That Weird In-Between Of Not Knowing If You’re Going To Date Or Be Friends – mitu

I got it! Hi Andy! Do you mind if I take
Rosie for a little walk? Are you walking by yourself? Yeah, just me. I’m going for a walk with Cindy. So how do you find the complex? Basically I just wanted to leave home. That’s actually really
similar to my story, I really wanted to move
out with my friends. And it has been great so far, you know, experiencing the broke life and all that. So, now you’re poor by choice. That’s interesting. Wanna play a game? Uh… Yeah, sure, what do you have on mind? Confessions. I’ll confessed one thing about myself, and then you do the same, then we’ll go back and forth from there. Yes? Okay. Sure, why this game though? Well, we can’t be complete strangers if you’re going to be
looking after Rosie now. I think we should know a
little more about each other. Alright, I’m game. You gotta go first, though. Okay, let me think. Oh I know, I’ve never eaten spaghetti. What? Really?
Yeah. You’ve never eaten spaghetti? No. It’s just something, I’ve never had it. Okay go, your turn. Ugh. Okay… Okay, I can say anything? Anything you want. Okay, I got something. I don’t like your nose ring. I knew it! Really? Nah, you!
Yeah! Because, that was the
first thing you looked at the first time we met. And you were a lot nicer
when I didn’t have it on. Goddammit, freakin’ knew it. What? Okay, well it’s not my fault that you look like some, black market street vendor or something. What? What about me says, black
market street vendor to you? I don’t know, but the nose
ring definitely doesn’t help. Okay, then. I have a confession for you too then, kid. I think, your hair is too long. It makes you look like an ape. And you dress like a hillbilly. Alright, then. That’s how you’re going to play. And you wanted to play this game, girl you better get roasted. So you got any more confessions left? Yeah. I got one. You know what I’ve always wanted? Mhm. When I was little, I used to watch a lot of
chick-flicks with my mom. They’re the only movies
she likes to watch, she doesn’t speak English. Anyway, we used to have
this little ritual, where we would watch one every
night before we go to sleep. And our favorite parts
of those movies were always the gifts the guys
would give their girls. My mom was a sucker for the
flowers, or grand gestures. I love the mixtapes. Mixtapes? Really? I mean, you didn’t think they were too… Try-hard, or cheesy? Of course, it’s cheesy. Any type of thoughtful gift
is inherently cheesy but, I don’t know, there’s
just something about it. You know, I’ve actually
been given a mixtape before. Yeah? Yeah! In middle school. I didn’t like this guy
but he gave it to me and I thought it was
the greatest thing ever. ‘Till I broke it, when
I sat over my backpack. I freakin’ sat on it. My first and only mixtape, that
I never even got to hear it. That’s… Awful! I can’t believe you never
had another mixtape. Your boyfriend never made you one? Nope. I’ve been cheated on. Wow. Cindy, I’m… So sorry, that really sucks. This is in high school, or something? No. Like… Now. Now? How do you know? I just do. Have you talked to him about it? No. He’d just deny it. But I know. Cindy. David. Thought I told you she wasn’t interested. Baby I was just asking him about the pool, it’s summer, he has been living
here longer than we have. He has been…
Cindy gonza. Can you relax? I know you’ve been working,
Cindy! I know. Everything is going to be okay. Go inside. Come here. Not gonna tell you again. Why you talking my girl, fool? I already told you that she
wasn’t interested in your dog. Yo! What?! Don’t talk to Cindy. Not when I’m in, not when I’m gone. You got it? Not gonna warn you again. It’s your last warning, Ernesto. Good talk. Thanks for the help, guys. Anytime… Ernesto. Yeah okay, I deserve that.

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  1. fallinlovewithyourself

    August 2, 2019 at 1:42 am

    I would have appreciate the series more if her leave out wasn’t that bad

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