The Astro Science Challenge

We! Are! Unlimited! We! Are! Unlimited! Hi, my name is Tim Peake and I’m an astronaut with the European Space Agency. This is my friend Samantha,
she’s an astronaut too. The Unlimited Space Agency are running a brilliant
competition for children aged 7-11, the Astro Science Challenge. That’s UNSA’s Director
of Human Spaceflight, Jon Spooner. Don’t touch that Jon. As patron of UNSA I really hope
you can take part in this fantastic competition. It’s free and if you sign up you can play
as a team to do real science and earn digital badges awarded by some of the UK’s biggest science organisations. For more information and to sign up go to the website… Jon, I really
wouldn’t put your head in there! Are you alright? I think I’m stuck! I’m sure you can do better
than him… Thanks for your support
and I hope you’ll join us on this amazing space adventure.

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