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The Attitude of Someone Who Truly Has Knowledge – Nouman Ali Khan I’m reminded of a really interesting incident or experience almost over year ago. I traveled to Oman. And we had a program there. There was a program that I attended in the Masjid for about 7 days. It was an ‘itikaf, there were about 500 of us that stayed there. And there was a study program for just reflecting on the Qur’an. That’s what it was. And there were rules for attending this program. And one of the rules was you have to leave cell phone. Astagfirullahaladzim. You have to leave your cell phone with the custodians and if there’s an emergency they’ll contact them, but for 7 days you don’t have your phone. I don’t even know how you can breathe without your phone anymore, but we did it, somehow. So there’s no phone with us. And the second thing was you can only mention your name and you can only mention where you’re from, but you can’t say anything else about yourself. Nothing else. There were people there that were scholars of hadith. There were people there that were millionaires. There were people there that were shuyukh, mashaikh, there are teaching their whole life. There were people there that owned two camels and that’s their entire life is taking care of those camels. There were people that were taxi drivers. But we don’t know who’s who. Nobody know who’s who. All you can say is, “(… إسمي)” “(… و أنا من)”, and that’s it. That’s all. And you don’t say, “This is how old I am.” “This is what I do for a living.” “This is what my job is.” Nope. Nothing. And when you’re going to discuss Qur’an, you can’t even quotes scholars or technical Arabic things or whatever. Because that might give somebody a clue, ‘this guy is a scholar’. So you can’t talk like that. You have to keep everything basic. This was part of the rules. And the vast majority of the people that attended were, I was probably one of the only few that wasn’t a scholar, like there were scholars in this audience. But it was an exercise in humility. It was a profound exercise in humility for 7 days. Just to be (عَبْدًا مِنْ عِبَادِنَا). Just to be that. Just to be ‘a servant from within Our servants’. You see Shah Waliullah Dehlawi rahimahullah said something beautiful. It’s stuck with me since I heard it in my youth. He describes somebody who has true knowledge. He said, “When a tree bears fruit, its branches lower.” “When the tree bears fruit, its branches lower.” The idea meaning if you’ve truly born the fruit knowledge, then there’s a humility that impacts you. You come lower. You don’t think of yourself as higher. When somebody is questioning you, criticizing you, in your head you’re not processing, ‘Who are you to ask me? Excuse me, what do you know?’ ‘Are you even on YouTube, you’re gonna ask me?’ That’s not what’s going on in your head. That’s not what’s going on in my head. This is the attitude of (عَبْدًا مِنْ عِبَادِنَا).


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    Indonesian proverb : "(Rice), the more it fills, the lower it bows."

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    I live there and I wonder when did he come – which year I mean cuz last year Mufti Menk came and I was so happy and I didn't miss any three of his lectures. Oman is a peaceful country, our prophet (s) has prayed for this country. U'll find peace in this country. Come n visit. It's clean and a beautiful place.


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    What is the name of the program or the area and masjid the program was done in ?

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    So I have question. I dont know where to ask else, because I dont trust These kind of Internet sites. The last couple weeks I am dreaming almost the same dream but with different person. My dream is about someone giving me a baby or I find a baby myself, so that I can take care of him/her. In some dreams I even "adopted" them, because I loved them so much as if there were my own baby. What does this dream mean? Again im dreaming the same dream but with different person and in a different location, and its always a baby not a child. I hope someone can help me understand these dreams. Assalamu aleykum

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    In Indonesian, it says “seperti padi, semakin berisi, semakin merunduk” . Which translates to “be like the rice stalk, as it is laden with ripening grains, it bows down”.


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