Teaching Practices (Elementary) – Deep Learning

Sarah and I decided to partner up at the beginning of the year and it was at that time that we decided to integrate my special education class as much as possible with her grade 4 class and their result on their education has been amazing but also on their character as people has been outstanding to watch. When Sarah and I first brought our classes together we tried to create stations that leveraged technologies that brought out the strengths of our students that allowed them to see strengths that they maybe never even knew existed. When we are leveraging digital students actually have more engagement and they are more excited and more enthusiastic to learn the content Whether we’re learning about hydroponics or they’re using Ozobots, we’re finding ways in which we can incorporate technology to enhance the students learning and also to increase engagement Through integration my students also want to access the information and master it so that they are able to then come to Luke’s class and share that information with their fellow peers. I think you give students the opportunity to share their learning and it just really solidifies that learning and their understanding of the content as they share it They want to be better people. They’re willing to take risks. They’re more willing to work with one another and they’re more willing to learn with one another which really impacts their ability to gain information and learn new things. When I help them I feel like I’m a little teacher and it makes me proud of myself. Deep learning isn’t an overhaul of the old practices it’s leveraging learning partnerships, it’s leveraging new technologies It’s leveraging everything we can as educators to enhance the experience of our learners.

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