. – Okay, my turn. – I think these two. – I pick these two. – Two, three (laughter) Okay we’re gonna do one dot
of food coloring in the middle and then dots of food coloring around
the one dot in the middle. What we’re gonna do is
there is these cotton balls with soap on them. And we’re gonna drop it in
the middle and it’s gonna make the colors swirl everywhere. – [Noah] Three, two, one – [Hope] Whoa! – [Noah] Whoa. – [Hope] Whoa! It’s so cool! (piano music) – [Noah] Eww, it looks like mustard. – [Hope] Noah’s looks
actually like a pepper. – [Noah] But look at my color. I didn’t even mix it or anything. – [Eden] Look there’s mine. – [Hope] Mine’s pretty. – [Eden] Mine barely did anything. (all speaking at once) – Okay, guys now for a
really cool experiment and now we’re on gonna go
through experiment number three. (bell jingling) This experiment is called The Sink or Float Candy Bar Experiment. Pretty much we have all
these options of candy bars, and Noah is going to pick which candy bar he wants to test first and we’re gonna put it in the water and see if it will float or sink. I feel like this is calling out to me. – (laughs) – (mumbles) – I was gonna do Twix, but I thought you were gonna pick Kit Kat. – I think it’s gonna sink. – Yeah, I think sink. – I think it’ll float. – Three, two, one! – Sink! (clapping) We got it. We got it correct. This is what I’m picking. (exclaiming) We got it! Okay. – I think it’s gonna float. – I think it’s gonna float. – I think it’ll float. – Three, two, one! (all exclaiming) – (mumble) was correct This one floats because
it has nougat inside and nougat has a lot of air in it. So that’s why it float. – I’m gonna pick – You’re gonna pick – Oh! Okay we’re doing Hershey’s. – I think it’s gonna sink – Yeah, same. – Because it’s solid chocolate and solid chocolate’s very heavy. – Yes, cause it has no air in it. – Ready, setty, go! (exclaiming) Okay, Noah’s turn! I got mine. – Oww – Three, two, one! (exclaiming) – Okay, I think it’s gonna
float because it has air in it. – It has wafers in it and
wafers have a lot of air in it. – Yes that’s why – But I still think it’s gonna sink plot twist because it’s
still pretty heavy. – Three, two, one! It floats! – [Hope] Dang! – [Noah] It floats! – Now we have two more
and it’s my turn to pick. So I’m gonna go with this one. Three, two, one. (bell dinging) Yay! We all got it! I think it’s gonna sink. – Yeah sink. Three, two, one. Sinks. – [Hope] Yeah. The last one we don’t
really need to try because well we’re gonna try it but
we don’t really need to pick because it’s the last one. So I think it’s gonna sink. – Predict. Ahh sink. Three, two, one! Yay it sinked! – This is experiment number four. It’s called Elephant Toothpaste. So we have hydrogen peroxide. I’m going to pick which dye
what color of the toothpaste I want and they’re gonna
have to try to guess and then we have some yeast. We’re going to dye the hydrogen peroxide, then add a spoonful of dish
soap, and then add the yeast. So it’s gonna be crazy. So I’m going to pick
this as the color I want. Three, two, one! – Ha! – Ahh! I thought it was
gonna be like opposite – So let’s add it to our bottles. – Yes! Yeah we’re adding it to our bottles. Okay, now we add some dish soap! Now, we’re gonna add
our yeast one at a time. I’m gonna go first because I can. – [Noah] All of it? – [Hope] Ooh! – [Noah] Cool. – [Hope] That’s so cool! – [Eden] My turn. (gasping) – [Noah] Are you ready? My turn. – [Hope] Yours is cool.
Yours is like a deep blue. I like touching it – [Noah] Whoa! That’s cool! That’s cool! – It’s safe to touch because
it’s all safe ingredients. – Mine’s still going. Look how much toothpaste I have! – Elephant toothpaste! – It stinks but it’s cool! – Okay, this is the last soda
candy experiment we are doing. You’ve probably seen this before. It’s pretty basic. It’s where we get a soda and some Mentos and we’re gonna put one in,
and the soda will explode. It will be so cool. Let me think. I think she’s gonna pick. – I think these. Okay, three, two, one! (exclaiming) – Okay (zip sound effect)
– [Noah] My turn to pick. – [Hope] Noah’s turn to pick soda. – Okay, I picked mine. – I think he picked this one. – I think he picked this. – Okay, are we gonna hold it up? – Yeah. – [Noah and Hope] Three, two, one! (exclaiming) – Ready. – Set, go. (candy clattering) (sound effect) (exclaiming) – That went everywhere.
Dude it went on my head. (screaming) – Oh my gosh! – I only put three in. That was super fun. I hope you guys enjoyed
it. It was awesome. You should definitely try
these experiments at home. Make sure to vote which
experiment was your favorite. Click right here to see another videos. Follow our social medias Instagram and Facebook @Superherokids7. And remember that there’s
always time for fun and I’ll see you in the next video. – Bye!

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