The Study Bible

For over thirty years, millions of people
have looked to Grace to You for faithful teaching from God’s Word. Every day we are unleashing
God’s truth, one verse at time, through the Bible teaching of John MacArthur. Through
the years, as technology has changed, we’ve taken advantage of that to give people greater
access to biblical resources. And one of the most powerful ways we’re connecting folks
with Bible teaching is through our free app called, simply, The Study Bible. The Study Bible gives you the complete text
of Scripture for your phone or tablet . . . but that’s just the start. The app also gives
you immediate access to John MacArthur’s sermon archive, featuring more than forty-five
years of Bible teaching—that’s well over 3,000 full-length messages, covering the entire
New Testament and portions of the Old. With The Study Bible you can read devotionals
and articles, browse study guides, and listen to John answer Bible questions. Plus you can
create your own notes, highlight Bible passages, bookmark verses . . . and synchronize that
personalized data across multiple devices. What could make this app even better? Instant
access to the resources of The MacArthur Study Bible. This affordable in-app purchase puts
at your fingertips 25,000 notes written by John MacArthur that explain virtually every
passage of God’s Word. You also get detailed book introductions, dozens of articles, charts,
maps, and more. The Study Bible connects you to biblical truth
— powerfully and immediately — like nothing else can. Download it free of charge from
iTunes or Google Play . . . or visit

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