Spiritual Knowledge & Guru Pooja. Sadhguru

I never went to anyplace and learned anything I never went through any kind of
spiritual training in my life but there is no aspect of spirituality that I’m unaware of today it’s not that I’m carrying it all with me if I walk on the street I walk like a child without anything on
my head I don’t, I’m not burdened with my knowledge but whatever I need, is always there with
me if any kind of situation comes till now in my life I
have never ever felt a situation where I don’t know what to do.
I’m talking about the spiritual aspects, not the physical life situations the spiritual dimensions never have I faced a situation where I don’t know
what to do it doesn’t matter what it is people who have been closely around with me and
have traveled with me to various places and significance they just can’t believe how this can be if I go to someplace I simply know the whole history of that place not the physical history of it, the spiritual
history of it which matches with the physical
history somewhere if I go to any place I just know what
this place is about, what it is so this comes not by study this comes just becoming receptive to a different possibility when I say a different possibility most of the beings who are truly spiritual they never came out and said anything they’re the smart ones because the moment you open your mouth and try to
say something about a dimension which is not in your experience you attract so many problems to yourself endless amount of problems you can get
crucified because you spoke or you can come near crucifixion and you
have to manage it tactfully here and there playing all kinds of tricks, otherwise they
will crucify you one way or the other today crucifixion doesn’t happen upon the
cross they’ll call the tax man or the policeman
or this man or that man and try to fix you
somehow so most of them never spoke this does not mean that they did not contribute they everything that they knew I usually say they laid their eggs all over the place they laid their eggs in many ways all the mystics on this planet most of them never spoke or taught anything to
anybody but everything that they knew, they invested
in a certain way in the world it’s always available if you ask me for me Gautama the Buddha is not two thousand five
hundred years ago, for me he’s right now he’s as alive today as he was then because he’s always accessible and like this there are thousands upon thousands of
masters guru pooja is a kind of a device if you know how to carry it on you can invite certain possibilities we are initiating people into guru pooja in a
certain way if people know how to do guru pooja with a certain right kind of
attitude and there is a whole science of managing materials
also, they are creating a certain situation you create a certain situation where certain
type of energies and certain type of possibilities become close to you so it is a way of inviting the guru the guru does not mean somebody you know
somebody you do not know, no gu means darkness ru means dispelling anything that dispels your darkness is
your guru so you’re inviting that dimension which can dispel your darkness that dimension is always alive everywhere
in the existence it is just your ability to become receptive to
it so guru pooja is a device to make yourself receptive to a possibility where you invite a dimension which dispels your darkness there is a whole science behind it, this is a
simpler way of doing it there are more elaborate and powerful ways of
doing it this is a very simple way but many times these guru poojas take
on a completely different possibility something else becomes alive and you know the situation changes so
dramatically simply because of a simple device that they’re putting into action that’s why I don’t do it

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