The systems approach to knowledge management

Knowledge management is essentially where you
take data, which is produced experiments, and you turn into results. So it is a way to analyze and to manage the results, to gain knowledge rather than
just descriptive numerical values. So, in the past, everyone followed
the reductionist method by which you would look at particular parts of the
body, a particular cell, and try and infer some results and some ideas, but the
system’s approach takes- looks at the whole body and all of the molecular
patterns in one way, which means that you can get much more
information than you could in the previous years. Knowledge management is-
is really key to the success of such a project because you can, through
knowledge management, you take data, you put it into results, and you also
have context specificity, and also in such large-scale projects you also have
the big problem which is reproducibility, which is always an issue in big
biomedical studies. The holistic approach, so the system’s approach, is
paramount because it adds a lot more knowledge than we previously could gain
by traditional techniques. Once the Euro projects ended all of the data is
going to be a transferred into this new lovely platform called eTRIKS, which
is a project which was created by the IMI specifically in the EU offices,
to manage all this data which is produced by various projects. I make sure
that it withstands time.

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