St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office: Knowing When To Stop For A Stopped School Bus

with the start of us new school year
right around the corner it’s more important than ever that you know when
to stop for a stopped school bus there’s a lot of confusion and a lot of
difference of opinions on this subject I believe any time the school bus is
stopped you’re supposed just done I would I would stop because I don’t
know all right let’s clear up the confusion once and for all when
approaching a stopped school bus that is traveling in the same direction
as you you must always stop in wait until the driver withdraws the stop
signal most of the confusion occurs when passing a stopped school bus in the
opposite direction the law states that the driver of a vehicle upon a divided
highway with an unpaved space of at least five feet a raised median or a
physical barrier is not required to stop if any of these three are not present
then you must stop let’s keep our children safe know when and where to

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