THIS IS WHY YOU FAIL – Most Inspirational Study Motivation (2018)

I wanna talk about failure I wanna talk about why things go wrong Why you failed to study better and you’re wasting your time because you can learn
as much if not more from your failures,
your non starts, your hesitations as you can from your successes. We think that things happen overnight but they don’t they happen every day,
in each passing moment you win or you lose you waste or you create winning or passing an exam or a degree it’s not a one-time thing it’s an everyday thing
an every moment thing. You don’t win once in a while you don’t do things
right once in a while you do them right all of the time. Winning as a result or success excellence they’re all habits. Your goal is not too big, okay? you’re just not yet the person you
need to be to execute against that and that is absolutely fine. So you don’t just lose once in a while you don’t make an arrow once in a while you don’t fail an exam one time. You want the secret?
It’s called work. Do not get confused here You have to work to match the
ambition coming out of your mouth. There’s only one thing that
you need to really find and that’s direction. You need direction your own direction, not
someone else’s direction not your parents direction society’s direction,
social media’s direction your own direction. But what does it actually
mean? It’s a big word Well it means knowing where
you’re numbing yourself or where you’re awakening yourself where you numb yourself off with laziness, sleeping
in more than you should scrolling through your
feed more than you should distracting yourself more than you should hesitating,
procrastinating waiting waiting again and again until you’ve numbed yourself from reality. But when you are awakening yourself you know what that feels like because you’re here listening to this motivational video you’re focused you’re seeking direction, you’re setting
a clear goal for every single day. You’re taking trips to the
library or the coffee shop the study session
after study session you say no to the easy things and yes to the right things. and if you want a really
quick measurement if you want a quick gauge
of where you’re at in this spectrum of numbing
and awakening yourself just look back. What did you do today? not a week ago, not two weeks ago but today. How much direction do you have? How much clarity do you have? How much drive do you have? Were you driven by something? that you planned for and you
scheduled or were you reacting to what happened? Even the way you ended up on this video did you schedule time to watch
this or did you just end up here? Cause if you ended up here,
you’re reacting if you planned to be here you’re responding, you’re creating and if you are one of those people
or you’re having a moment where let’s be honest, you’re wasting time. And it happens to all of us It’s as simple as,
it’s because you didn’t know what you wanted from this moment. You didn’t prepare for this moment,
you didn’t plan for this moment maybe you didn’t even act never forget that you’re
either creating your day or your day is being
created for you by your emotions by somebody else’s agenda by some youtuber,
by some social media post. There’s only so much
time in the day, now let me give you some practical advice and it’s called the Prom Method. So what is the Prom Method? What do I mean?
these are the four pillars that will help you to get the
most out of your study time. The first one stands for print because if you look at most
students in your library in your coffee shop,
in your lecture theatre in your classroom,
you’ll see that more and more people are
using digital devices to increase and enhance their
learning and academic experience. Now, I’m not knocking those
tools because they are tools but are they the best tools? Maybe not. There was a study done at the University of Leicester in England,
what they found was that students required more
repetition to learn new material if they were reading from a computer
screen versus printed material. So, I want you to ask
yourself this question do you learn more effectively when you have something in your hand that you tangibly can feel,
touch, highlight, play with or does the computer screen,
does that digital screen work for you? Are you more likely to be distracted
when you’re using something digital? or are you more likely to be focused
when you’re using a paper version? The second thing and probably
one of the most important relax, take a deep, long, slow breath. We all know the importance of being relaxed but did you know how it’s a physical thing? How when you’re stressed you
release more cortisol which inhibits the neurons in your brain from connecting, from
communicating with each other and so you’re less creative,
you’re less focused and you’re less able to think. Your stress is a physical thing so your job in the Prom Method is to make sure that you set yourself just like concrete sets itself or you set
a foundation, that you set for yourself a habit of becoming relaxed. And it’s a grading, I don’t
want you to be so relaxed that you’re watching Netflix
again and again and again. I’m talking about the kind of relaxation that helps you to be productive that helps you to revise, study,
learn every single day. Just like the tuning of a guitar you need to tune your emotions in you need to tune your mind in to the habits that you want to create. And moving on to the third thing,
it’s the one thing we’re living in a time and an age where devices and distractions are everywhere in your lecture theatre, you see it when you’re at the dinner table, you see it when you’re in the classroom, you see it. Devices and distractions everywhere and these tools start using
us instead of us using them. so the challenge and fight
now for you, is one thing choose the one thing the
priority for this day feel it know it feed it and start working to that
one thing every single day so that, like I mentioned before you have the direction that you need. And the final one is music music sets the tone for our moments and we know it
because even with these videos that you like to listen to the best ones have the best music and it’s classical music,
18th century music that has been shown, scientifically proven to engage the parts of your brain that are responsible for two
really important things your focus and your memory. So if you ask, if you want to know how to stop wasting time and
study more effectively? Turn the music on and turn
the distractions off. This gym is for your minds steady study so choose the tools, the tone,
that’s going to help you the most. And to round off with
just remember this only as high as you reach,
can you grow only as far as you seek, can you go only as deep as you can look, can you see and only as much as you can dream,
can you be. So reach high, reach far,
go deep and keep dreaming. My name is Keshav and this is your Motivation 2 Study. Peace.


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