Tips to find a job #31: Take the headache out of knowing where to work

Hi I’m Maria. I’m here to give you some
tips on finding a job. Just like you, every business functions differently so it’s important to reflect on where you want to be working and understand the
different industries and the types of businesses that are out there. So we’re going to just look through what they are so you can start to understand where you might be best suited because ultimately you want to match yourself to an
employer and a business that works for you so it’s a good match and it’s
sustainable long-term employment. Let’s start with large industries or companies. The pros are multiple sites so the chance for adventure is there. The other
thing is tech is usually more up-to-date so you get the current cutting-edge
stuff. Now the cons could be too many employees and for some people that just
doesn’t work for them. Small business: the pros are small team so that team spirit
is really part of that which can make a difference for a lot of people, and
oftentimes the reward or sense of achievement can be easier to gain simply
because you’re part of a smaller team. So the cons might be that you can’t move up the ladder so if that’s important to you you may not necessarily get that in a
small business. Your own business. Now, the pros there are that it’s your business you’re your own boss you can decide how you’re going to go forward and of course
the cons are it’s up to you. You’ve got to motivate yourself you’ve got to get
yourself out there and you’ve got to make it happen. Not for profit. Great for wanting to make a contribution in community and allowing you to really
feel that sense of contribution. Another pro is that it’s focused on teamwork so
that can really allow you to feel good if teamworks important to you. Thanks for watching. Ready to find out some more? Go to the job active website
where you can get heaps more information

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