The BEST Highlighter for Studying!

One of the questions I get asked the most
is what is my favorite brand of highlighters. The purpose of this video is to give you an
overall view of the most common brands out there and the pros and cons of each. The first brand I am going to talk about are
the Zebra MILDLINERS. These are pastel highlighters that are usually
not very easy to find, since they ship mostly from Japanese and Korean stores overseas. These are double edged pens, which let you
use them as highlighters and also as coloring pens, something that I really appreciate for
bullet journaling. Right now you can count with four packs with
different colored pens, including their famous neon pastels and more muted colors that look
great in typed documents and textbooks. One of the most important things for me is
to see if there is color transfer. Although the Mildliners aren’t the best
pens in this test, they only cast a slight shadow on the paper but they don’t smudge. Next on the list we have the new Stabilo pastel
highlighters. They come in six different colors but the
texture is grainer and less smooth in comparison to the Mildliners. The tip of the pen is also wider, which makes
it easier for you to overlap the color while you are highlighting text without much line
spacing. One of the things that I don’t like about
these pens at all is how they always smudge when you lift the pen off the paper. This results in color transfer to the back
of the page, which can look messy and ruin your notes if you are writing with gel ink
pens in the back. These frixion pastel highlighters are also
great pens if you prefer really muted pastel colors and a lighter touch on your notes. You can also erase whatever you have highlighted
with the rubber on the tip of the pen. From all these highlighters, the frixion have
the thinnest tips which can prove useful if you want to be precise. Regarding transfer, these highlighters score
a 10 out of 10, since they don’t smudge neither cast a shadow on the paper. My favorite neon highlighters are the Faber
Castell text liners. The neon color is almost permanent, they dry
instantly and provide a fine grip. Although I don’t enjoy the texture as much
as the other pens, they are also really good in the transfer test, without any smudging
or shadow. Another thing that is important for me is
how easily a highlighter smudges freshly typed pages. I am using one pen for each one of the brands
we’ve talked about and two mildliners from different packs. I’ve noticed that the neon Faber Castel
highlighter smudged a bit of the text, creating a dark shadow in the centre of the highlighted
sentence. The stabile pastel had the same problem, smudging
at the end of the sentence and transferring to the other side of the page. Overall, if I could chose one brand to stick
with during your studying, I would recommend getting the Mildliners. The number of colors and color payoff is amazing
and they provide a really muted clean look to your notes. All the information to buying these pens will
be in the description box below and I will see you next week. Bye!

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