STOP WASTING TIME – Part 2 | Best Motivational Video for Success & Studying (Ft. Coach Hite)

Stop wasting time. The most important
commodity in this world is time. Time is priceless. Time is the essence of what
you do each and every day. See a lot of people show up at a job and they work
and work and work and they don’t like it or they show up at school and they study
study study, take tests and don’t like it. But for some of us we’ve went to a place
to where we realize that all of that is for something to make us better. That’s a
mindset. That’s not despising small things, that’s realizing that a higher
power is in charge to get you on a path and with your freedom of choice you can
make yourself even greater. Success is not overnight. It’s studying, it’s
learning, it’s growing, it’s falling down and getting back up, it’s failing and
failing forward. It’s not quitting, it’s late nights, early mornings, no alarm
clock, passion waking you up, it’s something inside and innate ability
that makes you feel like ‘I am something and I’m gonna be something.’ Never, never
let anybody tell you different. So I need you to believe you can move
past depression, anxiety, fear and all these emotions that come in that are not
part of what you’re gonna be one day. I know it’s tough but time and time again,
the tougher it is, the better it’s gonna make you. We can’t shy away from the things that
are tough because those are the things that make us get better and better and
better. That’s practice. That’s in and out, that’s
rep after rep, time after time, lap after lap, lesson after lesson, paper after
paper, book after book, training our mind to get better each and every day. That’s
in you, you have built been built for this. You can’t quit. You can do it. Not
depression, not learning disabilities, not stress, not family, not finances, not being
the smartest one in the class, not being a great test taker,
you can do this! You have been built for this. Nothing just happens. You are in
this situation for a reason and you are built for this.
This is your time. This is your moment. This is your destiny. So stop wasting
time. How many seconds, how many minutes, how
many hours, have we wasted? How many weeks how many months, even how many years have
we wasted doing things that we know are not productive towards our dreams? The
reality is, is that we have to maximize our time in order to make our dreams
reality. Stop wasting time. We can never get it back. Why am I here? When you
realize why you were born you have become the person you are supposed to be
and move on to the greatest parts of your life. See, a lot of people show up at
a job and they work and work and work and they don’t like it or they show up
at school and they study study study take tests and don’t like it but for
some of us, we’ve went to a place to where we realize that all of that is for
something to make us better. That’s a mindset. That’s not despising small
things. That’s realizing that a higher power is in charge to get you on a path
and with your freedom of choice you can make yourself even greater. Making
yourself believe that you can do it is a part of the process. It wasn’t started
without any work, you have to work through it. Tell yourself that you will
do it. What can we do? What are some of the keys that we can begin to use to
motivate ourselves when our batteries run low because I don’t care who you are,
I don’t care what you do, at some time you are going to get tired. At some time
you’re going to get in a rut, seem like nothing you do works out right, at some time it just seems like you just don’t have the wherewithal or the will
to do anything at some times you act like you’re punch-drunk,
you’re just wading through like just doing time, day in and day out looking at
non-discriminatory television, anything that’s on, just looking and depressed.
Feeling powerless, feeling useless and bored.
What do you do? How do you get yourself out of a rut? How do you, when you know
you can do more than what you’ve been doing and you’re not doing it and you’re
discontent with where you are, you get angry at yourself, how do you get out of
that rut? How do you motivate yourself? One of the things that we must do is
that we must be involved in working on achieving self mastery. You must work on
yourself continuously. Never be satisfied with yourself. Always know that as you
invest the effort and time on you, that’s the greatest ability that human beings
have above animals. See a dog can’t be anything but a dog. Tree can’t be
anything but a tree. Human being you’ve got unlimited potential. You can put
effort on you and by concentrating on you and developing you, you can transform
your life wherever you are right now. Most people won’t do that. They
won’t take time to go to lectures, they won’t take time to go to seminars, they
won’t take time to go to classes to improve themselves and as you continue to work on yourself,
you will begin to expand your vision of yourself. You will begin to work towards self
mastery and you will begin to see it reflect itself in all the dimensions of
your life. Your mental life, your physical life, your social life, in your
relationships, your monetary life. So concentrate on developing yourself
because if you don’t, I guarantee you that you will make a settlement and most
people have and most of us already have. What kind of settlement have you made
with your life? You know when we make settlements, out-of-court settlements,
you’ve heard of them? That means that you decided to take something less than what
you originally wanted to get, had you gone into court and the reason that you
settle outside of court is because you didn’t believe that you can get it, so
you made an out-of-court settlement. Many of us are making in life settlement.
We’re settling for less than what we actually deserve. We don’t feel good
about it but we make it work in our minds. We’ll
come up with some kind of excuse to make it all right. Extraordinary. When we put our minds to it,
we can do extraordinary things. The Wright brothers, once they did
achieve flight after time and time again of making mistakes, 66 years later the
human race was able to put a man on the moon. It’s been said that time is free
but it’s priceless. You can’t own it but you can use it. You
can’t keep it but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.
The human mind has a mindset that once it gets focused on the goal and buckles
down and realizes what it wants to do human beings can do extraordinary things. See, some of us get these labels and these
deficiencies and we just hang our hats on those and we make excuses. You know,
you can’t make excuses and be successful at the same time so quickly at a young
age I realized that I have got to outwork other people. Nothing is impossible when
you don’t quit. Stop wasting time. Cause if you live every second like it’s
your last, you will never waste time. Coach Hite. Onward and upward towards the light.


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  7. hamdan nkn

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