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[Student in her room, making her bed] [Student organizing, and on her computer] Hello, I’m Marie-Ève just like you i’m a student here at the University of Ottawa and when I arrived everything was new in highschool you were in class 30 hours a week while in university it depends on your faculty you can have between 15 – 25 hours of classes on the other hand did you study between 10 and 2 hours a week? In university expect to study between 1 and 3 hours a week on each course You lived at home and didn’t have to worry about house work You’re going to have to get used to your new lifestyle and sometimes you might need some help Does it feel like deadlines always come too fast? You never have enough time to get everything done? Good time management can help you concentrate get organized get better grades and especially reduce your stress managing your time effectively always you to strike a good balance among the hours you spend on your studies leisure activities, and relaxation the result: you feel happier I’m going to tell you about some tricks to improve your time management My method has six steps [Step 1] Get an overview of your session A monthly calendar will help you [View of student calendar] From the start of the year Use your course syllabi to markdown the key deadlines you have to meet during the session You should also write down other key dates Like last day to drop a course This will allow you to see your session at a glance [Step 2] Every week make a list of all the course work you have to do Reading studying research Next to each task, estimate how much time it will take you to do it and write this on your list [Step 3] Write down all your other activities in your calendar Work, volunteering, shopping and so on [Step 4] Make yourself a weekly schedule put your courses, labs, and discussion groups in a grid add the time you spend on sleeping cooking and eating, getting dressed, sports, travel, part time work and entertainment, WOW your goal isn’t to fill every spot in your schedule but to make sure you actually do everything you have to do [Step 5] you need to keep a to do list write down goals that are Specific
Measurable Attainable
Realistic and Timely. Be… SMART! A list that’s too long can be discouraging and ineffective [Step 6] to set goals, you can use this table to prioritize if you tend to give priority to tasks in boxes 3 and 4, you should rethink your priorties what are the biggest time sinks? obviously social media, the internet, television, poor organization unnecessary trips, requests from people around you that can wait try to reduce them as much as possible to help yourself, maybe you need to learn to say no its totally reasonable to refuse to go out the night before an exam or not take on new commitment if you don’t have to ask your friends to respect your schedule and make them understand that you are not always able to take their calls or have them drop by when you are planning to study choose a place where you can be alone and work when it comes to time management remember these two golden rules 1. 30 second rule you have 30 seconds to start working from when you sit down and study this lets your brain get ready to go to attention mode 2. The 5 minute rule If its hard for you to do something, force yourself to do it for at least 5 minutes Chances are you’ll easily spend half-hour or more on it before you do something else The goal of this rule is to overcome your initial obstacle: getting started. if this doesn’t work the first time, give yourself more than one chance this technique is supposed to reduce your stress so don’t worry if you have to start again a few times above all, remember to take breaks a fifteen minute break, for every 45 minutes – an hour of work is essential for you to maintain concentration it is important to complete the activities which require the most brain power and the most difficult when you are at your best don’t leave reviewing your hardest course material for the end finally, think about combining activities like reviewing notes on the bus or reading in a cafe one of the enemies of time management is procrastination procrastination means putting off until tomorrow what you can and must do today is that you? really, be honest! procrastination always leads to bad work habits here are 10 suggestions to avoid it: [Tip 1] Get a good night’s sleep. You need between 7-8 hours. [Tip 2] Divide large assignments into small parts. So you can focus on one step at a time. Here’s how to break an assignment down into six steps: First… make sure you understand the nature of the assignment well, and choose your subject (if you’re allowed to). Second… collect the material you’ll need to write your assignment (such as books, notes, electronic sources, etc.) Third… read the material you’ve collected. Fourth… make an outline, indicating the resources you’ll use for each section. Fifth… write a first draft. Sixth… revise your work. [Tip 3] Avoid distractions – forget your Facebook, and email, and turn off your cell. [Tip 4] Always do your most important task first. If something comes up, you will have at least done one thing you needed to do that day. [Tip 5] If you’re the kind of person who always procrastinates, use a timer. The 30-10 method could be useful for you. Set a timer, for 30-minutes and work during that period. Then… take a 10-minute break, and start working again when the timer goes off. If 30-minutes is asking too much for you then make it the 10-2 method. 10-minutes of work, and a 2 minute break. [Step 6] Write down 3 priorities every day – the rest should be secondary. Complete your less important tasks during your breaks. [Step 7] Do one thing at a time. [Step 8] Note time wasters, and the time you lose on them. [Step 9] Change material regularly. Variety can increase your productivity and keep you away boredom. [Step 10] If you’ve met your goals for the day, reward yourself. For more information on study methods be sure to visit our website On that note, I wish you good luck and a great academic year!! [Captions by SASS-IT] [bought to you by: SASS, Mentoring]


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