STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed Movie Trailer (Edited by Knowledge) Fan Made

it is settled then my wealth will fund the rebellion while God provides our fleet and Mon Mothma our soldiers and with you leading us we have the power of the force on our side therefore let this be an official declaration of rebellion today we all vow to change the galaxy and one day the galaxy will indeed be free said someone far more oh where is your master kill my master years ago share his fate the son Ron week one I found your hatred has become strength at last dark side as your rise my apprentice what is your will my master according to Imperial records Master Rahm Kota was respected general and Clone Wars your hunter Jedi I bring dark bitters and mr. justice you are Vader sleeve you will never convince me to betray my master thus if always betray one babysit your dad came back we need to rally the Emperor’s enemies I need to find someone who can teach me the things a better cook time for diplomacy and politics is passed with no time for action you [Music]

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