The Power of Unity | Bible Study Journal

The Power of Unity | Bible Study Journal so today I wanted to talk about the
importance of unity and that’s something that I feel like is so overlooked and
Christianity but it’s something that is so extremely vital and I’ll explain why
so Psalm 133 verses 1 through 2 how good and pleasant it is when God’s people
live together in unity it is like precious oil poured on the head running
down on the beard running down on Aaron’s beard down on the collar of his
robe so what does it all mean so according to the scripture unity is good
and pleasant unity brings anointing and just an example of what anointing is
anointing so in the past the Jews would traditionally anoint the head or the
body it was a common custom with Jews and the anointing represents power
especially power over sin power over death so it’s basically like you’re
receiving that the power that the Holy Spirit has and so when the unity is
talked about as being good and pleasant it’s because it brings the anointing and
when we have that special anointing in power as a body of Christ over sin and
death then we win right I mean in the end you know Christ wins but we as a
body and whole working together in unity have the anointing so one thing in
particular that I wanted to talk about was offense and when you have offense
offense brings division and division is a loss of power over sin so if unity is
the anointing and then you get that power over sin division is the loss of
power over sin and that division can happen through offense division weekends
the body of Christ Ecclesiastes chapter 4 verse 12 though one may be overpowered
two can defend themselves a cord of three strands is not quickly broken and
so that’s why the body the Bible talks about marriage marriage is in unity
right and listen unity of three people man women and God and that unity is
absolutely secret and there’s power and having that unity and it’s just anything
with the body of Christ to can defend themselves but accord of three strands
so when you integrate God into that it is not quickly broken and you know as
talking about the fence in the end of days CN will try to do many things in
order to reign over the earth and in Matthew chapter 24 and verse 10 it says
and then many will be offended will betray one another and will hate one
another so that’s one of the signs that the end is nearing is you can tell by
today’s time you know a lot of people are easily offended and offense is
something that I want everyone to just be very careful of because whether you
realize it or not that is how Satan tries to operate he tries to use defense
offense in order to divide and when the body is divided we have that loss of
power over sin and we don’t have that strong anointing so I guess one thing
that you can ask yourself is who you surround yourself with
where are you sourcing your advice fun and have you been offended and the
reason why I ask that is because so have you ever had a situation with someone
and you feel like it was a situation where you think that person has done
something wrong to you and now you’re bringing that information to a friend
you know where are you sourcing your advice from and that friend is perhaps
not rooted in Christ and they’re giving you advice that is only bringing further
division between you and that person that you have that conflicts with so
it’s so important to surround yourself with people who are also christ-like and
you know strong question so if I need advice on something
I wouldn’t necessarily ask a friend who doesn’t even believe in God I would
probably go to someone who is like my knit in Christ because you know I want
to act according to God’s Word and you know if you’re asking someone who’s not
necessarily living by God’s Word for advice if they don’t know the word for
themselves and how can they help you help guide you as far as walking
um in Christ so it’s really important to evaluate whole your surround yourself
and I’m not saying to not be friends of people who are not Christian I have tons
of friends who are non-christians the who are your close friends that you’re
sourcing your advice from and have you been offended and I put you in capital
letters because maybe that person you know maybe you have something an issue
with someone but a lot of the times it’s our own fault that we become offended so
think about the situation any situation that you’ve had that someone has
offended you you you can probably you know look at it from their point of view
and see where they’re coming from and see that okay maybe I was offended and
even if someone did hurt you instead of going to someone else why don’t you go
to the person and so I can think of one example years and years and years ago I
think I was probably 22 or 23 I had a friend and she was a Christian and I had
an issue with someone and I don’t know how the topic came up but we started
talking about it and I asked her for advice and she told me you know but she
just kept calm it deflecting it you really need to talk to that person and
you know you really need to just forgive them and let it go and talk to them and
work it through that’s all she was telling me and I just kept telling her
no you don’t understand this person hurt me and they really did what they did it
hurt me and she can see that you know but instead of kind of jumping on the
bed bandwagon and causing further division she was a more cursed by mature
Christian than me and she said you know you should really go talk to that person
and I didn’t get it at the time I kind of just brushed it off and thought well
she doesn’t understand how this person hurt me but now that years and years
have gone by I totally see where she’s coming from now and that’s kind of the
advice that I would give you avoid gossip and jealousy and that is why
Jesus preached on love if you love someone then it’s been it’ll be really
hard for you to become offended and you know take ownership of your offense you
became offended if you’re gossiping about someone you know even if you’re
telling your friend oh I can’t believe this person did this and you know they
may jump in and add to that first of all that person
wasn’t you know involved in your conflict or even if they were that’s not
helping bring unity that’s just causing further division and that’s just letting
the devil win you know that’s just causing loss of power and anointing over
seven same thing with jealousy look at Cain and Abel Cain became jealous of
Abel and because of that he killed Abel he killed his brother over jealousy
division and so if you have love in your heart for your brother or sister in
Christ it’s really difficult to be offended so
be very careful about offense and the next time you have a situation with
someone no matter what it is bring it to that person pray about it first and
don’t bring it to them when you’re angry because that can just cause further
issues but just talk to them about it and talk to them about here feeling
doesn’t have to be an argument but you know you can just gently bring it to
that person and even if that person is not receiving that well that’s okay you
know at least you tried it at least you know you don’t have to go around and
gossip but I think that’s why I always try to talk about gossip and jealousy in
a lot of my videos because it really is powerful don’t gossip jealousy and
forgiveness and forgiveness if you’re able to avoid gossip and jealousy and
forgive very easily then you’ll have a hard time being offended so just kind of
evaluate you know your life in any areas of division and one thing if someone
hurts you so I’ve been on both ends right I’ve been the person to hurt
someone and I’ve been the person that has been hurt and when someone hurts you
the last thing that you want to do is bring unity and kind of make peace right
because even if you’re right you don’t want to do that because our flesh
doesn’t like that our flesh doesn’t like to kind of make peace or apologize or
kind of just you know let things go and forgive our flesh wants to hold on to it
and be nasty and treat that person not like Jesus wants us to treat them
with love but honestly when someone hurts you the best thing that you can do
is pray for them and bless them and you know blessings can be in so many ways
you know a blessing could be a word of encouragement it could be I don’t know
anything it could be a compliment prayer monetary of course but when someone
hurts you bless them and I guess I would say that’s the biggest weapon that you
can use against offense so if something happens you know things happen in life
and you are offended someone hurts you bless them because that way we are
exemplifying love and that way by blessing someone that hurts you you are
not letting see in further use you in this division which is his ultimate plan
to divide the body so I really felt urgency to share that with you today let
me know what you think and if this was helpful to you thank you so much for
watching and I’ll talk to you next time

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