The Science of Productivity

In a world that seems busier by the day,
productivity is on the minds of many. But instead of downloading
the latest time management app or forcing yourself to stay at work for hours on
end how can we use science to crack open the potential of our minds? Is their a
secret to being productive? The first thing to come to terms with is that your
willpower is simply not enough. In fact some studies suggest that will power is
an exhaustable source, that can be entirely used up. This is a concept known
as the ego depletion, so instead of convincing yourself to simply try harder
a more methodical approach is suggested. The first step, get started, it may seem obvious but
studies have shown starting a project to be the biggest barrier to productivity. Before starting our brain visualizes the hardest parts to come and instead
tries to simulate real work by focusing on small mindless tasks. Luckily there’s
a construct of the mind known as the Zeigarnik effect which compels humans to
finish a task that they’ve already started. The Zeigarnik effect shows that when we don’t
finish a task we experience discomfort and intrusive thoughts about it, so
get started, now. What about time management? Shockingly
when we look at some of the most of the elite musicians in the world we find that they
aren’t necessarily practicing more but instead more deliberately. This is
because they spend more time focused on the hardest task and focus their
energy in packets. Instead of diluting their effort over the entire day they
have periods of intense work followed by breaks. Not relying on willpower they rely on a
habit and disciplined scheduling. Studies have found that the most elite violinists
in the world generally follow a ninety minute work regime with a fifteen
to twenty minute break afterwards. Instead of trying to maintain energy
throughout the entire day, breaking it down into sessions with planned
relaxation is most effective. But how can you develop the discipline
to follow this routine? One key component is giving yourself a
deadline. Write it down, mark it in your calendar
and you’ll be much more likely to complete your task. On top of this, create
something called an accountability chart to document your progress. In one
column write the time span and in the other the activities you accomplished
during this time. Similar to those on a diet who document
their food intake writing down your progress allows you to realistically evaluate your work as opposed to inaccurately assuming what you’ve done. Furthermore tracking your progress helps
to avoid small mindless work. And finally, stop multitasking, well it may feel like
you’re accomplishing more, studies show that multitaskers are much less
productive. Instead try and make a list at night of what you
want to accomplish tomorrow, this way you hit the ground running with your action plan
and avoid trying to complete multiple activities at once. While you’re at it
split up your large tasks into smaller bite sized ones. Your brain will find
these less daunting and it will make the starting process easier. With a clear goal and
action plan in mind, your productivity levels can soar to new heights. Want more tips and information on
productivity? Checkout Gregory Ciotti’s blog, “sparring mind” who we worked with to
make this video. We will link to the productivity article
in the description where you can find even more information and be sure to
sign up for his newsletter which covers other amazing brainy content. Got a
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    Productivity has less to do how efficient you can do work, than with what work you can do. Priority is more important

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    Time management is when you manage by making time for your health, social life, family or caring for yourself, and etc.

    Since I’m struggling with my health, my social life is good. It is just I do not go out as often. There’s no reason for me to feel embarrassed, but I’m a college student at 19.

    I never have a job before nor volunteered. My mom pays for my tuition, I’m extremely lazy, do not mess with me, the inside health of my mind is all over the place. And I have not been taking care of my health.

    So I feel like I’m not good enough honestly. Since I get extremely stressed, I rather get tasks or work done without taking breaks. However, depending how long I have been productive depends if I should take a break. Instead it would be nice to look over my progress, and then complete them in another day. Because everyone needs to rest and relax.

    Well..I rather get work or tasks done without breaks. But, since I’m currently struggling I have a neutral mind. Also, I’m Asian American I do not expect myself or see myself smart, have the perfect grades, and exceed my education like do well and graduate from college.

    Boi I’m in community college, and it is great. But no one understands how I feel and it is just, “what the fu** is life?”

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    for me the BASIC QUALITY of a productive person is "not being lazy". and i don't really asssociate it to wealth. i mean a person can be rich/successful but lazy. maybe s/he is a wise person. it could also be due to company politics or worst sleeping with the boss. there are lots of factors. factors that vary on each individual like for instance not all people are cunning and people also have different moral standards etc. that's why i wanna simplify it! in other words in general, if you're NOT A LAZY person, then pretty much you're a productive person in my opinion and definition. i mean as what i mentioned not being lazy is the BASIC QUALITY of a productive person. some people say you can work smartly but working smartly can only do much in general. not being lazy is still the main key to being productive. 😊😊😊

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    Some help with remaining motivated and effective in the face of those sorts of epically difficult situations which devour far more time than they should, would be greatly appreciated.

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    tips for productivity
    1) start the project or next task – once you start it your brain wants to complete the task – zeigarnik effect
    2) don't spread your work in small pockets over the whole day – instead focus for 90 min – then take rest for 20min
    3) set deadline in your calendar
    4) make a accountability chart — write time gap — then what you accomplished in that time
    5) don't multi-task
    6) pre plan you task , to do list in the night for next day
    7) break your task in small tasks so that you get more dopamine release which keep you motivated to continue doing the work.,

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    Also Zeigarnik effect doesn't work on my brain. Been midway through several books and stories for years. Progress is slow.
    Diagnosis? Depression. I'm just royally boned by brain chemistry. Thanks.

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