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Insights from the Master The Mistake of
“Knowing the Guru” …you see, the problem is
you think you know the Guru. Each person – you see, you don’t
know when you are in the plane, you are flying,
do you know the pilot? [No.] No, you don’t know the pilot.
He tells you, “I am so and so”, you say,
“Ah, very nice!” Who is he?
Do you know? Maybe he can crash the
plane down, you don’t know, but yet, when you are sitting
in the plane, you are calm. It doesn’t mean that you
should be stressed, eh? No, I’m not saying next time
you go in the plane be stressed. No! Look, Mayuran is
already worrying now. So, you give your trust
to an unknown person which you have just heard
the name of that person. Same thing with the taxi driver.
The taxi driver, you enter a taxi, he doesn’t even
tell you who he is, “Where are you going, sir?” You don’t even know whether the taxi
driver is bringing you to the place or not. Who says that he will just
bring you to the side corner and rob you and slice
your head off or whatever. You don’t know!
But yet, you sit in the taxi, you don’t have any fear. On the spiritual path, you see,
when you start to follow a Master, you see, the point is that
you have a certain familiarity, because with the taxi
driver, with the pilot, with the people which are not,
you will see them only short time, you know, five, ten minutes
you will reach your destination, few hours you will reach your
destination, you don’t need to build a certain relationship
with that taxi driver, no? You don’t build a relationship
to the pilot of the plane. Well, maybe if you have
something else behind your mind. Then you will wait for the pilot afterwards. [Swami Paranthapa:
Why afterwards?] Paranthapa will directly… But with the Guru is different. You see,
with the Guru you build a relationship, the same thing
with your deity, you know, with Bhagavan, with Narayana,
with Krishna, you build a relationship. The point is that
in this relationship when you have been visiting the
Guru 10 times, 15 times, 20 times, in your mind you think
you know the Guru, in your mind you think,
“Yes, I know him.” You can’t know the Guru. And this is the mistake that devotees when they follow
a Master when they think that, “Yes, I know him” or,
“I know her” whatever, whoever you take as your Guru when
you think you have known your Guru and then you say, “Why…”, there will be some thought inside
of your mind, some negative thought will arise, like I said yesterday, you will say,
“Ah, he is just normal like everybody else.” No? “So, how can that help me?” This
is where the mind gets corrupted. Then you can’t
follow the Guru, because you already
put your dirt, your limitation
upon the Guru. The Guru is free. Today I was answering the
question from one mataji: sadhus, saints, the Guru, Paramahamsa you
can’t understand because they don’t function on
the same level of understanding. Your level of understanding is down
and the Guru’s understanding is one with the Supreme. When you are looking, you are looking
up, no? He can understand you, but you can’t
understand him. It’s like in college,
you know, in school: can a child which is
in primary school understand somebody
which is in university? No, you can’t. But somebody from the
university understands a child. The same when you talk with a baby
– with a baby… with a small child, you see, when you talk with a little
child, even if you are grown up what do you do? [You change your voice.] You change your voice,
you change your manner, you know, the way you speak with the child
is different when you talk with a grown up. But the grown up bring
themselves to the level of the child and they speak the same language
so that the child can understand. Otherwise, the child would not understand.
The same thing the Guru does, the Guru from wherever
level the Guru is, he brings himself
to the level of the devotee, speaks a certain
language to the devotee so that the devotee
can understand and gradually little by
little the Guru will take the devotee to the next
step, to the higher step so that he can give the devotee
Bhagavan Himself, say, “Here, I present you, this is God
and this is a devotee.” Don’t think in your mind that
you can understand the Guru. You can’t and you will never
be able to understand the Guru, because whenever you think that
you have understood the Guru, the Guru will show you a
different aspect of himself and that will be the
challenge of your mind. This is where – it is difficult, you know,
you are running, the Guru is always further. Try to catch something which is not possible
to be caught, you know, very difficult. So, that’s why I said,
in Gurupurnima I said just – don’t follow what
the Guru is doing. Follow what the Guru
says to you to do: Guruvakya. What the
Guru says to you is the most
important thing.


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