TIME TO STEP UP – Study Motivation

how did you get your mindset into this alter ego to be comfortable being black mama I switched my mind to something else I switched my mode into something else write it for me is the equivalent of Maximus Decimus Meridius and gladiator picking up the dirt smelling the dirt let’s go time you got to put yourself in that cage when you’re in that cage you are that character right so that was my mental switch it was like an actor getting ready for a film you got to put yourself in that cage when you’re in that cage you are that character then when you leave there is something completely different when I’m in that cage broke don’t and touch me don’t talk to me leave me alone the definition of work what is the definition of work activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result working hard is the cost of entry of winning you know nobody on earth that’s made it that didn’t work hard there’s a point in time where you have to absolutely get up and stand on your own two feet and say this is the way in which I want to leave my impact on the world every day trying to be better and trying to prove yourself by one or two percent fulfill things set yourself a cup of sauce do or die task today get him done feel better move on to the next scene when does it work I don’t know your vision I don’t know your mission I don’t know what you want to be I don’t know who you want to be I don’t know how big you want to build I don’t want to how big of a legacy you want to leave I don’t know your vision I don’t know your standards I want to take calculated risk to dream and to build to fail and to succeed for us to set goals and not achieve them it’s on us there has to be a burning desire inside of us to do more be more of the company I heard someone once say that greatness is within you but it’s dormant it’s bottled up just waiting for the moment to unleash and show the world how great you really are yeah you got to lead by example you got to show that’s what I tried to do so think of your first week of classes as your opportunity to establish positive momentum it was an everyday process and trying to figure out strengths and weaknesses I didn’t want anybody to be able to say what he’s not willing to do the work so everything I saw whether it was TV shows whether it was books I read people I’ve talked to everything was done to try to learn how to become better everything everything and so when you have that point of view then literally the world becomes your library to help you to become better at your craft imagine if you wrote it down you knew you’re going to achieve it imagine if there was no procrastination and the things that we do imagine for a moment if you were someone who went out and executed on the things that you said you were going to do because self commitment is something that you absolutely have written on your heart like what if we were the people who absolutely operated on the words that we told ourselves you know you want to be a little bit better in some way tomorrow than you are today but it’s not gonna be in a linear path again these go through cycles of stress and recovery if you’re doing your best if you’re really laying it out there there’s nothing nothing more you can do I’m just I’m doing my best and there’s nothing nothing more than that [Music] you

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