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I see everyday people with this mentality that the world owes them something. The simple answer here is that
you need to work harder and faster. There’s really nothing else. Life is a series of choices. At that moment, that choice
was quite honestly hard work. Put your head down and do the training and take the pain and eventually it’s going to pay off and on those days where you just got
to get through an impossible to-do list You really have to feel but if you put your head down
and you take the pain it’s going to pay off. And say, I’m going to do this, I’m going to harness my will. And I’m not going to let anything stop me. I deserve this. Hard work is the most
precious asset you have. You know while the other guys sleeping I’m working, while the other guy is eating I’m working but it don’t work if you don’t work. I found that nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. Nothing. There is no inbetween, you’re either growing or you are decaying. If you want something you have got to be relentless. This is a winner’s quality, you have that quality within you. When you’re hungry
you don’t care about the facts, You don’t care about the odds. If you want to be an anomaly you’ve got to act like one. Why are you only giving 50%?
What’s wrong with you? You said your goal was
to pass every class. You said your goal was to
never again finish last. Most people, what they’re doing is they’re all at this mountain called success and they’re all strolling around
the bottom of this mountain and they’re looking for an elevator
to carry them to the top. See they haven’t realized yet
that there is no elevator and I’m already halfway up the stairs. I’m not getting up on time. I’m not going to work on time. I’m not putting in 120% when I’m at work. I let me down. Alright, if you work hard
and you never give up you can literally achieve anything. Break it down and add
just a little more effort. Add just a little more focus. Add just a little more time management. Add just a little more patience. Add just a little more studying. Add just a little more listening. Add just a little more discipline. To get something you never had you have to do something you never did. There are two fixed points in your life Birth and Death. And what happens in between that’s under your control. It’s the only thing under your control. Now we have no idea what the distance between
birth and death is going to be And you’ve heard the story so many times, somebody gets really bad news they find out they’ve got
life-threatening cancer, they’ve only got a few months to live. They quit their job,
sell all their possessions and go volunteering in a far-off country, giving back to other people, Spending time with
the people important to them and spending time doing the things
that really matter the most. So why is it that we wait for such a massive moment, for us to take massive action? What if you could change everything today? What if you could change everything in an instant, right now? Watching this video on YouTube
on your phone or your laptop or wherever you are What if change could happen? I don’t care how good you are,
I don’t care how talented you are I don’t care how much you work on yourself there are some times when things
aren’t going to go right. They just are not going to go right. There are times when anything
that can’t happen will happen. Murphy’s Law
will be knocking at your door. Why? I don’t know why,
that’s called life. And you have to deal with it. Sometimes your life will be in a slump Just like sports some of the best shooters can’t hit
baskets different times and games they get in a slump Do they sit on the sidelines and say
“you know, I just didn’t hit a basket today?” No. They continue to execute I suggest to you that
if you are facing a challenge don’t stop. Stay busy, work your plan, continue to do those things
that you know that work for you. After you have evaluated
yourself in the situation, continue to move,
stay busy, stay busy, stay busy. Repeat after to me,
“help somebody and help yourself” Because what you give is what you get. Find somebody that you can help so
you can forget about you for a moment. See sometimes the best
thing to do is to be. Sometimes you have to just
back up and go within yourself. If you’re going to really change the first thing that you have to move from an opinion to a belief
and a belief into a conviction is that you are the one that can change. You are the one that is responsible for who you are, where you are in life right now. The things that you do, the things that you don’t do
that you know that you should, the things that you have become, the person that you’ve become, and as a result the things that you have and there’s all kinds of
things going on right now. There’s all kinds of
thoughts going on right now. There’s all kinds of feeling but.. Amidst all of those things, amidst the sea of confusion
that you might feel. Let me ask you a very simple
question, a very basic question Do you believe that you
have the power to change? Time is all we have. This moment, right now. There’s only one thing in our lives that we’re never able to
reacquire once it’s gone. And I’m not talking about money,
I’m not talking about material items. I’m talking about time and it’s such a unique
concept, a unique idea because when utilized correctly it contains the ingredients to success, to happiness, to growth, prosperity, all the things we want. But at the very same time if neglected it leaves
us with very little. Because the truth is,
every morning when you wake up you are living minutes
you will never get back. You are breathing air
you will never take in again. It is your one opportunity
to embrace this gift. And every second
sees a little of it slip away. And my point is, that there is no moment more important,
more perfect than right now. Not in a week, not after
your promotion, not in 30 years when you plan to retire and relax, right now. See we have this mentality that the future is going to somehow
mean more than the present, that if we suffer now
or if we’re unhappy now, that we’ll save the best
in life for some other time. But the reality is we don’t get younger. Yes, we should be working hard. Absolutely, success comes from effort, hard work, dedication, persistence. But the key is, allocate your precious time to the work, to the things that make you
feel like today is powerful. That right now is so amazing
you don’t want it to end. Today is when you take the first step
towards the things you want. When you become who you want to become. No one is ever or will ever
keep you from that other than yourself. There is no ceiling,
there is no limitation, there is no special requirement. There is you and what you
allow yourself to accomplish. You are the gatekeeper, you have your foot on the gas pump. And it’s so easy to point to others, right, to point to our environment,
to blame things on everything. But our own decision, our decision to stick to the status quo because believe it or not,
it is that simple you are where you are because
that’s where you decided to be. And you’ve accepted that as okay. Look if you want change
then manufacture change. Create a plan and move go, transform, step out of your head
and into the real world. Think about how lucky we are to be alive in this day and age with access to all the information
we could ever dream of, technology that enables growth, freedom to pursue
any path that looks appealing, anything we could ever want
is right in front of us. Yet, we don’t embrace it. Why,
why in the world would we let that be? Nothing is more important
in life than living it. Nothing makes us feel more
energized, more free, more happy than following the path
we were meant to take. It’s having the courage
to step over the obstacles, to face the challenges, to be uncomfortable and at the beginning it’s tough, right? change is tough.
Getting what you want isn’t easy. There’s a period of struggle, of growth, but once you get through it you understand what living really is. Which brings us right back
to the concept of time our small existence on this planet The greatest gift
a human being can receive you by default have it. Don’t ever let it be in vain. The future isn’t when
happiness someday occurs it’s a continuation of you living
every moment to the fullest from now until your last. Make every trip around
the sun better than the previous. Never let a moment of sunshine, clouds
or rain deprive you of your gift. Be the best version
of yourself you can be. Live the life you were meant to live. All it takes is a simple decision. Stop whatever it is
you’re doing right now. Focus and block out whatever
it is that has you distracted. Lock in and listen. Ultimately, your daily actions
determine what your goals are. It’s up to you to make sure
your actions and goals know what their roles are. Meaning, you must self assess and know where the holes are and execute towards your true passion and soon you’ll get that gold star. See stars like you know that on the road to glory there will be moments that
will define your story. And this is one of those moments because at this very moment in time you are ready to break. You’re ready to break like a glass jar. You are ready to break
like a speeding car. You are ready to break. But let me be the first to remind you that breaking is not who you are. I’m gonna say that again. “Breaking is not who you are” See right now my friend, it’s simple you are in the dark. And you know what I need you to do
for me when you’re in the dark, right? Turn the lights on when I’m talking to you because you said your goal
was to graduate. You said your goal was to make yourself,
your parents, and your family proud. Those are your words not mine. But you’re in a bad place academically because your goals
and actions don’t align. Your most valuable commodity is time. Your most valuable asset is time. Your most precious gift is time. Your most important ally is time. But for no apparent rhyme or reason you’ve decided to start wasting it. And now you’re mentally exhausted and numb because that flavor of success you’re
no longer tasting it. And all of a sudden you want to quit. All of a sudden you want to drop out. All of a sudden you want to give up. Lock in and listen harder than
you’ve ever listened before. Because quitting is not an option. Dropping out is not an option. Giving up is not an option. The only option is for you
to start living up to your potential. See it’s not coincidental that those who achieve
at the highest level shake off their demons and devils and channel their inner rebel to jab, Stick, move, kick, grind,
and never settle. Okay I know, right now, you feel like
the world’s biggest loser. But this is the moment
that I need you to transform and become the world’s biggest chooser. Because I need you
to choose to start digging. I need you to choose to start climbing. I need you to choose the start redefining. I need you to choose the start realigning and priming yourself for a major comeback. And you are falling into that
woe-is-me syndrome but I need you to detox and get
that whine out of your system and change that woe-is-me syndrome
into the oh-it’s-me syndrome because yes, my friend you are the problem. And so I need you to own
and not rent that fact. The fact of the matter is if you’re being totally transparent it’s apparent that you’re
not maximizing your time. You are not in recycle mode because you continue
to waste countless hours on meaningless time wasting activities. I need you to take an hour. At least an hour. Sit your butt down, reevaluate and that means self assess, look in that mirror and confess that you are not given 1000% you are not putting every ounce
of your heart and soul into it. And thus, you need a remedy. Now let’s fix this… Your teacher or professor assigns the work Your teacher or professor
schedules the test It’s up to you to manage your study time so you can put your best foot forward. So when you’re playing video games, when you’re shopping at the mall, when you’re at the party
and the DJ is rocking, when you’re surfing
the Internet at your leisure, when you’re with your friends
grabbing a pizza when you’re browsing
social media for hours, hoping your likes are doubling, when you’re chilling with
your boo and you’re cuddling or doing a host of other things that don’t involve studying
or completing an assignment. That’s what I mean when I say your actions
and your goals are not in alignment Because you wrote down graduate and what’s that? facts So now it’s time for you to reenact
this part of your movie by going all in on all things related
to passing every class this semester So replace the wasted time with study. Now watch how quick
you become an excellent tester. Your academic stock
will soar like an eagle when you become
an intellectual time investor This may require you for
a short period of time to become a hangout with friends protester Because you’re so hungry to pass
every class with flying colors You understand you must
eat and drink your subjects and become an official
scholastic digester. And never forget Your daily actions determine
what your goals are. It’s up to you to make sure your actions
and goals know what their roles are. Meaning you must self assess and know where the holes are and execute towards your true
passion and soon you’ll graduate and get that gold star A K A, your diploma So here’s to you and the future success that awaits At your testimony of going
from almost flunking out to all smiles with your diploma when
your class graduates you’ve got this my friend So keep pushing with purpose,
focus and determination and never lose sight that you
hold a key to your success. It just requires preparation, dedication, calculation
and internal motivation. Now throw your cap in the air and celebrate. This is a great day to win. I’m not, you know,
the classic Silicon Valley CEO. You know, I think that
for me I used to believe that that meant that I could never
really achieve what they achieved that there were certain parts of
the world, certain levels of success certain levels of business that were
just going to be too big for me. It’s like how can I dare say
“I’m going to run an energy company” like that “I’m going to build
wealth for a community.” Like who am I? I made the mistake
freshman year of college of going in and having no goals. Freshman year, you know
I actually did horrible in class because I didn’t know my goals
of what I wanted to achieve academically I let my body fall apart
I just, I let my, I lost myself. And because of that I realized that
I’m the kind of person who needs to work to know herself and consistently keep track of who she is. In the end, you know, it’s about
recognizing the value in our own struggle being appreciative
and aware of our privilege. So that we can have empathy
for others in their experience it can-we can bridge the gap for them. And then being able to
take all of that and own it say “This is who I am.” This is who I am Hello, who to- who you are and to
who you are. That’s great. But this who I am take it or leave it, like I know that… no matter what happens if I stay who I am I will feel
good about it at the end of the day. The only thing that’s going to be constant
in this ever-changing world is who I am. I can hear the advice of
a lot of different people and say, “Okay, thank you,
thank you, thank you.” “This is what I want to do” and I’ll stand by it, I will never
blame someone for my decisions. No, it’s my life. Conflict Fight back I’m saying this, put together your thoughts logically and come back at me
like I want you to convince me that I’m wrong, like find the holes in
my argument, find the gap in my thinking. It’s like here’s my strategy and I am prepared to do
what it takes to stay alive. Like, what I tell my investors is like all you need to know is that I will
be standing at the end of this match. That’s it, and like
if I have to all of a sudden do an uppercut that I’ve never done or like switch to Southpaw
out of nowhere, hey I’ll do what I have to do because
I’m going to win this fight. In the end say whatever you want to say
about someone fighting’s style if they won, they won. Wanting very much to make sure
that little girls who look like me believe that they can do anything. And believe that they can do more than
just media and entertainment in particular and believe in the value
of their perspective. And so that’s what gets me
up in the morning. And then everything else the details, it’s like it kind of,
I can push through that day. And what I found is that instead of trying to
live a successful life if you aim to have a successful day If you have 13 out of the 24 hours
of your day, if you won those hours you won the day. And if you win most of the days in
a week you won the week, you know, we just need
a simple majority here. If you win, you know most of
the weeks in a month, there you go most of the months in a year,
most of the years and, and all of a sudden
look at that without even trying you’ve been able to kind of get somewhere. When I say, you know,
I know who I am I guess the-the unsaid portion,
though, is like and then for the things
I don’t know about myself I’m open to finding out. And so I think the idea is to think about our lives as
a constant research experiment. Who I thought I was,
and what I thought I wanted When I was 19, it’s to a certain
extent similar, to you know now, but there’s also a lot of.. A lot of difference in the nuances
and the details of the execution. And I think what it is, is that like we.. We all have a core that like is our soul, that is our kind of ethos
that were born with, that’s.. That’s our ethical nature that we get from our families and our friends and like where we
grew up that you know ideally and hopefully it’s good. And I think that nugget,
that’s always unchanging and you have to figure out who that is What, you know, what that is
inside of you as soon as possible. And I’ve always been
a very reflective person. I’ve always been someone who.. Who will ask myself,
you know every six weeks or so am I happy? This, and it’s a really simple thing. It’s just like the answers are either yes or no. And if it’s a no, it’s like okay, well am I doing things that well right now
maybe I’m not like blissfully happy? Or working towards something
that I know will make me happy, you know what I mean,
like am I generally happy with the idea of the trade-offs
that I’m making right now or that I have to deal with. You know, does that make me happy? And if that’s a yes, it’s like okay, cool. But if it’s still a no,
it’s like stop everything. No, this doesn’t make sense But so with that you come and go,
and you go okay, I need a solution And so I started doing
the check-in which I do just it’s more like you can sense
if you take some time to be quiet You can sense when you’re
not in equilibrium, And then that’s when you ask, that’s it. Just running running
running running running without taking a time to
just know where you are I mean then there’s probably going to
be other symptoms where you’re just overeating or overdoing this
or not sleeping, like.. You’ll, people will be able to tell you, “Yeah, you don’t look balanced”
if you asked. I was able to stay who I am by being open to learning about who I am from those who had been working
to figure out themselves as well. And I think it takes
a certain sense of humility to be willing to listen to those people But also I think it takes
a certain sense of logic I guess and just like dynamic thinking to realize
that what they’re telling you is simply part of your full concept of yourself not the all you know,
not the total of it. And you know, it is your life,
it is your unique perspective, it is who you are
that has brought you here. So anyone who invests in you
is going to want you to be who you are. They’re going to have to
trust that being who you are even if it’s different from who they are that that’s going to be
the thing that’s going to take this to the next level no matter what. And I think for me that was.. That was the critical
piece of advice, right? Like we all need someone to say
the thing that’s been so obvious, but we’ve just been to
head down to realize. You know, we all have our struggle regardless of who we are,
whether you’re male or female Black, orange, green who cares we all have our struggle And we all have our privilege, you know, I consider it a privilege
to be born of Nigerian parents like that to me is privilege to
have parents who believe in you irrationally so. You know, I feel.. I feel privileged to have gone to
the schools I’ve gone to, right? But in the end, you know, it’s about recognizing
the value in our own struggle being appreciative and grateful
for what you have and the life you have. You, you want to give back,
you want to make the most out of it and you want to make sure that
on your last day, you don’t have regrets because that to me is the only
solution, you know, to death is accepting it. And so being a 100% just focused on profit in the end, if you have to
look in the mirror, you know, you have to be with just yourself
when you close your eyes at night. If that’s, if that’s, if that
completes you, dope, dope And I mean and again,
I try not to be too prescriptive in what people, you know, I can only speak for myself and what I understand in my limited
number of years on this planet about life But I don’t think there’s anyone
who said on their deathbed “So glad I made that billion dollars.” We live in a world that’s so complicated that it’s not enough to just say, “Oh, well one of us succeeded
or there’s one example” like it’s going to take so many
different things happening to really shift the way we not only
learn how to love each other but learn how to love ourselves. The solution to the world’s problems because I truly believe that there’s.. Given how complex our problems are there is no one person or company
that’s going to solve all of them. The only chance that we have is if as many people as possible are engaged and feel empowered to be
part of that solution.


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