Time Travel | Wheel of Science with Neil deGrasse Tyson

– This week, we’re coming
to you from the past! – Chuck, everything we
experience through our senses has happened in the past. ‘Cause we see things not as
they are but as they once were because of the light
travel time between us. – That’s awful, especially
when you consider my past. – I don’t wanna know
your past, all I know is this is wheel of science. (upbeat theme music) – Hey everybody, Welcome
to Wheel of Science. – The interactive show where we answer your questions about the universe. I’m your host Chuck Nice and
I don’t answer your questions. We have with us as
usual the one, the only, Doctor Neil deGrasse
Tyson, what’s up Neil? You know I love doin’ that. So Neil, you’re beaming in from Vegas huh? – Yeah I got a gig tonight,
I’m giving a public talk on Astrophysics. There is some learning that
goes on in the town apparently. – I was gonna say, that’s
the most exciting thing I’ve ever heard happening in Vegas. Well one thing is for sure, We know we always win when we
bet on Neil deGrasse Tyson. – You’re really betting on the
universe when you bet on me, ’cause all I am is a conduit to it. – Oh, I meant bet on the black. Anyway, so Neil what time is it my friend? – Just spin the wheel. – There you go. (spinning noise) – [Chuck] Annaliisa Essi Katriina Lee says my daughters, ages eight
and eleven, want to know Would it actually be easier
to travel forward in time rather than backward and
what would that require? – Oh we can easily travel forward in time and we’ve known how to do that since 1905. Einsteins special theory of relativity lays out the whole recipe of how you can move into the future. And all you have to do
is go into a sort of a lower gravity field
relative to other people. Or just travel very fast and
your clock will tick slower than that of everybody
else that you left behind. Then when you return, you’ll
be younger than your twin for example, if you had left
your twin back on earth. So, in that sense you are
traveling into the future. That’s easy to do, and
we’ve known how to do that. Traveling backwards, that’s the problem. And it takes, we think we can do that. I have some colleagues
who’ve made some calculations that … assert that depending on a trajectory intake around a
black hole you can come out and end up in the past
of when you started. So … but that takes extraordinary set up to make happen. But right now, no problem
traveling into the future. – So, its either lower
gravity, travel faster than the speed of light, or
very good moisturizer. (Neil chuckling) – Not only that, the GPS satellites, which are farther away from the center of the earth than we are. They experience less gravity than we do. The GPS clocks tick
faster than our clocks, yet we’re getting our time from them. And so they know this in advance, rather. We’ve programmed in the
relativity correction to compensate for this
fact, So when they do give us the time, it’s the right time not the relativistic time
that it wants to keep by being where it is in orbit. Awesome! – Alright Neil, you ready
for the next question? – Spin the wheel! (spinning noise) – How, theoretically,
might time travel via wormhole work? Whoa! – Oh yeah, so, a wormhole enables … By the way if you manage to travel some place faster than light, you have the capacity to
move backwards in time. We’ve got that one established as well. We just don’t have any easy way
to travel faster than light. But one way that’s been
celebrated in science fiction and you can write it out on paper legitimately, is a wormhole. A wormhole, I’m over here
and I wanna get over there and I wanna get there quickly. I wanna get there before the
end of the commercial break. So, you can travel through a wormhole that changes the effect of
distance between where you are and where you’re going,
and then you sort of look around when you get
there and you find out, Oh my gosh, I’ve traveled
100,000 light years in a matter of a moment. When you do that, you
have the capacity to move backwards in time,
relative to when you left. Now, you don’t get to visit yourself. You’re in a sort of a different space-time trajectory. So you can’t shake hands with
yourself before you left. So if that’s what you’re
thinking of doing, no. And by the way, There’s a huge paradox that people worry about. And many people including Steven Hawking, the late Steven Hawking,
worry wether this paradox would prevent backwards
Time Travel completely. Because if you go back in time and prevent you parents
from meeting one another, then they wouldn’t of
ever given birth to you, to go back in time to prevent
them from meeting one another. – First of all let me just say, I stopped listening when you said I can’t shake hands with myself. Alright we have to take a break now but we’ll be back with
more of your questions and a caption contest. Featuring a picture of
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special Star Talk link. We also put it in the description. Hey send us your sites in the comments! – Welcome back to Wheel of Science it’s time for another question. You ready, Neil? – Spin the wheel Chuck! (spinning noise) – Erik Varga wants to know this, What would you say is the most accurate time travel show or movie and why? Oooh. – Hmm … It’s really hard to do, an accurate movie and still have interesting plot lines. So … given that, they take some loosey goosey steps with time travel, I have to say that Doctor Who as a TV series is the most invested in the authenticity of their
time travel story telling. And so, they thought
about the contradictions and the paradoxes, and they
have their own solutions to all that. Now on the state side, I
would say there’s nothin’ like the original Back
to the Future movie, the first one. That one they thought it through, they imagined consequences. So I give both of them
sort of equal high ranking. As a special mention,
gotta love Bill and Ted. Bill and Ted’s excellent
adventure, come on. I mean, that’s a special
runner up/special mention for time travel exploits. – All three very good, the
most disturbing of the three definitely Back to the
Future, Where you have to make sure that your
parents smash, so that you can be born. Okay everybody it’s time
for our caption contest, where we took a picture of Neil, and you provided the captions. And the winner is Harry Schalk with, “Astrophysics, they’re grrrrreat!” – Two thumbs up on that one. – So my caption was,
‘Cause you’re like this, I once saw a black hole this big! But, they didn’t like it,
they didn’t like it Neil. Time now for our Wheel of Science poll. If you could Time Travel,
would you travel to the past, or the future? Make sure that you answer the poll and leave comments on this video. Hey everybody, that’s our show, and as usual it’s a pleasure to have the one the only Neil
deGrasse Tyson with us. Thanks Neil! – Chuck I’m delighted to
always be in arms reach of you no matter where I am in the universe. – Yeah and I know that’s
how you like to keep me, at arms reach. Don’t think I forgot about
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thanks for watching Wheel of Science! (upbeat outro music)


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