Three questions to Anastasia, M.Sc. Computer and Information Science

[Music] hello my name is Anastasia I’m 26 years old I study masters of computer information science of the University of Constance and now I am on my fifth semester after gradiation from the high school I got to get my engineering degree in information technology in Moscow Aviation Institute and given a lot of variety of subject that we studied I went to work as a data analyst and after one year and a half of work I understand that profession of the data scientist is exactly the one that I want to study more and that’s how I started to search for a new program when I was working the point of presentation of data was really weak and when I found the program of data analysis or which is called in the University of Constance data mining I was really surprised it covered all needs that I had I would definitely recommend to study in the University of Constance I really like that we have so much freedom but the freedom brings a lot of responsibility for what you are doing given this two conditions I feel really good here and if you feel free and you like this freedom what you’re doing switching combining developing yourself every single day then it’s definitely the place to go we have a lot of support not only from the students that are your colleagues during the studies here but also from the department from administrative from the professor’s and really everything that you are surrounded here with starting with information that you can get from all the libraries basically around the wouldn’t say finishing I don’t know international research nothing is limiting your willing or chances or dreams about what you can do everything is possible here now I want to finish my masters that’s for sure then I would do my PhD and my PhD topic is going to be based on news analysis but because I want to combine our text analysis and data mining which I came here for I think my job after gradiation on like doing my PhD is still going to be data analysis so basically what I came for to the University of Constance [Music]

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