Sophie Turner Tests Her Knowledge of Game of Thrones vs. the Runway | Harper’s BAZAAR

Hi I’m Sophie Turner and we are here at Wella
Professionals and we’re talking hair, obviously. Runway hair. Game of Thrones hair. Let’s do it. I’m seeing short black hair with some kind of embellishments. It looks… To be honest,
I think I know what this is, because I know Maisie Williams’ head very well. I think that’s
her hair in Game of Thrones. I know her hairline. I was right! Yes! Great parting. I don’t know
if this is from a specific region in Game of Thrones. We don’t tend to do a braid down
the side. It’s normally tied up at the back in some way and it has a little crown. Also
the hair is kind of purple-y so I’m going to go with runway. Yes! I’m so good at this.
This actually does look slightly Game of Thrones esque, because it kind of looks like a crown, with
like wild trees and plants growing from it, but I don’t think I’ve seen this on Game of
Thrones. I think most of the crowns join at the front. Although the hair, to be honest,
looks like it’s tied back like Game of Thrones, but no, I’m going to go runway. Yeah boy!
Okay this totally looks like… Oh god I don’t know. It looks like Game of Thrones. It looks
like it could be my hair from Game of Thrones. It’s runway! Well they copied, so… Oh this
is my hair from Game of Thrones. This, I remember, this is my halo with lots of embroidery, pearls.
Yeah this was when I was influenced by Cersei. I remember this. Yeah boy. That was good.
That was a good hairstyle. This is runway. We don’t do that kind of, those braids, on
Thrones, I don’t think. Oh maybe we do. I think this is runway. I think it’s kind of
too polished to be Game of Thrones, because we like to make it gritty. Yes. Runway. Wow
this is very intricate. It almost looks like it could be my hair, but I don’t think it
is. I feel like there are highlights in the hair, which makes me think it’s not Game of
Thrones. I think it’s runway. It’s runway. Oh god. Oh this is Game of Thrones. This is Margaery
Tyrell, I feel like. I can tell by the curls. Go ahead. Oh no that’s not Margaery though!
It is Game of Thrones. It’s Gilly. This, uh, wow the ties look like it could be something
from Thrones, but I don’t think we’ve ever done a fishtail plat. I’m going to say runway.
Whoa is that one person’s head? I thought that was two people putting their heads together.
She’s got a wide head. That’s amazing. This is Nathalie Emmanuel’s hair for sure. Yeah
boy. I feel like the braids are too… I don’t know if you’re tricking me or not. I feel
like the braids are too small to be Game of Thrones braids and they’re hanging loose.
I’m going to go with runway. That’s the trick to know if it’s Game of Thrones. All of the
braids are always tied back or tied up in some way. And I can also tell with ties. Normally
they just use leather ties. There’s not very many kind of gold embroidered, unless it’s
the queen. I got 10 out of 12 right. I actually did better than I thought I would. I’m pretty
impressed with myself. I’m going to pat myself on the back. Yes.

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