STAY FOCUSED – Motivational Video Compilation for Success in Life & Studying 2017

You’ve got to ask yourself, what do I
want out of life? What do you want out of life, what do you want out of a job,
what do you want out of a career, what do you want out of a relationship, what do
you want, what gives you your life, what’s how will you know when you’ve got it,
what will make you happy? You need to know. You need to ask, start asking yourself
some questions. What do I really, really truly want? You envision something, you
got clear about it and then you start thinking about all the reasons why you
wanted it. You get excited about it. Said this is what’s next for me now. I want this.
You may have dreamed about it, thought about it, talked about it but when you
focus on something continuously something magical happens. You get
insights, don’t you? You overhear a conversation and you hear something you
wouldn’t have heard if you didn’t have that outcome or goal that you wanted so badly.
If you have a specific skill set or talent that just immediately propels you
to the top, yeah you want to follow that. When you find something you’re good at go for it and I also always say it’s not
about passion. Everybody’s got passion for something, yeah. Right.
Don’t follow your passions, follow your efforts because people say look, you know I
was passionate to play baseball, I was passionate to play basketball. Doesn’t mean now all of a sudden I was going to be good enough, yeah but I found myself
spending, being really curious about business, being really curious about
technology and that curiosity is really what drove me and I think particularly if
you’re young today curiosity is great. Always learning and
trying to find new things and being curious about new things because that’s what
leads you to that path. Trying to figure out in advance yeah that’s hard because
you don’t know what you don’t know. You have to have an emotional investment
in what you’re doing. If you don’t love what you’re doing failure is pretty much guaranteed.
Success is not guaranteed by any means but failure is much more likely if you
don’t love what you’re doing. Your life would feel better and richer if you had
a goal, you chase that goal, you accomplish some things, you would get this
boost of confidence, you would get this boost of self-esteem like whatever it is
that you’re into doing. Maybe you’re into drawing comic books, maybe you’re into
making pottery or sculptures but find whatever that is and pursue
that instead of doing nothing. Now is the time to take risks. You don’t
have kids, as you get older your obligations increase and once you have a
family you start taking risks not just for yourself but for your family as well.
It gets much harder to do things that might not work out so now is the time to
do that before you, before you have those obligations. So I would encourage you to
take risks now, do something bold. If you want to control your own destiny, you
work for yourself. That’s how it works. I’m trying to inspire
those of you who are on the tipping point. Take the chance, you’re young. Go for it.
There’s nothing better than being able to wake up in the morning, 10 years or 20
years from now and do whatever you like. So you want to work on yourself, you want
to read books that inspire you and motivate you, you want to listen to tapes
over and over and over again and I suggest that you listen to tapes when
you first get up in the morning. You want to control the spirit of your day. When
you first wake up in the morning your mind is operating at ten point five wave
cycles per second. That’s when the subconscious mind is most impressionable.
Whatever you hear in the first twenty minutes when you wake up that will
affect the spirit of your day. You want to make a dream come true you’ve got to
stay focused. Some people rather get even then get ahead. Stay focused on where
you want to go. There’s no other way around it. If success
is the result that you are ultimately seeking, you must be obsessed with the
process. You have no time to let fear doubt, failure, quit, negative thoughts or
give up enter into your mentor. So you have massive potential, so from the
moment you open your eyes in the morning your mindset has to be win. Meaning
winning that particular morning and carrying that winner’s mentality with
you as you enter your classroom. So what the person to the left of you is
pessimistic, so what the person to the right of you is zoned out. You, yes you
can only be concerned with staying locked in because you refused to let the
aura of your classmates or classroom enter into your mental space. See this
race is won by the one that can distance him or herself from the rest of the pack and those are facts. So I need you to realize that there will
be bad days. There will be times that you feel like you have no earthly idea what
your teacher or professor is talking about but what you will never ever do is
throw a pity party. What you will never ever do is tap out, what you will never ever do
is concede and throw in the towel. What you will do, is knock on his or her door and say ‘listen. I only have one option’ and that is success in your class but
right now I’m confused about the lesson you taught today and I need clarity and
I need it now. I guarantee if you are passionate about wanting to achieve success in that class he
or she will bend over backwards to help you but if you settle for mediocrity and never say
anything, you are setting yourself up to fail and failure my friend is not in your DNA. I promise. You’re not the first person to question whether or
not they have what it takes to achieve at a high level. I promise you’re not the
first person to feel like they are under-performing. I promise you are not
the first person to feel like their brain is about to explode. Listen to me
those that can push through no matter what storms arise are in the small
minority, that small percentile of those that ultimately break through and
make their goals and dreams a reality. So the reality is this. You were born with
everything you need to pass every class with flying colors, you were born with
everything you need to overcome the anxiety that may pop up from time to
time on a mission to derail your lifelong hopes, dreams and aspirations.
See my favorite acronym is H.W.P..O and just in case you forget, or just in
case you don’t know that means Hard Work Pays Off.
So winners like us never lose focus and we’re horrified and petrified whenever
someone tries to tell us to take the easy route because we already know there
is no easy route because if it were easy everyone would do it.
So we avoid their ignorance and get back to our grind of studying harder than we have ever studied before because we understand that you get out of it what you put into
it. So we pour our heart and soul into our homework we pour our heart and soul into studying
for exams, that way we sleep like a baby because we know in our heart of hearts that
we have put every ounce of our being into our work and therefore success is a
foregone conclusion. After all of the hard work after all the studying, after all of the
blood, sweat, tears, you still fail, I need you to listen and never forget this. You never fail, you
never lose, you only learn. See, life will knock the mess out of you when you least expect it. It’s part of the process. See that’s when you have to tell yourself because of this setback, I’m stronger
because of this setback, I’m wiser, because of this setback, I’m smarter and because of this setback, I’m hungrier than ever!
So I say all of this, as a friendly reminder. You got this. You were born to be spectacular! So I need you to jump over the obstacles, I need you you to go around the pitfalls and I need you to push through the adversity because that
dormant volcano of success that’s living inside of you, it’s just waiting for you
to grant permission for it to erupt. People are always wondering what the next step in life is
and I say, life’s a little bit like a maze, you know? Until you walk down one hallway and try to open the door
you don’t know if it’s a dead end or not and people are trying to sit back
and that’s where the procrastination comes in and look real far down
the hallway, and I’m like, just walk. Small and steady wins the race,
what’s the fastest way to change your life? For me I think it’s
understanding how to set up daily routines with alternating brain and body training and, killing procrastination. The little win, with your family
when you feel like watching TV sets you up for another win the next day
a little win of getting up at 5 o’clock and running your morning routine
sets you up for a habit, of a 5 a.m. club morning routine small daily improvements over time will lead you to stunning results it comes down to this Elvis, I think you have to work hard
like, just so everybody knows we haven’t gotten into this subject yet
working hard, is the cost of entry to anything you know zero people
that are successful
that don’t work their face off you know zero people
now, they may have money as mummy and daddy made money and gave it to them but people that actually built their own success
you know zero people that have had success, that did not put in obnoxious amounts of work. What’s the most important key to success? I think it’s hunger
it’s not getting satisfied a hunger that doesn’t go, a hunger to learn, a hunger to grow, a hunger to serve, a hunger to give a hunger to create break throughs
most people are hungry until they make a certain amount of money and then they get comfortable and there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s not about the money, it’s not about the business, it’s about your growth because every one of us either grows or dies
people ask me all the time, what does it take to be happy? I say one word, progress.
Progress equals happiness because achieving a goal feels good for how long? A week, a month, three months? And then there needs to be something else and the reason for something else is because you gotta grow imagine a conversation with your future self
and that, lets imagine that the you of 20 years from now
shows up at your doorstep, and that you is stronger, smarter, wiser, wealthier, healthier, happier
and that you shows up at your door
and it looks at your life and it looks you in the eye
if that future you is going to give you advice on what to stop, what to start
what’s the first thing they would tell you to be? Or do? take a step back right now and think about who we all admire in the world right? They’re all people that punted the system, they’re people that practice singing since they were five, there are people that shot 10,000 basketballs every morning it’s always that
it’s always that. 99% of the people right now that are listening to this are playing in the middle. They’re playing in a game that was structured for them they’re risk adverse, they fear, and most importantly, they fear what other people think look, I believe that we’re all born with lots of goodness in us but life throws curveballs life, the ambition of being alive, helps us dream, and if you’ve been given a dream don’t discount that because you’re not good enough yet
develop yourself, weaponise yourself teach yourself to be so good at something that is necessary to serve in the area of your dream that now you’re never even thinking about your comfort zones your comfort zone is irrelevant what matters is, what are you trying to do with your life?
how are you trying to contribute? the one thing that discipline definitely does
help you with, is it helps you get things done and when you get things done, when you actually do things you have more success if you have more success, and sometimes a big part of success is just not being lazy and just doing it it’s like 90% of it is just showing up
get there and start working, like you’re not gonna feel perfect everyday
it’s pretty much the same with everybody that actually gets good at something there’s gotta be those days you push through and they’re probably gonna be more numerous than the days you don’t and so the benefit of discipline in my eyes has always been that through discipline I get things done. When we try to study, it’s tedious and
most of the time we don’t have the energy or the motivation to do it.
We don’t have to drive in order to make sure that we can secure our future and
it’s difficult because there are many other things that people nowadays would
rather do. They’d rather be surfing Facebook,you know, talking to people on Snapchat, going out to parties, you know anything to avoid doing the work and I think
that’s the problem that today’s society is the reason we don’t have so many, you
know, amazing people. The fact is when we see someone who’s like oh this guy got a
4.0 GPA, this guy got all A’s, this guy got top of his class and we seem so
shocked about it but the reality is we shouldn’t even be shocked about that
kind of stuff because we as individuals can achieve that. So many people today
are being average right and I’m not condoning average, being average is
okay. The only problem is if your average you’re going to earn an average salary,
you’re going to get average grades, your effort is average and your commitment is
average but when life gives you a choice my number one recommendation to you is do not take the average route. Whatever happens in your life it’s up to
you, it’s because of something that you did, right. Eric Thomas said ‘you don’t
make six-figure salaries blaming people’ and he’s right. I promise you if you could
make six-figure salaries, blame people for your mistakes, I would be the richest
person in the world but you can’t. The only person to blame for your mistake is
yourself and that’s why you need to hold yourself accountable for not doing the
work. You need to hold yourself accountable for not revising enough. You need to hold yourself accountable for not putting in enough effort to get what you
want listen six-figure salaries do not get handed to you on a silver platter.
You need to work your butt off for them. It’s as simple as that. The French proverb ‘the future is purchased by the present.’
If you’re not putting in the work now, if putting in the work now if you’re not
checking up on your textbooks on you’re not checking up on your textbooks from time to time in fact not even time to time, if you’re not checking your textbooks every single day, if you’re not revising, if you’re not going over what you’ve learned, if you’re not making sure you are 110
percent on every single topic how can you even say you deserve to earn six
figures salaries? So my number one tip to you guys is always, always find something to
improve on. I don’t care if you know the entire textbook back to front. I need
you guys to make sure that you go through it again and again and again and
again because listen Michael Jordan didn’t just suddenly make a thousand shots and say you know what that’s it, i’m fine. Right? Odell Beckham Jr. does not make all the
rushes that he makes, he reaches a certain number of yards, and is like i’m fine.
All the greats do not just say they’re fine. So in the same respect you
need to continue to work until your arms fall off and then once they fall off, once everything starts to hurt, once your brain hurts, work harder. It’s exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger
said when he spoke about how he was a longtime friend with Muhammad Ali.
Somebody asked Muhammad Ali ‘how many sit-ups do you do’ he said ‘I don’t count
how many sit-ups I do I only count them when they hurt.’ So it’s all well and good that
you’re doing the prescribed one hour, two hour revision a night or even and there are
some people that do three to four hours a revision you know, per week and I’m
surprised if you get through the year with like three or four hours a week, that’s minimal but the reality is every single person in the world has the capability of being
amazing. It’s not like, success isn’t esoteric. It’s not something that’s
completely out of everybody’s reach. It’s achievable if you have it in you and
if, if you want it bad enough. It’s easy to say yeah, I want this, I want to
be the best, you know ah, I want to have this fancy car, I want to have a nice house, you
know, I want to have a beautiful girlfriend… Listen, it doesn’t happen by just saying
it. If everything we wanted was given to us just by saying it, life would be
boring and as a result of that you need to get up and you need to work. You’re
going to need to make some sacrifices sometimes you’re going to need to turn
down a party or two. Sometimes you’re going to say you know what, I’m going to leave the drinks until afterwards. Sometimes you’re gonna need to say to yourself you know
what maybe I don’t want to eat that. Maybe I need to focus on this right now.
You want to turn off the games console you want to turn off the TV, I don’t care
if Game of Thrones, Suits or the Walking Dead is on. You switch that shit off and you do your work. Let me tell you why. If you don’t do your work, the fact is you can’t complain. When you’re putting out C’s and D’s you can’t complain that you’re not getting high enough grades because you’re putting in a C grade or a D grades worth of effort. Only when you’ve put in an A or an A star grade piece of work and amount of effort into how much you revise, only then will you
truly discover what success is. People say ou know, people are born smart. Nobody’s born smart. Everyone’s brain is the same, everyone has the same two arms, two legs, everyone’s born the same. The thing is, it’s whoever uses their brain in the most
effective way possible and by doing that by continually you know, working on your
brain, continually working on your skills, continually building on who you are
as a character and how you will maintain yourself in and outside the classroom,
that is the way that you’re going to redefine your life and if
you want that six-figure salary my friend you better put a six-figure salary
worth of work and worth of effort into your life. Whenever someone tells you you should give up, do the complete opposite. Blindside them because the reality is you
can’t give them the benefit of the doubt that you want to go and you want to just
give up after the first try I mean who, who ever succeeded giving up after the first
try? Albert Einstein when he failed his experiments he did not just stop he
continued to keep going until he redefined physics as we know it. Mark
Twain said ‘the two most important things in your life are the day that you are
born and the day that you find out why’ and if you don’t study my friends, if you
don’t work hard, if you don’t give life 120 percent, you will never find out why
you were born because you are too afraid to take that chance. I failed at a lot of things. I failed at funny things, I failed a key primary school test
for two times and I filled like a three times for the middle school, you know, for
three years I tried and failed to get into universities so I applied jobs for
thirty times, got rejected. I went for a police they say no you’re
not good I went to you know even the KFC when KFC come to China, come to my state,
24 people went for the job, 23 people accepted, I was the only one.
We went for police, five people, four of them accepted I was the
only guy that did not receive it so to me being turned down, rejected, oh by the
way I told you that I applied for Harvard, for ten times rejected, I know you rejected. They’re sorry now. One of the things you gotta understand my friend is that you’re supposed to fail you’re
supposed to fail because failure is the stepping stone to success you need the
logical reason why because failure is an experience that lends to wisdom that
ultimately makes you a stronger version of yourself. Maybe you got a test anxiety
I don’t know but the worst thing you can do is quit. Talk to your professor. I’m
not a hundred percent sure but I know that you cannot quit just because you
failed doesn’t make you a failure. Another one of these cliches or cliche
stories is about Thomas Edison right when a reporter asked him
you know what is it, how did you feel about failing a thousand times and
he said no I didn’t fail a thousand times I just found a thousand different
ways that it wasn’t going to work and that’s what, that’s what’s happening with you
but every time he found a way that didn’t work he was adding to his journey
he was growing stronger, he learned something, discovered something, you’re discovering something by yourself and you’re exercising your character every
time you get up and try something. Move in the direction of something, even if you
don’t get the thing, it’s not about the thing, not about making the basketball team, it’s not about making a million dollars and it’s not about the light bulb, it’s
about what you learn along the way, who you become along the way and you’re on
the journey, guess what the journey is hard, the journey is riddled with failure
and that’s why most people don’t do it most people aren’t willing to get on that
journey because they’re afraid to fail you my friend have failed
congratulations it’s the greatest thing that ever happened to you because it shows
that you’re alive, it shows that you did something and it shows that you’re
growing stronger. Now go and fail again go out and I hope, I hope you guys that watch these videos I hope you gonna fail a thousand times keep going out there and failing
you know what that means every time you fail it means to me, it tells me that
you’re doing something. See a lot of people because they don’t want to make
any mistakes it takes us to the next level. A lot of people don’t want to fail
fear failure, fear of success and guess what else fear of the unknown. You know Winston Churchill
said about courage that, is that courage is the ability to go from
failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. So you want to courageously hold onto your
dream and not lose enthusiasm. A guy in Los Angeles all over the front page of
the newspaper, he just passed the bar after taking it 48 times. He had more than
enough reasons and excuses not to take it. His son has a law firm, he could
have been a legal assistant, a clerk and people all of a sudden, used to laugh
at this guy, he was a laughingstock, people will do that to you, you know people
talk about John Kennedy Jr. failing the bar, did you read in the newspaper that he
passed, I didn’t see that but did they make as big as a deal about him passing as
they did when he failed, no, you know why people like to see you fail. They like to see
that, it’s, people are like that. I don’t know why it’s set up like that. I was on the
expressway, traffic was jammed up, you know what was happening, it was an
accident but people pulled over to the side to get out of their car to go and look.
To see somebody else’s suffering. That’s why talk shows are so popular. Some people
like to hear other people’s misery, they get all caught up in that, and then they go magnify it in their own life because that’s all they focus on. Who decided it doesn’t matter how many times I fail, I’m going to courageously
pursue it, I don’t care what people say, I don’t care what they think, this is
something that I want that gives my life meaning and value. If you constantly
remind yourself after every defeat, after every setback, every time you get knocked
down, I’ve got a saying, if life knocks you down try and land on your back
because if you can look up, you can get up. See a lot of people because of
failure they stop, they stop believing let me share something with you. You will
fail your way to success yes, eight out of ten millionaires have
been financially bankrupt. You will fail your way to success, it doesn’t matter
how many times you fail, it doesn’t matter how many times people tell you
that you can’t do it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a dime in the bank. You
will fail your way to success. You got to set yourself up to win. You
got to set yourself up with a process that allows you to consistently grow,
consistently enjoy your life and consistently produce the results that
you’re really after. Somebody told you that hard work won’t pay off, I’m hear to tell
you if you work for it, if you willing to put in that sweat, that blood and those tears baby I’m telling you you can have what you, be what you want, do what you want, are you hearing me? Keep going until you see it. Don’t quit, don’t give up, listen to me
don’t give up, don’t give in, you hang in there, you hang in there because if you
quit right now you will never see it but if you hold on,
if you hold on everything you dreamed of everything you envisioned, everything you
worked for, it’s coming but you can’t quit or give up before you get it. If you work
hard you can have it. It ain’t nothing you can’t have. You deserve it.There ain’t nothing you can’t have if you willing to work for it. There ain’t nothing you can’t have if you willing to
persevere, if you willing to stick in there, if you’re willing to stay, if you willing to fight, there ain’t
nothing you can’t have. Are you hearing what your boy is telling you? I’ts yours. It’s yours. I’m
coming, I’m telling you, it’s yours. You can have it. It’s yours! You can do it, it’s yours!
You can be it, it’s yours! If E.T. can do it, listen to me, anybody can do it, high school
dropout, homeless, lived in abandoned buildings, twelve years to get a four
year degree. If you want it, if you want it as bad as you want to breathe, if you
really, really want it like you say you want it, you can have it. This ain’t for the
weak and the uncommitted are you hearing me? Success is not for the weak and the uncommitted.
This is physical, sometimes it’s going to hurt, sometimes it’s gonna be painful, it’s hard,
yep it’s hard, yes it’s difficult, yes, why because the process
is weeding out the weak. Its weeding out the weak and so sometimes you got to
play hard you got to play physical, you got to play
tough. Execution is worship. You got to get to a place that when you start it you get to
the middle of it, the doldrums and you finish it. Are you hearing me, you’re not just
finishing, you finish strong. Listen to me very closely, most of you the reason why
you’ll never be successful is because you procrastinate, you procrastinate, you
never finished up. Don’t get caught up in well I’ve tried it four or five times
and things didn’t work out. If there’s something that you want and you’re hungry for it, you’ve got to do whatever is necessary until and when you give the
best you can and that’s not enough you must do what is required and don’t give
up on yourself, don’t throw the towel in so quickly.
The secret to success is finish it. Execution is worship, are you hearing me? Oh, you
better hear what I’m telling you baby listen to me very closely –
execution is worship.


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