The Dark Science of Persuasion: Learn How To Persuade Anyone ✓

I shared with you a very important promise
3 years ago, which is when I started my channel. I promised you that I wouldn’t release countless
videos with very little value-adds. I would never do tthat. I kept my promise for all these years. I released only about 30 videos. 3 years and just 30 and all of them are extremely
valuable. This one today’s video will be no exception. Today, you’ll learn an extremely useful
skill not just for your career but also for your life. You’ll learn the almost dark art of persuasion. You’ll learn how to persuade anyone. It won’t be easy. You’ll need to take your time to learn the
techniques that I am going to teach today and then practice. But once you master it, the results will be
amazing. Now if you follow everything I teach in this
video and you give yourself to it, it’ll take probably just about 2 months to master
this. Just 2 months. Not such a big deal is it? Every single day, you’re selling something
to someone. You’re always persuading someone even without
being aware of it. Not just at work, but everywhere. And you have always done it in the past. You’re on a date, your date wants to go
to the park, you want to go see movies. You’re persuading your date to go see that
movie. You’re in a job interview, you’re persuading
the hiring manager or HR, you’re convincing them to believe in your skills and your experiences. It’s persuasion
You want to get a raise at work. You’re persuading your manager on why you
deserve the raise. I can give you thousands and thousands of
examples. It’s the ability to persuade other humans. And I say it’s almost a dark science it
is because throughout history, it’s always been the number 1 tool for dictators, cult
leaders, bad managers, abusive parents, abusive wives and abusive husbands to gain absolute
power in their relationships and persuade other humans to follow them in their dark
agendas. It’s not even a fair fight because those
who know and master the techniques some of which I teach in this video will always have
massive advantage over the unsuspecting others who had no idea what just happened to them. Most often, especially at work, your ability
to persuade others is more important than your technical skills or even sometimes your
achievements. You don’t believe me? Take a look around, are all your managers
more skilled or experienced or more accomplished than you? Probably not. Don’t you sometimes wonder how the hell
did this guy get this job or this promotion? Right? I am sure you do. I’ll teach you how. So, how do we go about this. Enough with the hype. We’re going to start with the basics. Let’s start with the basics. We’ll start easy then get more advanced
step by step. It’s going to get very interesting eventually
but we need to start with the basics. The author of the book Influence, Robert Cialdini
laid out 6 principles. Now, a quick disclaimer here, it’s not my
favourite book and I think it’s very very basic but that’s where we start. It’s just a start. So, those 6 key principles are social proof,
authority, liking, scarcity, consistency, and reciprocity. I think a couple of years ago, he added another
one. Unity. These are all self-explanatory. The only one I want you to pay extra attention
here is reciprocity. I think it’s a good one. In simple terms, reciprocity is if you do
something valuable for someone, they are more likely to reciprocate in good favor. If you invite someone to your party, they’re
most likely to invite you back when they host their own parties. In fact, I use reciprocity in this channel
as well. I provide you with as much value as I can
for free here in this channel, and I am hoping that in the future if ever you find yourself
unemployed, or underemployed, or simply want to get better jobs, I know you will consider
my LIG program. Because we already built that bond especially
through the use of reciprocity. You’ve already gotten so much value. Now, the majority of Cialdini’s principles
won’t work in your day to day life persuading others. It won’t work. How will you persuade your manager, your team
members, your colleagues, with scarcity or with your children or unity. It just won’t work
Reciprocity may work in certain situations but I think these principles are basic and
they are created to be one size fits all. The scope is inch deep and mile wide. We need to be able to go mile deep. And somebody, somebody who is long dead gave
us just the right guidance. He didn’t give us a step by step methodology
but he gave us a framework with which we can build our techniques. He comes from the era when people actually
spent time to……. think. It was a beautiful era. So, we go back in time. We go back about 2,300 years ago to the time
of Aristotle. In Aristotle’s view, we need three elements
to persuade other humans. It’s Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. Ethos is your credibility. Are you a credible person to listen to. Makes sense right? And Pathos is the emotional reaction, triggering
pleasure or fear or pain. Now, the first one was Logos. Logos is so important and so deep that I want
to get back to it in a minute when you’re ready. OK? Keep that in mind. Logos. We need a bit of groundwork before the ocean
of Logos will make sense to you. Here’s the magic formula. To convince anyone, we need Logos, Pathos,
and Ethos and we need to transport these 3 boxes to our listener, in a very special vehicle,
let’s call this a truck and this truck is the use of language and use of tone. Now, let’s talk about this truck a little
bit. The use of language, the use of tone. The importance of this will become very clear
to you once you start practicing the the techniques you learn today art of persuasion in your
day to day life. Even if you perfect the 3 main principles
of logos, ethos, and pathos you’ll fail miserably if you don’t get the use of language
right. If you don’t get the truck right. So how do we go about this. Obviously, the first element is knowing your
audience. You have to know who you’re talking to,
their motivators, interests in that particular conversation, their resistance levels, their
suggestibility. And based on these, then you find the perfect
tone. Perfect use of language. What is a perfect tone? The tone that your audience will respond to. It obviously varies from a person to person
and situation to situation. You don’t talk the same way with your manager
the way you speak with your children. Do you? You don’t. That’s what it means. We’re up in the air a little bit. I want to run an example on this one. Because I feel at the moment it’s very intangible. This example that I’ll share with you is
also my test ground. A test ground is your playground. This is where you can test your persuasion
skills the techniques you’ll learn but without any consequences. Without any damage. You’ll practice all sorts of persuasion
techniques, learning the fundamentals, the pitch, learning the boundaries, understanding
your audience, changing your tone, use of words, learning when to take a step back,
warming a cold audience, it’s all here. You practice it all here. In your test ground. And you need one. I personally have two test grounds. The first one is the check in counters for
my flights, that’s where I test my persuasion skills to get a free upgrade to first class
– every single time when I have a flight without an exception I give it a shot. And the second test ground I have is hotel
checkouts where I try to get a late checkout or a room upgrade. Again without any exception, every single
time I go to a hotel I always ask for a late checkout and a room upgrade, everytime, even
when I don’t need it. That’s how I practice. The best part? no consequences. Now, I’ll tell you why these two test grounds
are very effective. Because you need a conflict of interest so
you don’t get what you want very easily. Otherwise, it won’t be a good practice. If you try to persuade someone and the first
thing they say “yeah sure” how is that a good practice? Like for hotels, number one the front office
are highly experienced in not giving you the late checkout or the room upgrades. They are experts. They see this every single day, they are experienced. And there is a conflict of interest, which
adds to the challenge. Because it’s in their best interest not
to give you the late checkout so they have more time to clean the rooms. It’s in your best interest to stay as much
as possible in your own comfort. When you start doing this, you’ll go through
many different phases. Very interesting phases. In your first try, you’ll be like “uhmm
excuse me, if it’s possible, I’d really appreciate checking out late today please”. Then the hotel management will say, I am sorry
we have strict policies. The checkout time is 12 noon. I am just sending you the bellboy. Even if you insist it won’t make a difference. When you try this approach multiple times
and they don’t work, you realize that being too polite just doesn’t work. It’s that part. Being too polite. So, the truck you used didn’t work in this
case for that person didn’t work. You need another one. Then the pendulum swings the other way, you
use a different truck, and this time you end up being very aggressive in your next experiments. Your tone and your use of language. “Hey, I paid so much money, so I am entitled
to stay an extra hour if I want to, ok?” After doing this long enough, you realize
that this doesn’t work either. By the way, this aggressive approach, I paid
so much money, you’ll see this a lot with small business owners as well. Hey, I am giving you so much salary so you
better deserve it. Right? I am sure you must have heard of it. They exist. Anyway, when this doesn’t work, you try
another approach. Again maybe you have the best boxes, logos,
pathos, and ethos. It’s perfect but your truck is wrong. So you try something else. “Hi. Just calling to let you know that I’ll be
checking out at 2 pm today. Thank you.” Silence. Zip it.” Don’t talk. Then you realize that oh my god it works. It just worked. Why did it work? By this way, you get so many more late checkouts
with this tone and the use of language. So, you found the right truck for that particular
audience. That’s it. And when you realize that it works, Then,
something will click. A very logical question will pop up in your
mind. That’s why your test ground is very important. Hmmm. It worked here. Now, can it also work with Brian. Brian is one of your teammembers who reports
to you. And he is notorious for not following your
directions. Maybe this assertive approach will work with
Brian too. Very interesting. Then can it also work with my daughter who
doesn’t listen to me or my son? how about my manager? I think it’s gonna work with my manager
too. Hmmm… See my point? You learned, you tested in your test ground
with no consequences then you applied to the audience that matters the most. You got the truck done. You’re almost ready to cover Logos. Logos is the king of it all. It’s amazing. I won’t tell you what it is. You’ll figure it out on your own. I’ll just run the same scenario and you’ll
understand what it is. For example, let’s use the same example
again. it’s checkout time again, you have the perfect
truck, you figured it out. “hi, just calling to let you know that I’ll
be checking out at 2 pm today. Thank you.” You zip it. You’re thinking that you nailed it. You’re thinking that you persuaded them. You gave it an awkward silence. Then, the unthinkable happens. The receptionist says “”.
Oh shit. You’re not prepared for it. You’re done. It’s game over. You don’t know it yet at that moment. But it’s game over. She said why. It’s such a difficult question that no one
in the world that I have met has enough mental horsepower to analyze all the arguments in
that millisecond, layout the possible counter-arguments the receptionist will present, then think
about your best possible argument against those counter-arguments, then you do all of
those in half a second. It all started with one word; why. No one in the world that I’ve met has the
mental horsepower to be able to do that in that half a second. So what happens, you usually end up saying
the first thing that comes to your mind that sounds logical at first; a little bit logical. You say “My flight is late in the afternoon
so I need more time in the room”. It’s game over again, because she’ll say
you can continue to use the hotel facilities and hey we have a really nice business lounge
that you can use for free. Not just that but also comes with free internet,
and even free food. Thanks for your understanding, I am just sending
you the bellboy. Game over again. We had the perfect truck. We were assertive. We gave the zip treatment. The silent treatment. It didn’t work because your logos is crushed. That’s what happened. Welcome to the world of Logos. It’s logic. It’s the quality of logic, quality of your
arguments, it’s your depth, it’s your processing power. It’s your mental torque. So, even if you have the best “truck”,
your tone, your approach, you’re not too polite, not too aggressive, you’re just
assertive, to the right person, it won’t work unless you get your Logos right. That’s why you need to know not just how
to say it but also what to say in advance. And not just one branch, but also the counter
arguments, your counter arguments to their counter arguments. You need to do that all before that conversation
takes place. You need to know your own argument; but it’s
not enough knowing your own argument. It’s not enough. I’ll tell you how I do it. I come up with 3 arguments in my mind first
before I go join the conversation, then I think about 3 counter-arguments that the other
person may respond with, then I see if I can counter his or her counter-arguments with
mine. Again, the third branch. Usually, one of the choices clearly is the
winner. If you don’t have a winner then go to the
4th branch, and the 5th branch and pick the one that works and then pick the first one
that’s associated with that conversation It’s a beautiful game and when you win at
the end, when you get that late checkout, or free upgrade to first class every week,
free upgrade in hotel rooms to their business suites, it’s a joy let me tell you. Not only you had so much fun, but also you
practiced a very important skill. Art of persuasion which is applicable in day
to day life, everywhere which you can use with your manager, with your wife or husband
with your children, everyone or team members who disobey you. And the good part is that it becomes a habit. Your mind just gets used to doing this without
having to put conscious effort to think about it. It just automatically handles this before
any important meeting before any important conversation it becomes a habit if you do
it long enough. It’s amazing but it all starts with your
test ground. Now, let me touch on a very interesting point. Logos, something so simple right? Just with a 10 seconds of thinking in advance,
gathering your thoughts, you’d know not to say “I have a late flight”. But you don’t do it. You don’t do it anywhere, not just you no
one, you don’t do it dealing with your colleagues your managers, your partner, before you go
that meeting you don’t take that 10 seconds of your position your counter arguments almost
nobody does. Especially in my management consulting career
when I was with PwC, PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting, I noticed this a lot. I am in the office, thinking about a very
difficult client project, thinking about the kind of strategies we can implement for our
clients. Because I want to think before I start putting
anything on powerpoint. Then the partner comes in, he says “Deniz
start working at somepoint will ya?” I AM working! I go home, I get a cup of coffee, go outside
to my garden, start thinking about a particular subject, then my wife comes in. Baby, what are you doing? Are you ok? I am thinking. What are YOU thinking about? Not about us, don’t worry. People get weirded out by seeing other people
other human beings not doing anything. They get weirded out. When you’re in the metro, take a look around
and try to find someone, anyone who’s doing nothing. Just sitting still. Something’s gotta be wrong with that person
otherwise why would anyone not be doing “anything”, “something”. Why is he brooding? Oh, he must have really deep troubles. Poor man. Poor woman. My body may not be active but my mind is. Billions of neurons are making trillions of
connections at that time. So think. Think more because you need it for logos. Think about what to say in that meeting in
advance, what the other person will say then what would you say to their counter arguments,
run so many scenarios in your mind, think about the strategies you can create, think
about opportunities try to identify risks before they become apparent,
And when it becomes a habit after doing this long enough, that’s when you get the biggest
benefits in life. Your mind is constantly active, thinking about
all sorts of weird things all the time. Every single second it gets a chance. Just an hour ago before I turned on the camera,
I found myself thinking about Psychopaths and whether or not they enjoyed movies. Literally, that’s what I was thinking about. My mind got triggered by seeing the word psychopath
on a newspaper then it just wandered away for a minute or two, I spent at least 5 minutes
thinking about this. Psychopaths and movies? It makes no sense right. Can you make the connection? Psychopaths and movies? In fact, you know what we should do. I think it’s about 20 minutes. Why don’t you pause the video right now. I think it’s already been 20 minutes. Take a break, go outside and get some fresh
air. And while doing it, think about the connection
between Psychopaths and Movies. We still have extremely important things to
cover we’re just getting started so I want you to be on top of your focus for the second
part of the video. And before you go away, if this is your first
time in my channel, please consider subscribing and hitting that bell notification. I release only one video a month or most likely
one video every 2, 3 or 4 months. So, you don’t want to miss it when it happens. Alright, so the connection my brain made was
very interesting; psychopaths lack the ability to make an empathy with other humans. They lack that ability. That;s how we define them. They just can’t put themselves in other
people’s shoes. That’s why they can do all those horrible
things very easily without any remorse or guilt. Because they simply can’t empathize with
others… Empathy is one of the fundamental things that
prevent us from doing bad things to others. Empathy with others. And a movie is the art of empathy. All a director trying to do is make the viewer,
the audience to emphatize with the main characters. Like hero’s journey. That’s the ultimate goal of any director
or any author. So, if psyopaths can never make an empathy
with others, they can’t emphatize with the characters of a movie, and therefore will
never enjoy a movie. Then, the next question comes to mind, can
this be a silent test to understand if a person is a psychopath without them understanding
that we’re testing them? Maybe. Or maybe not I don’t know. But if a person tells me that he or she hates
all the movies, all the books without an exception, then I’ll probably be very cautious around
that person. Before I move on. Or another related one about this maybe you’ll
give me some ideas. Also I’d love to study, the religious psychopaths. Because the common theory for many people
is that religion is the moral compass for humans. Those people claim that without religions
we do very bad things. The other school of thought, which I subscribe
to, says no, not necessarily. We already have a built-in moral compass. It’s called Empathy. Now, we have a test ground. If we study religious psychopaths and their
criminal tendencies then we can find an answer to whether religions are strong moral compasses. Because of the way that psychopath was raised
or his genetic make-up, he lacks empathy so let’s see if religion is going to work to
keep him in check. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. I don’t know. So, what’s the point of all this? It’s logos. Everything is logos. How will it help in my life? Well, here’s an actual scenario that this
will be useful. Next week I am going to meet one of my friends
who is a Greek Orthodox. He’s very religious and from time to time
he tries to convert me. So, next time we meet I’ll use this as my
logos – of course I need to first find out if there are actually studies done on this. The religious psychopaths. We’re not done yet. I want to talk about a very interesting point
your hardware. Your brain, its capabilities, and shortcomings. And how we’re all very different. A lot of people with incredible mental capabilities,
absolute geniuses are not aware of who they are and what they can do. Maybe you’re one of them. And the society that we live in don’t let
them shine. Simply because they don’t know how to get
the best out of the hardware or wetware that they’re born with. Maybe you’re one of them. You’ll find out soon. Because the more powerful hardware you have,
the more powerful your logos will be and therefore more powerful your persuasion skills. Someone who is on the far left side of the
IQ bell curve, will never be able to persuade people on the far right side of the IQ bell
curve regardless of how much they perfect their ethos, pathos or their truck. Simply because they won’t have the mental
power required for logos. Now that you understand the connection, so
I can talk a bit more about your own mental capabilities and in fact I’ll tell you a
story of my own. In mid 2,000s when I was working for Standard
&Poor’s, S&P, I was really interested in a Chinese girl. She was a PhD student at that time. She was very pretty and she was very smart. She was a member of MENSA, the high IQ society. So, she was not only very pretty but also
very smart. Now you can only become a MENSA member if
you take their IQ test which is the most accurate and the most reliable in the world and then
you score top 2% of the World’s IQ. So, you have to be smarter than at least 98%
of the world’s population. Now I liked this girl a lot at that time and
I really wanted to impress her. I was sure I was as smart as she was. Apparently, I wasn’t…
but the story is very interesting. And it changed my life. Just bear with me for a minute because it
may change your life too. There are very interesting lessons in this
one. It’s that important. So, the story is, I scored 92% in the test,
not 98% what is required, 92. and it wasn’t enough to become a member. The reason I didn’t score higher was because
I couldn’t finish it on time. 3 or 4 hours whatever they gave us, it just
wasn’t enough. I just couldn’t finish it on time. That was fine because I said to myself next
year I’ll pass it for sure, I am already very close the following year I’ll definitely
pass. I took it again, and I still couldn’t finish
the test on time and funny enough I scored exactly the same, 92%. That was weird because you expect around 5
to 10% variance between your scores each time you take it, getting 92 once again it was
very unlikely but no exactly 92% again, different questions, different time of the day, a year
past and exactly the same score. By then the girl was long gone but I got really
disappointed… In retrospect, that was an incredible blessing
in disguise. One of the best things ever happened to me. Because it made me aware it made me understand
something so fundamental about myself, something so fundamental about my hardware, wetware. What I found out about myself was that I had
the mental power, mental force to be able to solve all those complex questions, relatively
easily, in fact I probably aced the test minus the questions I didn’t have time to answer,
but I lacked the mental speed. The moment I speed up I am no longer able
to answer those questions properly. A whole year made no difference. I still couldn’t finish it on time and I
still answered almost the same number of questions. Now, this is going to get very interesting
for you so please pay attention. Your mind is like an engine, or like a motor. To measure the power outputs of an engine
or a motor, we have two parameters, we have horsepower and we have torque. If you don’t know the difference, the simplest
way to think about this is yourself riding a bicycle. In this case, your muscles are the engine. Now, how fast you can pedal is your horsepower. Ok? Simple, right? How fast you can pedal is your horsepower. And for torque, when you go uphill, or when
you just launch the bike, the force, the brute power you apply with your legs to the pedals
is your torque, it’s that brute force, that brute power. That’s your torque. In a very similar way, I want you to think
of your brain having similar characteristics, in this case, horsepower represents how fast
you can think. You know those guys who can multiply 2 digit
numbers superfast in their minds, like half a second without using tricks, or those people
who are so quick-witted, they have very high mental horsepower. Their minds work very fast. I am not one of those. And mental torque is your capability to think
very deep, solve really complex problems, analyze your environment strategically, make
incredible mental connections. It’s the torque. All the great scientists, great businessman,
inventors they all relied on their mental torque to come up with life-changing equations
or inventions. They were not under a time limit. So they didn’t need the high horsepower. Einstein didn’t produce his papers on general
theory of relativity or special theory of relativity in 4 hours. So why is this so important? When it comes persuading someone it is understanding
your hardware wetware, if you know your limitations then you can bypass those limitations. For example, if you have high enough mental
horsepower, mental speed, then you’ll be very successful in brainstorming sessions. When a colleague presents an idea, you’ll
be fast enough to evaluate it, you’ll get to quickly develop criteria in your mind,
evaluate that idea against the criteria you just developed, then your position to support
or reject the hypothesis or develop your own alternatives. Right? You’ll be a superstar. You’ll be able to do everything in your
mind in 2 seconds, 3 seconds. When everybody is thinking about what is going
on you give the outcome. You’ll have a major genetic advantage in
persuading everyone in the room, be it your colleagues, your clients, or even your friends,
even if it’s a one to one conversation you’ll be able to overwhelm them with your speed. Whereas if you’re someone like me, who is
not very fast in their thinking, you will have very big difficulties in brainstorming
sessions and with persuading others because you won’t have enough time to process deeply. You will always have flashbacks – I get
that a lot. it’s something I also have a lot. Meeting is finished, then an incredible idea
comes to my mind, I am like god damn it why couldn’t I think of it 2 minutes ago. Or in a client meeting, the meeting is over
and god I wish I talked about this. But it’s too late – unless I am prepared. I just don’t have the speed to process everything
deeply. If it’s a brainstorming session the group
is already done with the idea not just with that particular thought but also the next
2, 3 ideas. The only way I can cope up with them is by
not thinking too deeply but then if I do that, I am just an average guy, with an average
IQ, average processing power “average torque”. I am just an average. Makes sense? Maybe that’s who you are. So know your hardware very well. I don’t know why that’s the case. I don’t know if it had something to do with
synapses; connections between neurons taking a bit longer time for me than others, or if
we have more neurons and that’s why it’s taking longer to calculate because it has
more data to process. I really don’t know, and I don’t really
care. What I know is; it is what it is. This is how my brain works, I accepted it,
and I learned how to get the best out of it. There’s simply nothing I can do about it;
It’s not like I can convert excess torque to horsepower by using gears. There are no gears that I can change. The reason why I shared this with you is so
you look at yourself and see where you fall in this equation. Because if you’re like me, and that you
become aware of your shortcomings, maybe you’re a diamond waiting to be polished. Your plan of action is very simple once you
know your shortcomings. Don’t ever attend any important conversation
where you need to persuade someone without preparing your Logos in advance. If you do that, you’re going to fail. And if you find yourself in one of those conversations
without any preparation, then don’t say the first thing comes to your mind instead
use long pauses however it takes. Remember the example I gave at the beginning;
I have a late flight. It just won’t work. Let’s wrap this up. Find your playground. Your test ground. Work on your persuasion skills tirelessly. Day in day out. Work on your arguments, work on your tone,
work on your pathos, ethos, and most importantly logos. Understand your hardware, and find out your
shortcomings. Then work around those shortcomings in your
day to day lives because it’s going to help you strengthen your logos. You’ll see a major improvement in every
aspect of your life. Not just in your career, every aspect of it. Before I conclude the video, as always, if
you are unemployed or underemployed, or if you think you deserve a better job, that you
can get a better a job, come join my LIG program. It’s open at the moment. That’s where I teach you advanced strategies
to get high paying, high quality jobs. It’s incredibly effective. We have a success rate of 80%. 80% of those who join LIG end up getting significantly
better jobs. Just take a look at the page and see for yourself
if it’s right for you. I’ll place a link in the description box
below. Very well. Thanks for your time and I’ll see you probably
in February or March.


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    My primary language is Greek and when I heard you state the 3 elements Aristotle placed, I immediately understood this video would be extremely valuable and interesting as it would focus on solid foundational concepts of what makes us human!

    Logos means as a noun Reason but as a verb Speech.

    Pathos literally means Passion or to be inflicted by something.

    Ethos means morality and fairness.

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    Great video, as always.

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