The Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto

Society is only now grasping the full extent
to which our lives, jobs and environment are sensitive to a changing climate. If we want to climate-proof our future,
decision makers at all levels from farmers, to community leaders, to government will need to make sound choices
with the climate in mind. For this, easy access to high quality, relevant
climate change information is key. But finding relevant climate information that
is also reliable and easy to access can be difficult. Some people get lost in the vast amount of
information available to them, while others cannot find information
to meet their specific needs. If you’re dealing with droughts in the Amazon, data on shrinking polar ice caps isn’t very useful. This is where climate knowledge brokers can help. They play a number of roles, as outlined in
the Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto. Climate knowledge brokers reach out to show
decision makers why and how relevant climate information
should come into their decisions. They work with climate experts to fill information gaps. They help reveal information that is not publicly
accessible or hidden behind paywalls. By tailoring climate information, using the
right language and adding social context, they make it easier to understand and use. Climate knowledge brokers help users find
the pieces of information that are most relevant to them, so they are not so overwhelmed by
the volume of information that’s available. Climate knowledge brokers come in many forms. They may work as consultants, teachers, community
organizers, or agricultural extension workers… You may unknowingly be playing the role of
a climate knowledge broker yourself. By working together, Climate Knowledge Brokers
can learn from each other, avoid doing the same thing twice, and break down barriers between sectors and countries. We can improve the flow of information so
satellite data reaches farmers; so businesses, governments and civil society
can develop solutions together and so communities can learn from the experts as well as make them aware
of the reality of climate change on the ground. The Climate Knowledge Brokers Group is a community
of practice dedicated to tackling these challenges. Our Manifesto sets out the essentials
of climate knowledge brokering – why it’s needed, what’s involved,
and what it takes to do it well. To find out more, or to join the Group, go

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