STEP Bible: first steps finding a Hebrew word without knowing Hebrew

Let me show you an absolutely wonderful Bible tool version two is available now and it’s brilliant, it’s called the STEP Bible project, S T E P for Scripture Tools for Every Person So let’s put the URL in the address bar S T E P B I B L E dot O R G the opening screen looks something like this: over on the right there are interesting and useful
instructions on how to basically use the thing. We can
remove those if we want the text bigger, which we will
for this job, but they are worth looking through. We also want to go to
not Genesis 1 Ruth chapter one, so Ruth 1 There it is and press FIND when Ruth chapter one comes up look for the word you want, the word “return” it occurs in verse 6 and all the places where that Hebrew word occurs will light up: return, return, return, back, turn back “double click” it, and they’ll stay lit up when you move the cursor over on the right notice you’ve got some
interesting vocabulary information about it, and you can see visually, the places in the chapter where this word occurs and if you want the font larger for the text just press “Control +” and you can see it more clearly. It’s as simple as that Though there is a huge amount more that this wonderful resource will do for you. Just remember Step Bible dot org Try it for yourself!

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