The Science Writing Heuristic Approach

so our current work is really trying to focus on how we can use language as a learning tool so we focus on trying to get kids to think about what’s the best way for
them to come to understand science and how we as a group researchers teachers parents
administrators can make the learning environment the best
that we can possibly get the SWH is is around a question claims evidence structure so kids will pose
questions gather data generate evidence from that
data and then make claims which about
publicly and privately negotiated the individual components to the science
writing heuristic aren’t new they’re all research-based
things like we’ve always activated prior knowledge
we’ve always found out what kids know we’ve always use non-fiction text but
what this approach does it put it all together in a way that teaches that we need to help kids connect to what
they now we negotiate ideas and not people it is an important and significant jump
that we have to get kids to take and once they get to that then the
richness that the debates can be seen because there’s no longer fear
of being wrong or being picked on we’ve actually got
a classroom environment where the ideas are in the middle and the
kids are actively debating those things I feel like they have a deeper
understanding of the science concepts now with the SWH approach versus before when it felt a little more like memorization this provides the way for true learning and not just regurgitation that the kids really know these things then they see the power across
curricular areas it just makes all the kids on an even
playing field and they’re excited and they have confidence the just love what they’re learning
they own their learning they do
they own it from a results perspective we’ve closed achievement gaps we did what was called a critical thinking test
the Cornell critical thinking test and we were interested in looking at kids’ rates of growth so we would test the grade 5 students at
the start of the school year and at the end of the school year would this approach accelerate the students rate of growth?
and the answer is yes it does
in a significant way
statistically significant way we’ve got stuff that we’re doing in
science that will transfer to their general critical thinking which means we can teach them to be better thinkers
be part of their community and to have more success as they go

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  1. Anisa Hendrayatno

    March 20, 2018 at 1:19 pm

    Dear Professor Brian Hand, i'm about to use the SWH method as an approach to build rebuttal skill on high school students in Indonesia. i wish i can write some email to you to discuss it. if it's ok with you. thank you. Anisa

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