Teddy Kabootar Eyes Information in Urdu / Hindi & English SUBTITLES

Salam Alaikum, How are all the friends and brothers What does a teddy pigeon eye look like? This question is often asked In today’s video I will talk to you about this How is the eye of a teddy breed What is their eye color Firstly, I want to clear something a misunderstanding and often i am asked by people if our teddy breed have YELLOWISH EYES or BOSKI EYES NO our breed do not have yellowish or BOSKI eye colour either they have WHITE eyes or little REDDISH or PINKISH colour and as they get older their eyes become clearer and the redness become less and they get black rings in their eyes so i think i have cleared this issue Now i will show you some EXAMPLES Eye Pictures so that you would have a clearer picture and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE to my Channel

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