Spirit Science 23 ~ The Sacred Geometry Movie

Don’t believe or disbelieve anything we discuss in Spirit Science Simply have your own experience. Better get some popcorn ready. This one is going to be pretty long. Back in the late 1700 and early 1800 sign period, there was a social movement, liberating the modern world from the reign and control that religion and superstition had on the people. Essentially, after a darkest part in the persection of the equinox we were really beginning to wake up. Started making new inventions that were rapidly changing the world The Industrial Era was beginning… Because of this, we began to see that maybe religion as an answer was not our best interest And so the movement happened We turn to science instead to aks our questions about the Universe The only problem with this was was that we grouped in many things with superstition that we probably shouldn’t have. Things like Consciousness, Intuition, Human Connection, Paranormal Phenomenon All of it went right out of the door with superstition When in fact we’ve proven these things, today, to be real So, after 200 years with just going with the same idea of what’s classified as superstition and what’s OK to talk about mainstream science is still going with the assumption that consciousness is just a part of the brain. They don’t know how it works, they don’t have a single rational explanation for it but they keep unbelieving in it. Why? Well, when we through superstition out of the door even talk about it became taboo. it’s just not done! Literally, the reason that it stops talking about this stuff in the mainstream scientific community It’s because that’s just the way science has been for 200 years. They won’t have any of it! Even though there are scientific institutions that prove that theory wrong The field of Noetics kinda works a biologist group of Schelders and it’s coleagues have more than proven mass-consciousness exists and it’s definitely not a part of the brain. Now, no disrespect to the scientific community but that assumption that we’re still holding on to has not gotten us anywhere It’s time we begin to question the decisions of our ancestors because many of the things we’ve been let to believe to be true, simply is not… I’m not saying blinding accept all of the new stuff that’s coming out nowadays, but we should at least put it on the table, and be able to discuss it as a global community. One other thing before we get this rolling: I want to get an overview of what Sacred Geometry really is. Sacred Geometry is the Geometry of Counsciousness It revolves around the idea that all consciousness, including Human, is solely based on Sacred Geometry. Because it is, we can begin to see and understand:
Where we’ve come from Where we are now
And where we are going (music) (Spirit Science introduction) The Universe is infinite…
It has no beginning and no end… In both Science and Religion, creation is often discussed from a perspective of having a set or a specific beginning… In Science, we call it the «Big Bang» This is the theory that says everything in the Universe was compressed to the point of single in-fi-ni-te-si-ma-lly small particle something we would’ve perceived as unity and then rapidly exploded and expanded outwards and created everything in the Universe… In Religion, it is generally called Creation. When God or some All-knowing and All-seeing entity being the only one imbued with such power created everything, presumably, in six days. before taking a well deserved day off. Let’s take a step outside the box, for a second and put this two sides of this cosmic coin into a “Vesica Piscis” as usual, the two enemies that never got along actually have quite a lot in common. Both say that the Universe started with Unity, and expanded outwards, both say that Light was an important factor in creation as well. If at the beginning of the Universe we were one essence and somehow became everything, then both are saying the same thing, that we came from the same Source. But… wait a second, how can we make sense out of that statement: «The Universe is Infinite…» if we are measuring it from a sense of »…having a Beginning?» And this is what we are talking about now! If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search might lead us. The free mind is not a barking dog, to be tethered on a ten-foot chain. Today I’m want to talk about two specific energies,
that can be expressed through this image: The energy that flows here is male and female energy. Male energy is focused and female energy is creative and random. Neither of them is greater nor weaker than the other and both can be extremely powerful when fully manifested. Female energy is the land of unbridled possibilities, creative potencial and affecting the Universe from within. Focused male energy takes direct roads from point A to point B This energy can be as strong as a tank accomplishing tasks and going where it needs to go, with precision and without distractions. The important thing to know about this energy is in how they move. I’m going to use some super basic Sacred Geometry to demonstrate this This is the Fibonacci’s spiral. We’re going to be talking a lot more about it when we dive into the topic. For now, all you’ve got to know is that it starts at one (1) and follows onwards forever in a very specific way and it’s present in all and everywhere. As male energy flows to the spiral, it goes from base point to point. From here to here. To here, to here… It doesn’t curve, it just goes straight were it needs to be. Female energy however, would flow in the actual spiral, It would go around, going in and around outside all the lines but still getting to the same or similar results. This is the graphic representation of how it flows. Put it also axis in the same way. From this understanding you can see how we use these energies in our lives It’s the difference between driving straight to work and being on schedule all the time, and taking the scenic group because it’s a more pleasant ride, even if it means being late. It’s baking cakes strictly by what it says in the cookbook and putting it together with what it just feels right. It’s getting that promotion for working the hardest, and getting that promotion for coming up with the best ideas. Here’s a reliable example, It’s the difference between “Inception” and “Soccer Punch” Both are about dreams, but one of them being the masculine story of the professional man just doing their no-nonsense work trying to get the job done And the other being the feminine story that was creative, and random, and according to many, didn’t make much sense Both male and female energies, like the chakras, have their own traits. Male energy is linear,
analytical, strategic and practical. However, when male energy is constricted, it is very blandory and confrontational and what tends to occur, is it’s not seeing all sides of a situation or not being open to any other possibilities other than the one being pursued. You can see a lot of that in today society, most communly we call it being close-minded. Female energy, on the other hand, moves in curves it does not stay inside the lines it is creativity,
and movement and expression,
and emotion… It can do anything and go anywhere but it has troubles in striking to schedule If constricted, it can get out of its flow, runing randomly between emotions, and moods and zen ideas… The creativity can get jumbled and come out as an out of control mess. We don’t have this wide and spread issue in today’s society and it has a lot to do with our brain hemispheres We’re gonna look at that in a moment One big difference between the two is that male energy looks at part’s, and female energy looks at all’s. Before I go on, I wanna make this clear: male and female energy has very little to do with sexual orientation like… it’s in the mix but it’s not a fundamental part of the energy itself. For example, if you look a the shape of male and female bodies, Men have straighter bodies women have curvier bodies. We’ll probably come back to this in the lesson down the road… Ok. Brain hemispheres. We have two of them. And if you remember what you have learned in grade 10th biology, this will be familiar. The left brain it’s a male energy side of the brain it is orderly, statistical, logical and mathematical. It see things in straight lines, rational and practical. The right brain is the female energy side of the brain. It is our creative side, a free spirit it’s passion, and experience of taste, and feelings, movements and art… As it is the same with the energy the left brain cannot make sense out of the right brain. You cannot put feelings and expressions within boxes they must be felt to be truly experienced… The right brain too cannot make sense out of how the left brain understand things. Ok. So, as a species, we are primarly left brained well, incredibly left brained! This basiquely means that, as a species, We essentially have a male energy in balance. There is way too much of it. It is dominant! And it’s constricting on the female side of the brain. Now! Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing In fact, it’s kind of a blessing in disguise. Oh, we have to talk about some other things first. Everything in the Universe is geometric. Whether it is people, trees, cats planets, solar systems, stars, you named it. Anything in the Universe can be measured on a Geometric Scale Having said that, it’s important to know that creation is also Geometric. All we’re going to be looking at today, is the pattern of Creation. Essentially what this means is that everything in the Universe comes out of this single pattern. I’m not making this up. This single image will change everything. When I mentioned in lesson 5 that the Ancient Egyptians and even more ancient civilizations knew about it deeper basic understanding of the Universe, this is the Flower of Life. And it is also the creation pattern of everything in existence. Even non-tangible things: emotions, thoughts, music in its entire spectrum, everything comes from this image. Ok. So there are 13 information systems that comes out of the Flower of Life. Today I’m going to show you how physical reality can manifest itself. Which is just one of the 13 systems. In future lessons, we will look at more. It’s also important to know that at first it may not make sense I asked that you do not choose immediately to shut this out. And just watch with an open mind. And try and see this in a new way. Also, I wanted to tell you that by learning about Sacred Geometry simply by observing you’re absorbing only a very minuscule amount of information. If you really want to learn more, You must begin to draw yourself. I kid you not. When you do this, you begin to see things in a new way You begin to understand why things are done in the way that they are done Promise. The Flower of Life was known around the world in ancient times. It was found in Ireland, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, China in Greece, Germany, India, and Iceland. It’s also been reported to have be found in England, Tibet, Japan, Sweden, Lapland, the Yucatan, and I think 14 other places. This thing is everywhere. Not only that, but everywhere around the world, it has the same name: The Flower of Life. Know, to understand the Flower of Life, first we have to talk about how it’s formed. This can get incredibly complex so I’ll try and keep it simple. Imagine Consciousness or Spirit floating in the void… Which means it’s nothingness, and then Spirit. No physical body or mind just Spirit. And that’s it. Then blackness. Essentially nothing. All around the Spirit. For infinite… Spirit decides to do something So it expands it’s consciousness all around itself as far as he can go, without moving. He creates a sphere around itself. This is the first circle, in the Flower of Life. Then, Spirit has an awareness of what’s around itself in 360 degrees It moves to the very edge of the sphere, anywhere and repeats what it did the first time. He creates this image,
which also creates the Vesica Piscis Within the Vesica Piscis is a vast and incredible amount of knowledge about width, proportion, depth also comes the square roots of two, three and five, which are all numbers that go on forever but even more interestingly comes geometric information about light. We’ll talk about that in a moment. Now. Spirit has no choice but to do it again. Spirit is flawless and therefore he will move flawlessly. Creating the next circle either here, or here Exactly one radius away from the other circle next to it Everytime Spirit moves another sphere, more and more knowledge comes out of the image that he has created The first complete image to be formed is this. It has two names: The Seed of Life or The Genesis Pattern and for a good reason. Now, let’s look at the book of Genesis for a second. Each of these movements, or creations of circles, can be seen as another day. On the first movement, the second sphere, it created knowledge of not only of mathematical proportions, but light. The first sentence of Genesis says: «The Earth was without form and void…» and that «…the Spirit of God moved…» «…upon the face of the waters.» In the very next sentence God says: «Let there be light…» The key here is in the order. The movement happened first. Then Light happened immediately after. Uoo… But… what about the waters?… Well, you have to remember, the Bible has been changed over time, a lot. The Ancient Egyptians would say, the way our modern Bibles began Creation is impossible. Specially if you think about it from a physics point of view Imagine a dark, infinite space, that goes on forever and ever in all directions you’re just floating there, with nothing you can’t really fall… but where will you fall to?… From a purely physics or mathematical point of view, motion itself, or kinetic energy is absolutely impossible, in the void. You can’t even rotate because motion cannot become real unless there is one other object in the space around you. So the Ancient Egyptians were saying that before God moved upon the face of the waters He would first have to create something that can move relative to. So, Genesis Pattern. After three spheres, you get the Holly Trinity. Another interesting one, It says in many Bibles of the world, not just the Christian Bible, that on the fourth day of Genesis, exactly one half of the Creation was completed. Starting from the first motion, exactly one-half of the circles were formed, on the fourth day… Fifth day of Genesis, sixth circle, more information, and then on the sixth day, a Geometric Miracle takes place. The last circle forms a complete six petals flower! This is what many earlier Bibles meant when they said: «In the Beginning, there were six» Our Bible even says Creation was formed in six days.
And this fits exactely. This is the Pattern of Genesis, and so it is called The Genesis Pattern. It’s also the beginning of the Creation of the Universe that we live in. These original movements of the Spirit are really important, but now let’s look at something even cooler! Another image that comes out of this pattern is this it’s called The Tree of Life. Many may recognize this as the Jewish or Hebrew Kaballah. But the Kaballah did not originate this image. And there is proof. The Tree of Life did not belong to any culture, not even the Egyptians who carved the Tree of Life on two sets of three pillars at Carnach Temple, Luxor, over 5000 years ago. It’s outside any race or religion. As with all of these images. There are patterns that are intimately connected with Nature. You’ve also noticed that with every circle on the Tree of Life is either the lenght or the whidt of the Vessica Piscis. The second image beyond Genesis in the Flower of Life, is the Egg of Life. This is formed, during the second vortex motion. Upon its completion, it creates an image like this. A Three Dimensional (3D) shape that you can hold in your hand. If you really connect their centers, you would see a cube. So what?
Who cares? Well…
The Ancient Egyptians did… Because they were concerned with Creation, Life and Death. They called this cluster of spheres, The Egg of Life. You probably wont believe me just yet, but this shape is the morphon-genetic structure that created your body. Your entire physical existence is dependent on the Egg of Life structure. And everything about you was created from that form. Everything from your eye color, to how long your fingers are… This is an all lesson on its own, so let’s move on, for now. All around the world, the Flower of Life was always made the exact same way. See, this pattern can clearly go on forever however, they always,
always, stoped, after 19 circles. Why? Well, because they didn’t want you to see what I am about to show you Back then, this image and knowledge was so Sacred, that they couldn’t allow it to become common knowledge. It was appropriate, at that time, however, now we either use the information or fall further into darkness In Biology, all cells, have a “zona pellucida” around the edge. These circles around the Flower of Life, are the “zona pellucida” of the Flower of Life. You must remove these then, complete the spheres that were cut off by the “zona pellucida”. with one more step, you will have the Secret: Finish the drawing, add the final missing circles, getting you to this. This image, is The Fruit of Life. This pattern of 13 circles is one of the Hollyest most Sacred forms in existence. It’s called the Fruit, because it is the result, the fruit, from which the fabric of the details of the reality were created Remember when we talked about male and female energy, lesson 4? As you can see, this image is female. It has no straight lines. However, when you combine male lines with these female circles, something amazing happens! What you do, is draw straight lines from the very center of every single circle to every other circle in this image. When you do this, you get an image which is known throughout the Universe everywhere, as Metatrons Cube. It is one of the most important informational systems in the Universe one of the basic, Creation Patterns in existence. So, what is the Metatrons Cube? Well, anyone who has studied Sacred Geometry, or even regular geometry, for that matter, know that there are five unique shapes in the Universe. And that they are crucial to understanding both regular and Sacred Geometry. They are called the Platonic Solids. A Platonic Solid has certain characteristics by definition: First of all: All of it’s faces are the same size. For example a cube, that was a well know Platonic solid, has a square, on every face. So all of it’s faces are the same size. Secondly, the edges of the Platonic Solid are all the same length. All edges of the cube are the same length. Thirth, it only has one size of interior angles between the faces, in the case of the cube, this angle is 90 degrees. And forth, when put inside of a sphere, all of the points will touch the edge of the sphere, perfectly. With that definition, there are only four shapes, besides the cube, that fit that description. So, what are they? Well, we have the Dodecahedron, the Tetrahedron, the Octahedron, the Icosahedron and the Hexahedron. All of these shapes are found within the Metatrons Cube. This knowledge is also where original alchemy came from. The Ancient Alchemists and great souls like Pitagoras father of Greece, consider each shape to have an elemental aspect too. The Tetrahedron was considered Fire. The Cube was Earth. The Octahedron was Air. The Icosahedron was Water. And the Dodecahedron was Ether. Ether, also known as Prana, and Tachyon Energy, are all the same thing. They are said to be anywhere and are accessible at any point in Space, Time and Dimension. This is the great Secret of zero point technology. The Sphere is voidness. These six elements are the building blocks of the Universe and they create the qualities of the Universe. To summarize, this is the first informational system that comes out of the Fruit of Life, trough Metatrons Cube. In alchemy, they rarely discuss Aether. I’ve read that, in the Pythagorean School, if you even utter the word Dodecahedron outside of the school, they would kill you on the spot! That’s how Sacred the shape was! Two hundred years later, when Plato was alive, he would discuss it, but only very carefully. This is because the dodecahedron is nearly out your energy field, and it’s the highest form of counsciousness. There’s quite a bit more here, but I don’t know if I can read much further on it, right now. Anyway…Recognize this? The Periodic Table of Elements? Every single element on this table, has a geometric relation to one of these five shapes. Modern scholars ridicule this idea until the 1980’s when Professor Robert Moon, at the University of Chicago demonstrated that the entire periodic Table of Elements literally everything in the physical world, is based on these same five forms. In fact, throughout modern Physics, Chemistry and Biology, the Sacred Geometric patterns of creation are being rediscovered. Another example is the Egg of Life, that I showed you, earlier. Hopefully, that will help you to understand just how incredible and important all of this theory this truly is. We have five Platonic Geometries that form everything in Creation, but we don’t have a hexagonal shape… If we look at the Flower of Life, we see that it’s ultimate basic form is an six-pointed shape called a hexagon. Wanna see what else hexagons form in life? We have all of this hexagons and yet, there is no Platonic Solid that is formed with a hexagon! So… what gives?… Well… I want to introduce the vector equilibrium, which was coined by Buckens and Fuller It is actually formed from three two dimensional hexagons that swivel around each other. And it’s basic shapes that make it up are an equilateral triangle and a square. These are the two smaller shapes that you can make with straight lines. And together they balance at each other’s corners, to create the perfect shape! Why is it the perfect shape? The reason is that every single line which is connected in the shape, is the same distance away from every other point, including the very center of the shape itself! Not even the Platonic Solids have that definition. Which also makes this, the most stable shape!… And polyhedric… …and the basis of the three dimensional Flower of Life. FInally, the only reason its not a Platonic Solid, its because it has both squares and triangles within it. Platonic Solids are Platonic because each face is the same. Which makes me think that other shapes must exist that are balanced between two different shapes, as well… And construct everything in the Universe. Now. In the comments or in credits, depending on where you’re watching this, I posted links to a TEDTalk’s Video by Gareth Lissi, A Particle Physicist who tells us of an amazing discovery in the scientific field. I want to show you and talk about its findings, and then we’ll look at dimensions, after that. OK. So Gareth has discovered that by examining coral, he found that each coral head has thousands of different polyps. These polyps are constantly buddying and branching into genetically identical neighbors. They performed a heat experiments on these polyps they were able to find that every single polyp is part of a whole a single unit of being but each one its experiencing its own reality individualy From their fiding with the coral, they were able to look at Quantic Mechanics. See, the Mathematics of the Quantum Mechanics shows us exactly how our Universe works And we see that everything in the reality is just continually branching into new possibilities. Just like their Coral. As Humans, We’re individually experiencing only one of this possibilities much like the individual polyps. What physics is telling us is that everything comes down to Geometry and the interactions between elementary particles. Things can happen only when things are perfectly balanced. So Gareth started showing us some sub-atomic particles and the things that make up electrons, and protons, and neutrons, We always considered these to be the smallest particles, but we never think about what’s creating them. Gareth demonstrated to us how the particles, that create point particles, really work. He showed us that when you plotted them out and how they moved this is what they look like. At the tiniest scales of the Universe, and how it works… is very beautiful! Now, look at this This is one of the ways that these charges branch off with each other. As you can see, it flows in a hexagonal pattern The same pattern that we found in the expanded Flower of Life Then, if you rotate these pattern in six-dimensional charge base you see that it forms yet another pattern, many of you will recognize this as the shape of the Star of David. but its true name is the Star Tetrahedron. Which matches perfectly over the Fruit of Life. This entire pattern created by the particles is mapped across over precise places on a two hundred dimensional spherical shape scientists have called E8 Of which also have a geometric shape. By rotating that shape as well, you can see how there are nearly infinite possibilities as of how these elementary particles interact with each other. The details of the reality began to take form. Now, as this shape is rotating in eight dimensions you can see a myriad of different patterns here. Look at this one in particular. this looks a lot like the Metatrons Cube, doesn’t it? At the heart of particle physics, it’s pure, beautiful, Geometry. By now you probably can begin to see what the Secret Geometry falls into this. Where did these shapes originated. Did they just come in to be in there random? Or did the first shape come from somewhere else? In lesson 6 we talked about the Flower of Life. The original, perfect Geometric Symmetry, that created the Universe. This shape as we learned, is not only the root of all mathematical proportions, Light to put on each solids, But is also the source of every musical system in the Universe including systems both used and unknown to modern men. It is also the source of energy patterns, and, well, everything! It all comes from the Flower of Life. I believe this is what’s at the heart of what’s forming every sub-atomical particle formation And it probably goes at least a few levels deeper than what Garreth is showing us. Phi! Also known as the Golden Ratio, or Golden Mean is a very simple relationship. If you have a rack and you’re going to put a mark on it, only two places would mark the Phi ratio: which is here, or here. The length of A plus B is equal to the length of C. This ratio is: 1,6180339 and continues on forever. If you multiply the length of C with Phi, it will create the exact same image, only bigger. C and D is equal to E This ratio could then expand on forever, going smaller and smaller, or bigger and bigger, forever… This ratio is infinite. It has no beginning and no end. It is also believed that Phi is the mathematical root of all other sequences. See, every mathematical sequence in existence, needs a minimum of three numbers, to figure it out the sequence. Phi only needs two… It is the only one.

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